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He’d only been gone for a year.

But when Geoff calls him in for a job he sounds different. Aged and somehow calmer if that’s possible.

So he comes back, comes home to Los Santos, and finds that Geoff isn’t the only one who’s changed. Jack has suddenly acquired a love for motorcycles, Ryan (who has abandoned his mask and his jacket) whispers that it’s been a while since she’s flown. Michael has changed the least, but there are scars Ray has never seen before. Scars he’ll have to wait to hear the story behind because he wasn’t there when they happened.

Gavin… Gavin had changed.

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Clash of the Dragons

The cruiser arrived on West Island the next day, and each student was separated by dorm colors. Simon, TJ and the other Reds were off to the right, the Yellows in the center and the Blues to the left. Each of them were handed their school issue color jackets and duel disks by each of their dorm headmasters and some teachers.

“Cool jackets, I guess. Still gonna keep mine on. Wish I could’ve kept my own disk though. I’ve gotten used to the old bird…” TJ lamented. Simon buttoned up his jacket and looked himself over.

“Am I a handsome devil or what~? Gonna need to cut holes in my school jeans, but otherwise I kinda like the uniforms” the boy said, tail swaying from side to side slowly.

The other kids who had sat by TJ came over to him and Simon. The boy named Jr was looking slightly miffed.

“Caramba… I thought I did way better than this. I shoulda been put in Yellow, not the sticks!” Jr crossed his arms and frowned. The taller Gardevoir girls joined his side and smiled.

“Oh come on, kid. These don’t look that bad. The skirts could be a bit longer though. I feel so… Exposed…” Lumia tried pulling her skirt lower unsuccessfully.

“We could just ask our moms to send us more modest clothes. For now we’ll have to play the hand we’ve been dealt” Dahlia looked to the three fellow Reds. The tailed one and the one in the black jacket seemed okay with their lot in the academy. But the boy with the two toned hair looked like he might snap at any moment if he didn’t get promoted immediately…

“Oh, hello! My name’s Simon”

“Oh, we know who you are, short stack. We watched your duel at the entrance exams. Your deck and skills are amazing! I’m Dahlia, and this is my friend Lumia. We also sorta slacked on our written tests, but what can you do, am I right? Heehee~”

“Bonjour, Simon” Lumia greeted rather timidly.

“And this chili pepper here is Hanzo Jr. Just call him Jr for short” Jr scoffed and put his disk on his arm.

“Strong, silent type eh?” Simon joked. Jr looked up and locked eyes with the boy and scowled “Hm?”

“Are you… Making fun of ME?”

“N-no! I just meant you look like the kinda guy who lets his deck do all the talking for him!”

“Shut up, you don’t know me! I talk plenty! In fact, how about I shut YOU up and we duel right here, right now!” Jr activated his disk and was now fully facing Simon.

“Hey, Simon. Use your other deck against him” TJ instructed.

“What? Why? Do you think my Power Warriors won’t beat him?”

“No, it’s not that. My deck, my Red-Eyes are radiating energy… He has a legendary Dragon in his possession…” TJ pulled his own dragon from his deck and held it in his hand, and closed his eyes “…I see it. Long body, dark eyes, evil spirit within…”

Jr, puzzled, stopped glaring at Simon and paid attention to TJ instead.

“You have Serpent Night Dragon, don’t you” Everyone gasped at the accusation, Jr growled and lowered his gaze to his deck.

At once, he pulled the eponymous dragon from within his deck and revealed it “I do, what of it?”

Simon then revealed his own dragon, Seiyaryu “I have its rival. So you have a similar deck to this one?”

“No! YOU have a similar deck to MINE! You unoriginal copycat! We’ll let our dragons clash then, and I’ll prove mine is superior to yours! Duel!” The match began, the two kids returned their cards to their decks and shuffled each other’s cards. At last, they drew their hands and Simon made the first move.

“Okay, I summon Masked Dragon in defense mode and set two cards. Your move” (1400/1100 level 3 fire/dragon)

“Draw! I summon Axe Dragonute in attack mode. Attack his dragon!” (2000/1200 level 4 dark/dragon)

Axe Dragonute slays Masked Dragon.

“My masked Dragon’s effect activates. When it’s destroyed, I can summon a dragon from my deck with an attack of 1500 or less. I play Harden Armed Dragon in attack mode!” (1500/800 level 4 earth/dragon)

“After it attacks, my dragon goes into defense mode. I set a card face down and end my turn”

“On your end phase, I play one of my face down cards, Call of the Haunted! This lets me revive a monster from my graveyard, and I bet you know who’s coming back~” Masked Dragon revives in attack mode.

“Draw! I activate my second face down card, Dragon’s Rage. This lets my dragons deal piercing damage to your life points! Now, I sacrifice my monsters!”

“No! Not before me!!”

“And summon my level 7 dragon, Seiyaryu!” The mighty pink dragon erupts onto the field in attack position with a piercing roar! “As a bonus to tributing Harden Armed Dragon for a level 7 or higher dragon, Seiyaryu is now protected from destruction by card effects!”

Jr angrily glared down at his face down card, the now useless Mirror Force trap, then at the pink dragon before him.

“Seiyaryu, attack Axe Dragonute! Holy Emerald Flame!” Seiyaryu breathed it’s green fire and incinerates Jr’s dragon, and deals 1300 damage to him due to the Dragon’s Rage trap.

Jr 4000 -> 2700

“On my main phase 2, I activate from my hand, Super Rejuvenation. On my end phase, I’ll be able to draw a card for each dragon I tributed or discarded this turn. I sacrificed 2, and I end my turn, so I get to draw 2 cards!” Simon drew his cards and Jr began his turn.

“Rrrg… I draw” Jr drew his card and suddenly, his frown became a devious smile “Hey Simon, congratulations on summoning your Seiyaryu before I could summon my own dragon. But now I’ll be playing my own despite having no monsters to sacrifice! I activate the spell card Ancient Rules! With it, I can special summon a level 5 or higher normal monster from my hand! Please welcome to the field, Serpent Night Dragon!!” By the magic of Jr’s spell card, Serpent Night Dragon stormed the field and shrieked at its rival counterpart. Seiyaryu bared it’s claws and fangs and the aura of the two clashed on the field!

“What’s this energy I’m feeling??” Dahlia asked, trembling in place.

“It’s the intense rivalry between the legendary dragons and their masters. Simon summoned Seiyaryu before Jr could summon Serpent Night Dragon, and that angered both of them… This duel became 10 times more interesting now. But what will Jr’s next move be?”

“That’s right. Simon’s dragon is stronger and protected from destruction by card effects. Can Jr even touch Seiyaryu?” Lumia wondered, watching the pink and blue auras clash on the field.

“This raging aura… Do you feel it, Simon? This is my anger at you getting one up on me! Yeah, your dragon is stronger, but I bet you didn’t know I could do this!” Jr took a card from his hand and revealed it “I play a permanent spell! Evil Night Haze! Once per turn, this lets me target a monster you control, force it into defense mode and it loses 1000 defense points if I have a Serpent Night Dragon on my side of the field. Now my dragon can strike yours down!”

Seiyaryu goes to defense and loses 1000 defense points.

“Serpent Night Dragon, destroy your rival and prove you are the strongest dragon! Evil Night Haze!”

The evil dragon spews a dark cloud of burning smoke and destroys Seiyaryu.

“Main phase 2, I’ll set another card face down and summon Lord of Dragons in attack mode. Your move!”

“(Serpent Night Dragon defeated Seiyaryu… I guess my dragon wasn’t the only one that got some new toys to play with! Like this card…) Jr, this duel’s been quite the challenge! You’ve pushed me against a wall, and no one’s really done that to me in a long time. Not since TJ and I last dueled in fact”

TJ smiled at that. The last time they played, TJ barely scraped a win despite having some of his strongest cards out on the field, and that was only because Simon’s Seiyaryu card was fully supported by the very next cards he was about to play.

“Unfortunately, this duel’s gonna have to end right now, and it all starts with this card!” Simon revealed the card he had just drawn: the quick spell Silver’s Cry.

-to be continued-


Phannapast for #GucciGram Tian

In the whimsical illustrations of Thai artist Phannapast Taychamaythakool, animals are posed in the most gorgeous clothes imaginable. Featuring fantastical textiles and a bright palette, this work feels like Mark Ryden’s paintings on a sunny day. In her series of formal portraits, a deer is dressed in a celadon-colored suit and a Persian cat appears in a trendy shirt, each standing proud and composed in their finery. In this piece, Taychamaythakool has lovingly rendered a bird buttoned up in a pale green shirt that nearly blends in with the sky-blue Gucci Tian background. The entire illustration is bursting at the seams with floral details and patterns, transporting us to a magical, very well dressed fairytale world where animals have access to the latest runway shows. — Tatiana Berg

anonymous asked:

Ok, I have to ask: I've seen this on many tumblrs, and I don't get what all the hate is over men who wear fedoras? Is it associated with something in particular?

There’s a few things at work here, but fedora-shaming (as know you meme calls it) comes primarily from tumblr.

Improperly wearing one shows a lack of self-awareness. It has a classy reputation because it was meant to be worn with a suit. For one reason or another, it fell out of vogue with the suit-wearing crowd, and was picked up by people with highly developed senses of personal style looking to add something to their ensemble, but it’s still usually worn with a suit. 

What people online are making fun of is people who wear them in order to add class to their personal style but don’t make the effort elsewhere. Thing is, it was never that the fedora made anybody look classy, it was that well-dressed people just happened to wear them at one time or another. If you wear cargo shorts and a angry birds graphic button-up, a fedora isn’t going to save that outfit. It just shows a lack of self awareness. 

This lack of self awareness tends to go hand in hand with the stereotype of the slovenly cis white mail sitting at home on his computer who is a dreaded Nice Guy or MRA. 

If you follow the link above it gives a break down of the trend online, highlighting tumblr memes and blogs in particular. 

Thanks for the ask!