1. Raven Haired 
  2. Be Still, Life 
  3. Evolution of a Mermaid 
  4. Last Bird in the Shop 
  5. Haunters of the Waterless 
  6. Life & Love at Sea 

Also available as canvas prints, T-shirts, tapestries, stationery cards, laptop skins, wall clocks, mugs, rugs, duvet covers, All over print shirts, Phone cases, Throw pillows, tote bags and More!


Watercolor Birds by Karolina Kijak 

Poland based architect Karolina Kijak is also a talented illustrator who specializes in watercolor bird portraits.  Delicate and subtle in manner, Kijak pieces technique is soft and tender like the fragile body of the bird. The artist manages to capture every detail of a bird’s anatomy, from its signature peak, to its multi-layered colorful feathers.

playing hatoful boyfriend for the firs time

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me after finishing nagekis route:

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me after finishing sakuyas route: