birches valley

overwatch characters as the worlds produced by minecraft when their name is put into the seed generator

“mercy” - a seaside meadow surrounded by dark oak forests, featuring black & white horses and scattered ponds/lakes.

“symmetra” - five tiny isles in the middle of the ocean surrounding an undersea temple, with very few scattered trees & animals. there is no mainland in sight.

“reaper” - a savannah with floating mountains, dotted by acacia trees. behind is a lush birch forest, forward is a desert lasting for miles. a river winds through the whole area.

“soldier 76” - a towering spruce forest with stone ruins scattered throughout. it is surrounded by a massive dark oak forest going in all directions, with mushroom trees scattered about. the forest floor is covered with podzol.

“hanzo” - a meadow filled with red flowers, split up by multiple rivers. far in the distance there is spruce forest, and a village. the meadow is large but empty.

“mccree” - a village on the edge of a mixed oak and birch forest. there is a dirt path leading up to it, and a large meadow filled with sheep nearby.

“zarya” - a river valley, with birch-covered hills on all sides. there’s a herd of cows in the valley, and yellow flowers lining ground where the treeline begins.

“amelie” - flat plains of snow and ice as far as the eye can see. there are several completely iced-over lagoons.

“mei” - an island in the middle of the ocean, covered in thick forest. the closest landmass are large, forbidding mountains with jagged cliffs and few trees.

“tracer” - the patch of land between three lakes. facing north, there is a mixed birch and dark oak forest. south, there are mountains, with scattered spruce trees within. east, there is already a forest fire occurring, where the mountains and forests meet.

“pharah” - a savannah in all directions as far as the eye can see. there is a multitude of wildlife, including llamas and horses of all colors. there is a village nearby, with a massive crevasse underneath.

“ana” - a large lake, mistaken for an ocean at first, surrounded by hills and mountains covered in spruce and oak trees. snow covers the sand lining the shore.

“lucio” - endless fields of sunflowers. scattered lakes and ponds throughout.

“zenyatta” - forest valley surrounded by mountains. the mountains are snowy, the forest is not.

“torbjorn” - a birch forest on flatlands surrounded by tall, jagged mountains. the birch trees are bizarrely short. peony flowers line the forest floor.

“sombra” - a massive jungle, going on in all directions. there is a ruined temple nearby, filled with traps and a huge amount of gold.

“reinhardt” - a small patch of grasslands, surrounded by dark oak trees and massive mushrooms. there is a swamp directly beyond the dark oaks, featuring a lava pit and a witch hut.

“roadhog” - at the foot of a single mountain in a massive desert. a river winds through it, and on the other side is a savannah.

“junkrat” - a jungle that bumps right up against a birch forest. both are filled with pigs.

“genji” - a snowy taiga with a frozen river running through it. there are hardly any trees but many, many flowers, and many rabbits.

“winston” - there are several small biomes fighting for space here; in one direction, oak forests with a lake and mountains, in another, savannahas and deserts. in another, swamps.

“bastion” - grasslands with multiple broken up mountains. a village is nearby. there is no forest.

“dva” - a spruce forest by the ocean lined with a wide coast. in the water is a sea temple, seen clearly from the shoreline. just within the bounds of the forest there are two villages.

July 17th - I slipped out of work early to get some time back, and with a wonderfully hot, languid afternoon in progress I rode straight up onto the Chase, and barely stopped except for a well-deserved ice cream at Birches Valley. Dropping down into Rugeley, I enjoyed the long, cool downhill, then hopped onto the canal - a peace green sanctuary where the weeping willows looked stunning.

A perfect afternoon.

After no sightings for almost 30 years, the Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase had made a re-appearance.

Paranormal Investigator Lee Brickely has been recently inundated with the sightings of the black-eyed demon child in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. No-one really knows what happened to this poor child but two theories suggest She is either linked to the Cornovii, a Celtic tribe known for their blood sacrifices or the locals are all experiencing a mass hallucination.

One things for certain, a meeting with this waif is one thing most people never forget. The last time she was seen was in the 1980s, one of the victims being Brickely’s mother. All the encounters are the same, people walking the tracks of Birches Valley after dark hear the child’s cries and run off in search of her. They find the ten year old standing alone with her hands covering her eyes. When asked if She’s alright she moves her hands away and shows her “completely black eyes, no iris, no white, nothing” before completely disappearing.

No-one knows why she’s returned after 30 years or who will be the next to see her.


December 8th - Not another bloody sunset? Sorry. They are very good at the moment, and I just seem to be out when they happen. The one today was incredible, but I wasn’t in a position to get a good shot. I’d gone up on the Chase, over Cuckoo Bank and Rainbow Hill. When the sunset occurred I was around Penkridge Bank, and couldn’t get a good view. But the contrasting blue-red sky was astounding, and positively lysergic, really fairytale stuff.

It was quite cold, though, with a quickening wind that was really quite unpleasant on the way back. The Chase was as beautiful as ever, and oddly deserted. I don’t know where the year has gone - can in really be the shortest day in less than two weeks?

Last week while braving frigid temps, blowing winds, and snow flurries in Upper Birch Creek valley, I was visited by this little guy poking his head out of a cozy den to investigate my rig (which was parked on the road alongside his hole).  After sniffing the cold breeze, he wisely chose to duck back under where it was warmer. We encounter their holes all over the place, but rarely get to see the excavators!

-Steve Wright, Archaeologist for BLM-Idaho