bird button up

He’d only been gone for a year.

But when Geoff calls him in for a job he sounds different. Aged and somehow calmer if that’s possible.

So he comes back, comes home to Los Santos, and finds that Geoff isn’t the only one who’s changed. Jack has suddenly acquired a love for motorcycles, Ryan (who has abandoned his mask and his jacket) whispers that it’s been a while since she’s flown. Michael has changed the least, but there are scars Ray has never seen before. Scars he’ll have to wait to hear the story behind because he wasn’t there when they happened.

Gavin… Gavin had changed.

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Phannapast for #GucciGram Tian

In the whimsical illustrations of Thai artist Phannapast Taychamaythakool, animals are posed in the most gorgeous clothes imaginable. Featuring fantastical textiles and a bright palette, this work feels like Mark Ryden’s paintings on a sunny day. In her series of formal portraits, a deer is dressed in a celadon-colored suit and a Persian cat appears in a trendy shirt, each standing proud and composed in their finery. In this piece, Taychamaythakool has lovingly rendered a bird buttoned up in a pale green shirt that nearly blends in with the sky-blue Gucci Tian background. The entire illustration is bursting at the seams with floral details and patterns, transporting us to a magical, very well dressed fairytale world where animals have access to the latest runway shows. — Tatiana Berg


Outfit #171 “Inglorious Bastards”

Breaking Bad S05x07 “Say My Name”

Our dove carried forward this outfit from the last episode. He was wearing it when Mike tried to off Walt, and babe begged for him to hear Walt out. Oh, the humanity.

J is in all black, which is a beautiful rarity for him. Also a rarity: a button-front top hiding under that leather jacket. The noir look must be to highlight how J is backing the wrong horse here. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, so clearly Walt falls under that category, but dude should have let nature take it’s course a bit there. Anyway, his support of Walt leads us to this eye-roll moment wherein Walt makes a point to tell the gangsters he’s trying to woo that Jesse is one of the best meth cooks EVER, just like him. And, I just love Walt dialling up the sycophancy in this episode toward J. His manipulations have never been more overt, nor have Jesse’s reactions to them. Ever since the whole whistle-through-the-grief moment, he’s like, is this guy for real? 

And so, Jesse tries to follow in Mike’s footsteps with the “I’m out” business, and Walt steamrolls him like a Dad making you sit through family dinner before you can talk about that ski trip / prom date / whatever the fuck y’all had to talk through with your ‘rents. I was 100% spared this kind of parental fuck-shittery so it makes me cringe all the more. What, is he going to make J write out a little pro and con list so they can really talk that shit through? Ugh. I just want to shake Jesse and be like, DUDE, you are free. It’s just a mental prison. Fly away, little bird. 

anonymous asked:

Ok, I have to ask: I've seen this on many tumblrs, and I don't get what all the hate is over men who wear fedoras? Is it associated with something in particular?

There’s a few things at work here, but fedora-shaming (as know you meme calls it) comes primarily from tumblr.

Improperly wearing one shows a lack of self-awareness. It has a classy reputation because it was meant to be worn with a suit. For one reason or another, it fell out of vogue with the suit-wearing crowd, and was picked up by people with highly developed senses of personal style looking to add something to their ensemble, but it’s still usually worn with a suit. 

What people online are making fun of is people who wear them in order to add class to their personal style but don’t make the effort elsewhere. Thing is, it was never that the fedora made anybody look classy, it was that well-dressed people just happened to wear them at one time or another. If you wear cargo shorts and a angry birds graphic button-up, a fedora isn’t going to save that outfit. It just shows a lack of self awareness. 

This lack of self awareness tends to go hand in hand with the stereotype of the slovenly cis white mail sitting at home on his computer who is a dreaded Nice Guy or MRA. 

If you follow the link above it gives a break down of the trend online, highlighting tumblr memes and blogs in particular. 

Thanks for the ask!