“The are a lot of sides in art, and it goes without saying that we need them clean and colourful. But what is nore impornant - external losk that would be beat with eve more elegant painting, or inner, spiritual content of the things that will always be valuable? The form is a mean for realization of the idea, but not its main aim.“ - Nikolay Dubovskoy

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i need business name suggestions please!!

so you guys will understand later because we’re not even sure this will work but i need help so!!

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also you can put anything art related into the name too??? just

why did i choose that as my signature name tho smfh

anyways i need help so name suggestions would be great and thanks in advance!!

Interior with a Lady seated on a Birchtree sofa reading a book (1903). Vilhelm Hammershøi (Danish, 1864-1916).

A woman in a black dress reads a book while sitting in a somewhat uncomfortable position on the sofa. With the exception of the sofa and a small painting, the floor and wall are a single field of the same color with no additional furnishings or ornamentation.

Loop d'Escalier

The stairway never ends.

As the wood creaks under my bare toes, and my skin drags in fright, polishing the wooden surface, I realize the unexpected: the well kept wood, polished by white lace fingers and royal wax feet is filled with maggots.

They eat at the birch flesh that I now disgustingly tingle with the tips of my toes; it wails in my ear, sensitive to my untrammeled movements – I torment it in the morning light of the sole, unreachable window.

I walk, run, fret to the window, but I never quite reach it. When I almost touch it with the tips of my trembling fingers, and try to fall exhausted at it’s sill, I find even more stairs between me and it.

The more I try and walk to freedom, the more the maggots turmoil – I can feel them sliding between the nooks and knots and fibers of everything.

Maggots nip at my flesh while I make a run for escape.
But I never reach the window; I am cursed.

The stairway never ends.