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Question, do you have any SanSan fics that you'd recommend that are SFW? Like long chapters but without them doing the do? I love the books but damn if the show doesn't make me uncomfortable with all the amount of sex in it.

Hey, no shame in that! Bighound-littlebird is all about making sansan fans comfortable and providing a safe haven so the ship is safe and fun for everyone. 

To be honest, the graphic sex and sexual assault on the show makes me really uncomfortable too. I never watch it live, I always DVR so I can speed through the squicky scenes. And let’s give our lovely sansan writers credit: I have yet to read a sansan fic that was as tasteless/graphic/squicky as most on the show.

We have plenty of excellent safe for work stories to recommend, so you’re in for a treat. Happy reading!

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so, im guessing that the human broadly-accepted terms for the ferrets/avians/centaurs roughly translate to such in the commonly used language(s? unsure about how much chinese/portuguese/im spacing out the last one have merged); what do the commonly used avian/centaur/ferret terms for human translate to? also what they use for the other species, to be slightly less humanocentric here

Omg, I had never thought about this… obviously the terms all the aliens use for each other vary wildly, even among human language. I use avian/centaur/bug ferret for English but there’s way more than that of course, with varying levels of formality and rudeness. Avians are sometimes called birds, rat birds, gulls, etc; centaurs can be called bug horses, greyhounds, horse dogs, tall dogs, mantises, etc; bug ferrets can be called moles, bugs, long crabs, mouse worms, etc. The most formal term for any alien is what they call themselves in any of their major languages. Or… a rough approximation of that word, in a way pronounceable to a human.

For ferrets and centaurs, humans are usually called something commenting on our precarious bipedalism, like poles, spears, handstand beasts, balancing staffs, etc. Another common theme among all the aliens is names based on our smooth hairless skin, like “plucked ones,” or any long smooth object or food item. Think like… the alien equivalent of an ichiban eggplant. Avians have lots of rude names for us, some based on the mythological figures that supposedly split their kind into multiple imperfect species, which is a commentary on human genetic engineering. Ferrets will also call us names of various mythical beasts from their culture that vaguely resemble us.

Avians usually call ferrets something related to their planet’s invertebrates, or other more insulting stuff about how they’re supposedly very lustful and gross and etc. They call centaurs variations on the concept HUGE because centaurs are like… literally a hundred times bigger than them

Ferrets name avians after a large number of mythical beasts in their culture, most of which can be boiled down to “dragonish-thing, usually flies, usually from surface.” Some goes for centaurs, but with different mythical beasts. They will also sometimes call them tall ferrets, because both are hexapodal…

Centaurs call avians variations on their planet’s flying invertebrates, because they have no other extant flying animals. Avians look… REALLY weird to them. They call ferrets stuff like worms/grubs/moles etc.

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So Jax my Brother now that you've seen The Main 6 Monster Girls tell me which ones you like from Least to Greatest :)

I LITERALLY Just Spoke to Karl about this a few mins ago in a Skype call. ahahhaha we both made our Lists from least to greatest so okay lets do it

#6 for me is the Mero just cause She’s a Big Fish and covered in Mucus haha

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#5 Is Cerea cause She’s A horse, A fine Horse, but still a horse I can’t around that haha

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#4 Is Papi because even though I know she’s of age I feel like Chris Hansen would be at my door waiting for me. But she is a Pawg xD

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#3 would Be Suu because She can transform her body though it probably be like being with a Jellyfish or somethin haha

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#2 AND this A Big Surprise and I had no idea how you called it But Rachnera takes it. Cause I didnt realize she had legs that sat on top her spider body so even though Im scared of Spiders Id make an exception for her fine self

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#1 Still didnt change though. Im Still all about MIIA cause She’s a perfect blend of Adorableness and Hotness haha

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I’m not dead! But I AM occupied with a few other large projects right now, so I’m trying to focus more on those instead of lots of smaller drawings. 

The first few are from my very first DnD game I’m learning to play AAAAAAAAAA don’t even talk to me about centaurs not being a playable race in 4e because I will cut you up. (I used a satyr to build him though.)

That’s my beautiful unicorn centaur bard Blueberry, who disguises himself as a pretty human lady among mortals. The model is obviously a very creepy WIP, but I rarely model in my free time, so I thought it’d be fun to share it so you can see how gloriously far he comes by the time I’m done posing, texturing and grooming (I hope???)

And then other misc sketches and a WIP of a PAINTING I CAN HOLD IN MY HANDS FOR ONCE ♥___♥

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I'm trying to draw a harpy any tips? (your harpy babies are just so adorable)

hmm well i guess one of the best things i can recommend is to use actual birds for references!! they have some pretty cute anatomy and it’s just a matter of how u adapt it onto a human i suppose??

u can have small, lightweight harpies, or rly big ones, or bird-centaurs!


take into consideration different wing shapes and foot shapes, too, or just what kind of bird ur basing ur harpy off of, if any!