Bird Lady: And whenever the chance to be in love came along again, I run away from it, Stop trusting people.

Kevin: No offense, But that seems like a dumb thing to do. 

Bird Lady: I was afraid to get my heart broken again. Sometimes when you can trust a person and when the things are down, They forget about you. 

Kevin: Maybe they’re just too busy, Maybe they don’t forget about you, But they forget to remember you. People don’t mean to forget. I think it’s just happens.

Bird Lady: I’m just afraid if I do trust someone, I’ll get my heart broken again.

Kevin: I understand that. I used to have this really nice pair of rollerblades, I was afraid if I wore them, I break them. So I keep them in a box and do you know what happen?

Bird Lady: No…

Kevin: I outgrew them. I never wore them once outside. I just wore them in my room a couple times.

Bird Lady: A person heart and a person feeling are really different then skates.

Kevin: Well it’s kind of a same thing. If you aren’t gonna use your heart, then what’s the difference if it gets broken? If you just keep it to yourself, maybe you’ll be like my rollerblades. When you want to try, it won’t be any good. You should take chances, Got nothing to lose. 

Bird Lady: There’s a truth in there somewhere.

Kevin: I think so. Your heart might still be broken, But it’s not gone. If its gone, you won’t be this nice.

So we have a couple of wild turkeys that visit the parking lot of where I work and there is this huge, bulky motherfucker who stalks around sometimes. Everyone calls him Kevin and he’s out and about so much he has a Facebook page. So yesterday I see him crossing the street outside as I’m driving passed and jokingly I roll down my window and shout to this bird “KEVIN! YOU’RE GONNA GET HIT!!” and this fucking turkey. He whips his head around damn fast, looks in my direction and just starts GUNNING IT towards my car. This hulk of a turkey, whose body- not even counting his neck- probably comes up passed my knees has made me his enemy and for the first time in my life I fear death. But of course, I’m in my damn car so I easily escape him, and out of my side mirror I see him rear up and flap his wings furiously and hear this awful screech and anyway that’s the time I cowered before the feathery wrath of the resident famous turkey.

Hercules (Reader X Jughead)

Request : no, my idea

warning: NONE!

A/N: man I was watching the whole movie while writing this, but because I was writing I missed majority of the movie. As a result I watched it again, haha.

but I really hope you guys like it! I absolutely love this movie till no end.BTW fun fact about me, I used the term Aromantic because I’m Aromantic. So I thought I’d tell you guys. if you don’t know what romantic is, it’s: An aromantic person is someone who doesn’t experience romantic attraction. 

anyway, Hopefully you like this and You find no mistakes.( since I’m lazy atm to double check) and the Bold  parts are the song. 

Friday, my favorite day of the school week and the worst schedule of the week. The usual was going to happen, I walk with Jughead to school, have almost every class with him. Thank God because as I mentioned the schedule is terrible but I have Jughead to entertain me during every subject.

 It was finally the last period of the day, history, which I don’t mind because we’re learning about the Greek mythology. “Okay class I’ll need you all to do a project, which will be in pairs.. you’ll enjoy some movies to watch and you’ll come back to class discussing the movie you’ve watch to the class. Now I’ll be naming the groups.”our teacher informs us as she starts to look through her folder to look for the paper with the pairs .

 Name after name is called and I still wait to find out. Findlay my name comes up, “(Y/N)(Y/L/N) and… Jughead Jones.” 

 I take a quick look at Jughead a shove him with my elbow, of course Jughead being Jughead rolls his eyes but I could swear I heard him say “ thank God.”

 Casually Jughead and I wait till she comes to our table and tells us which God or Goddess we’ll be talking about. “Y/N and Jughead, you’ll be talking about Hercules and Megara.. I know Megara isn’t a Goddess but their love story is amazing in this movie! You’ll be watching Hercules the Disney movie.” 

 I hear Jughead groan while I’m literally bubbling with excitement! Jughead looks at me and shakes his head knowing how much I’m a sucker for Disney films. It’s officially the end of the day and I’m grabbing whatever books I need from the locker. 

Suddenly I feel the presence of someone. “What do you want Juggie.” 

 “ Y/N how do you always know when it’s me? Anyway, I was wondering we could watch the movie on my laptop at my home but if you think my home is a bit too small we could do it at yours.” 

 “ We can watch it at yours, i prefer your house more than mine.. your place actually feels like home, but it will have to be after 6 because I have cheer practice.” I reason with him while closing my locker. 

 “ okay sure, and how on earth does my house that literally consists of only my bed, desk, small fridge, small bathroom seem more like home than yours? I never understood why you entered to be a Vixen.”

 I laugh at his comment because I’ve told him over a hundred times that being a cheerleader would be good on my college application.

 “Trust me little Juggie, home is where the heart is.. and your drive-in house is where my heart is. Jughead, I’ve told you a million times that cheerleading would look good for college.” After our discussion, Jughead and I went our separate ways. 

As I headed towards the gym I end up meeting with Betty and Veronica. “ A little bird told me that you and our Beanie boy are going to work on the love story of Hercules and Megara.” Veronica speaks with a smile on her face. Of course I know who the little bird is because Kevin sits right in front of Jughead and I.

 “ Veronica just say it’s Kevin, besides it’s just a project.” I shrug my shoulders.

 “ yeah, but I heard it’s about the Disney movie and the movie literally is the cutest thing ever! Besides I think it will be a good movie to actually get you to admit your love for your Juggie. I totally see you as a Megara, a damsel in distress, sarcastic, and someone who doesn’t want to admit their love. Besides Jughead is in love with you, it’s obvious but you just seem to ignore any affection he shows you. ” 

 I laugh and lower my head trying to hide my face because I know if Veronica or Betty saw my pink cheeks I’ll never hear the end of it. I mumble a “whatever” and hear both of them giggle.

 “Y/N! Show them how it’s done again! These girls are going to to give me high blood pressure.” Cheryl shouts I nod my head and reshow the moves and Cheryl sits down. 

I could feel my body aching, being the co- captain can be tiring. Especially when the Captain herself isn’t helping. An hour later we are done with everything and I’m headed to Jughead’s home hoping he’ll let me take a quick shower. I knock on his door and he’s quick to open it for me.

 “ you’re on time, good job little miss perfect.” He jokes and moves to the side to allow me to enter.

 “ shut up Juggie, anyway; can I take a quick shower because Cheryl decided to murder my body once again.” He nods his head and said he’ll prepare the movie. I walk into the bathroom and start to shower. 

I’m glad that I decided months ago to leave my shampoo, razor and body wash here because I’ve noticed myself from time to time staying over at Jughead’s house. We kinda help each other out, in return I do Jughead’s laundry,iron and fold them, make him homemade food whenever we decide not to go to pop’s and help with the cleaning at his house whenever it needs cleaning. 

 When I’m done with my shower I notice that Jughead left on the toilet seat cover a towel and a shirt of his. I slip on my underwear ,the extra spandex I keep with me and his shirt. I walk out the bathroom and notice that Jughead has arranged the pillows around his bed and the laptop in front of him, with the movie ready. I I take my time walking towards the bed, but since it’s a small place it takes me seconds to reach there. I hop onto his bed and sit next to him as we start to play the movie. 

 We are now at the part when Hercules would “save” Megara and he’s all googly eyes and she’s being sarcastic. 

 “ (Y/N/N) remember when we were kids and these kids were bullying you because you were short and I came in to save you. I say our relationship is exactly like theirs.”

 I hum in response “ yeah and then I said the exact same thing she said .. that my name is (Y/N) but my friends call me (Y/N/N) that’s if i had any friends… I was new to Riverdale so I had no friends. Are you implying that you were all heart eyes when you saw me?”

 He laughs so loud that I don’t think I’ve ever heard him laugh that loud in my life. “ you were the most beautiful girl I have ever met at the playground, and that’s why I called you by your nickname when you said that because I knew we would be friends.” 

 I laugh and return my attention back to the movie that was still playing. Now we reached the part when Megara starts to sing the song “ I won’t say I’m in love.”

 Every word that was sung I felt the exact same way, I felt like the Muses are Veronica and Betty .. After dating Reggie and what he did.. it absolutely broke my heart, and I said I would never fall in love again.. I even considered myself for 2 years as an Aromantic. But then Jughead just always made my heart warm every time we would be together.


No man is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history, been there, done that! 


 Who’d ‘ya think you’re kiddin' 

 He’s the Earth and heaven to you 

 Try to keep it hidden Honey, we can see right through you 

 Girl, ya can’t conceal it

 We know how ya feel and 

 Who you’re thinking of 

 I automatically think of what Betty and Veronica would always tell me..


 No chance, no way I won’t say it, no, no 

 I internally laugh because that’s always my response whenever Betty or Veronica say I should admit my love.


You swoon, you sigh why deny it, uh-oh


It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love

 I thought my heart had learned its lesson

 It feels so good when you start out

 My head is screaming get a grip, girl 

Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out. 

 After that verse I feel my head is screaming with joy! That finally someone or a song actually understands what’s it’s been trying to tell me. And that thinking of Jughead in a romantic way is wrong and I shouldn’t even bother.


You keep on denying 

 Who you are and how you’re feeling 

 Baby, we’re not buying 

 Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling

 Face it like a grown-up When ya gonna own up 

That ya got, got, got it bad 

 Once again Betty and Veronica’s words just keep playing … 


 You’re way off base I won’t say it

 Get off my case I won’t say it 

 I feel myself now having an internal conflict That it’s true .. that I’ll actually never say whatever my heart is telling me. 


Girl, don’t be proud It’s O.K. you’re in love

 The last line of the song is the line that hit my heart like a ton of bricks.


 Oh At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love 

 When the song ended I feel like my heart has been warmed, that even though I’m in love with Jughead, I’ll never say it out loud. By the end of the movie, Megara and Hercules are happy together after Hercules saves her. And I feel like crying at how much he loves Her after everything she did. 

 Officially the movie is over and I turn to Jughead to speak but Jughead had something to say. “Y/N I need to tell you something.” I could hear the doubt in his voice but ignore it and nod for him to continue.

 Suddenly, I feel his right hand grabbing my side of my face and he pulls me in and kisses me. I feel like my stomach is doing flips and my heart is beating 100 miles per hour, but all I do is kiss back and letting this moment live

. When we pull away a whisper from Jughead is said “ will you be my Meg and I your Hercules?”

Summer Reading List 2k17

It’s that time of the year again!  This will be the third year I share my summer reading list here with you guys- I’ll be updating this post as I get through the list w my reviews and recs! The url’s link to full reviews. Hit me up w any questions, book recs, and if you end up reading any of these books, please tell me so!! Let’s have words!!

  1. Saint Death - Marcus Sedgwick (Fiction, POC, 4/5)
  2. Vincent and Theo - Deborah Heiligman (Biography, 3/5)
  3. Their Eyes were Watching God - Zora Neale Hurston
  4. The Inexplicable Logic of My LifeBenjamin Alire Sáenz (Fiction, LGBT and POC, 4/5)
  5. The Hours - Michael Cunningham (Fiction, 4/5) 
  6. The Stranger - Albert Camus (Fiction, 3.5/5)
  7. The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson (Fiction, 5/5)
  8. Universal Harvester - John Darnielle (Fiction, Mystery, 4/5)
  9. The God of the Small Things - Arundhati Roy
  10. All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr (Fiction, 5/5)
  11. The Time Traveler’s Wife - Audrey Niffenegger (Fiction, 5/5)
  12. The King Must Die - Mary Renault
  13. The Yellow Birds - Kevin Powers (Fiction, 3/5)
  14. Fun Home - Alison Bechdel (LGBT, Non-Fic, 4/5)
  15. The Death of the Heart - Elizabeth Bowen
  16. The Blackwater Lightship - Colm Toibin
  17. My Father’s Ghost is Climbing in the Rain -  Patricio Pron (Fiction, Latinx, 3.5/5)
  18. The Raven Cycle Series - Maggie Stiefvater
    1. Raven Boys - (YA Fiction, 1/5)
    2. Dream Thieves - (2.5/5)
    3. Blue Lilly, Lilly Blue
    4. The Raven King
  19. The Secret History of Wonder Woman - Jill Lepore (Non-Fic, 5/5)
  20. How to Make a Wish - Ashley Herring Blake (YA, WLW, 4/5)

Warnings: None!
Characters: Sam, Dean Winchester, Kevin Tran, Sister!Reader, Castiel (mentioned)
Summary: You meet Kevin for the first time and he both bond.
Readers Age: 6 years old
Word Count: 1129
Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: I may do a series on this, like the different ways the reader bonds with all the characters on Supernatural. Lemme know what you guys think!

Bonding 2, Bonding 3, Bonding 4

You walked out of your room and padded down the hall. Your little feet making a small tap every time they hit the floor. You turned the corner to see your brothers, Sam and Dean, they were talking to a shorter guy. You didn’t like new people, you were always taught not to trust anyone, but your brothers, along with a few exceptions.

You walked up the library stairs slowly, “Sammy?” you spoke very shyly.

Sam and Dean both turned to you, “Hey, Bug, come here for a second. There’s someone I want you to meet,” Sam said, motioning for you to walk over to him.
You slowly walked over to your brother, not taking your eyes off the ground, Once you reached Sam he picked you up and popped out his hip so you could sit on it. “Y/N/N, this is Kevin. He’s going to be staying with us for awhile.” Sam said, pointing to this Kevin fellow. You glanced over at Kevin, he gave you a faint smile which only made you dig your head into Sam’s neck.

“Sorry, I guess she doesn’t like me…” Kevin spoke with a bit of disappointment.

“Nah, you have nothing to be sorry for. She’s just shy. before you know it she’ll be running to you for everything!” Dean chimed in with a smile as he rubbed your back. “Y/N, you can trust Kevin, I promise. You know what we always say, ‘we wouldn’t bring them here if we didn’t trust them.’” Dean quoted with a faint smile, you only buried your head further into Sam’s neck.

…Two hours later…

“Y/N!” you heard a voice call you. 

“Sounds like De,” you guessed. You got up and ran to the library where you assumed your brother was waiting, and indeed he was, he was standing by the table in the library with a bag over his shoulder talking to that Kevin guy you met earlier.

Dean turned his head and saw you standing there with your head down, “Hey, Chipmunk, come here.” you did as you were told. Dean picked you up and rested you on his hip, “Y/N, Sammy and I have to go out for a little while, we probably won’t be back for a day or two,” Dean said with a bit of sadness in his voice, he hated leaving you at the bunker, especially with Kevin since you only just met him.

“Can Unky Cas come over?” you asked, a little saddened as well. 

“Sorry, Bug, but no. Uncle Cas has to help Sammy and I with our special job, okay?” Tears started forming in your eyes, you hated it when your brothers had to leave, you never felt truly safe when they were gone, even with Uncle Cas with you.
“Hey, hey, it’s okay, Chipmunk. Don’t cry. Sammy and I will be back before you know it! In the meantime, Kevin is gonna stay with you until we get back.” Dean said, trying to keep you from crying as he pulled you into a hug, you wrapped your small arms around his neck and tried not to cry. “You can trust him. We wouldn’t have brought him here if we didn’t trust him,” Dean added, trying to reassure you.

Sam came into the library, he walked over to you and picked you up, “Hey, Sweetie, we’re headin’ out.” you gave Sam your best puppy dog eyes to stay, but of course it didn’t work this time, you gave Sam a big hug and he gladly returned. Sam gave you over to Dean who hugged you as well. 

“We love you, Y/N. We’ll be back before you know it if you need anything, we’re a phone call away.” Dean said pulling you back giving you a faint smile, you, on the other hand, had a frown and just nodded while mumbling the words “Love you, too.”

The boys are gone and you’re stuck with that strange Kevin dude. You didn’t like him all the much but, then again, you didn’t give him much of a chance.

You padded your way to the library where you saw Kevin sitting, he was looking at this strange rock, you walked over to him and decided to sit on the chair next to him. You looked at what he was staring at, but you couldn’t make any sense of it, “What’re you looking at?” you asked shyly, but curiously. 

Kevin got a little startled by your voice, he must’ve not realized you sat right next to him, but nonetheless, he looked at you and said, “It’s a tablet. I’m translating it for your brothers” Translating you never heard that word, you didn’t even know what it meant, but decided to brush it off.

“That’s not a tablet, this is a tablet, see?” you replied while grabbing Sam’s actual electronic tablet. 

Kevin chuckled a little which made you smile. “Well, you’re not wrong, but this is an ancient tablet, it has writing on it, kind of like a book, but with two pages and a lot harder to read,” Kevin explained, you only looked at him with an amused face.

You stood up on your chair and placed your hands on the table so you were leaning over the ancient tablet. “What does it say?” you asked curiously.

This is when Kevin got an idea, “Well, y'know, I’ve been trying to figure it out for awhile. Why don’t you see if you can figure it out?” Kevin suggested, pushing the tablet closer to you. 

You smiled and gladly took it, looking it over, “Well, this one looks like a bird, so bird?” you guessed while pointing to one of the symbols that looks like, well, a bird. 

Kevin smiled, “That’s right!” He said enthusiastically. Your smile got even bigger.
You went to the other symbol and proceeded to tell him what you thought each symbol meant.

…  A Few Hours Later…

You yawned, and Kevin looked at the time, “10:38 PM!” Kevin thought. It’s his first time babysitting you and it’s 2 hours past your bedtime! You started drifting off as Kevin was having a little existential crisis. Your head softly laid down on the table as you fell asleep.

Once Kevin finally pieced himself back together he saw you were fast asleep, so he picked you up very carefully and walked to your room. He pulled back the covers, trying to not drop you, and laid you down very gently. He pulled the covers on top of you and put a stuffed moose by your side, he smiled, he never would’ve thought taking care of a six years old would be this much fun. Kevin turned on a night light and closed your door slowly the smile not falling from his lips.

I hope y'all like it! Feel free to send me tips on improving!


(via Birds of Prey | by Kevin Cardosi | Flickr)

bettyjonescooper  asked:

9, 16 and 25, and congrats on finishing you dissertation

Thank you, love! So glad it’s over with now *wipes forehead*
I’ve answered two of these already, you can fine 9 and 16 here!

25. Who gets passive aggressive in a argument?
“I’m sorry, ok, I just didn’t want you getting hurt!” he said desperately, eyes pleading with her to understand. She’d turned her face slightly from him, gaze fixed on the wall over his shoulder, as she crossed her arms tightly over her chest. She knew why she was mad at him, and it wasn’t just because he’d gone to the Serpent’s bar without her, chasing a lead they’d just uncovered to do with Jason’s murder. Ok, so she was slightly mad about that, but if she was honest with herself she knew it was because she was terrified that something horrible was going to happen to him, that he was going to get hurt and she wouldn’t have been there to help him. “Betty, please forgive me. I just wanted you to be safe,” he mumbled, casting his eyes dejectedly at the floor. She could feel herself cracking at his crestfallen expression but she was far too stubborn to give in that easily.

“It’s ok, Jug. I get it,” she said, nodding stiffly. He looked up at her with dubious eyes. She didn’t look very forgiving, he mused, reaching out a cautious hand to rest on her shoulder.

“Really?” he asked, ducking his head to meet her eyes. She sighed, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

“Yep, it’s all good. I forgive you,” she chirped, nodding a little too quickly. Jughead narrowed his eyes. This was too confusing, she was saying one thing but acting the complete opposite! He wasn’t equipped for this.

“Hey, love birds! Me and Kevin are going to Pop’s after last period, you in?” Veronica’s perky voice suddenly floated into the office from the doorway. Jughead flicked his eyes to her briefly, for once grateful for her interruption.

“I’m in. Wanna go, Betts?” he asked, voice a little too placatingly sweet as he tried not to step on the landmines that she’d apparently peppered around his feet. She blinked, tilting her torso away from him slightly, placing a palm over her chest in mock shock.

“Oh, you’re asking me to go? Thought you’d just go by yourself,” she snarked, voice trailing off as Veronica cast confused glances between the pair. Jughead pulled back, pointing his finger accusingly at her.

“I knew I wasn’t forgiven!”