A European barn owl photographed near Parco Natura Viva, Bussolengo, Italy.
This owl was found and rehabilitated by the Italian association ‘Il Futuro della Biodiversita Locale’. She was close to death when found near Verona, possibly from eating poisoned prey. FBL cared for her with hourly medication and meals until she was able to feed alone and fly safely.
FBL has already collected and rehabilitated more than 300 animals and released 80 into their natural habitats since starting in late 2016. The association involves teenagers in the release of the recuperated animals to help them become aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

Mt 6, 25-33 is the topic of my exegesis, so I took the opportunity to draw birds and drape them in a pattern instead of working on it :B I really love the text though, because I’m a super anxious person and knowing that God loves birds and me just makes me feel warm inside. 


Limpkin (Aramus guarauna

One of my favorite birds, the limpkin! (A close second to caracaras).

Limpkins are also called crying birds from their haunting cry that echoes through the swamps. There is an South American folktale about a man who never made time to grieve for his deceased mother and was eventually so overcome with grief that he turned into a limpkin and that is why the bird cries.

Limpkins almost vanished from Florida due to habitat loss and their main food, the Florida apple snail, disappearing. Limpkins were saved by an unlikely species, an invasive apple snail from South America. This new food source brought back Limpkin (and Snail Kite) populations that were once so close to disappearing from Florida forever.