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How to Make an Organizer Out of Old Birchboxes

Here at Birchbox, we are big fans of recycling. Not only do we separate cans from bottles and paper from plastic, we also save old Birchboxes and repurpose them as drawers! Follow the step-by-step instructions below (with pictures) to create your very own organizer, great for storing jewelry, headphones, and of course, all your fave samples. 

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Going Wild: Mood Board

Our creative team is pretty, well, creative and they come across beautiful imagery all the time. Why not share the inspiration? Keep an eye out each Friday for their Mood Board, a collection of images they’re loving.

It’s time to release your wild side. We love animal prints and are amazed by some of the ways people embrace them! We adore the idea of a leopard wall painting, but a leopard tattoo is even cooler. If you’d prefer something a bit more temporary, you can always go the route of a leopard hair tattoo just like our staffer Eric!

1. msdynamitee 2. glossybutterfly 3. reasonstobreathe 4. Pinterest 5. The Fancy 6. Fred Flare

What's on the Birchbox Editors' Desks: Operations Edition

One of the most important people at Birchbox, who doesn’t often get a ton of love on our blog (simply because he’s not quite as makeup, skincare, and haircare obsessed as the rest of us), is Matt H, our Operations Manager.  Among the millions of things he takes care of everyday, Matt is in charge of making sure samples make their way to our warehouse, get placed in each and every box and make their way out to all of you on time and with (fingers crossed!) no mistakes. And with 27,000+ boxes (and growing!) going out each month, that’s a lot of coordination! Today, we wanted to share everything on his desk. To be fair, we did ambush him during his lunch so it looks a teensy bit more messy than usual.

1. Box cutter – Every good operations guy needs to walk around with a box cutter. Lots of opening up, cutting down, and authority to prove.

2. Return boxes – Daily return to senders are back and I must quickly send them back out – no time to waste!

3. Coffee – One, two, usually three (it’s only 1pm) to keep me entertained. Don’t do it for caffeine, just the pure joy.

4. Laptop – Always moving from corner to corner of the office, need mobility in my 7lbs laptop. Still working on Dell, Windows, PC, used Pandora for the first time 2 weeks ago. Loving it. Editor’s Note: Matt’s from Canada so perhaps Pandora is still undiscovered up yonder? (JK, we love Canada!) Either way, we’re glad he’s on board with the awesomeness now.

5. Pangea Lip Balm – My first full size product purchase on Birchbox. It’s fantastic. Took right me right off Chapstick brand and I’m never turning back.

6. Note sheets – Who needs note pads…one can only lose it. Sheet by sheet, task by task, when you’re done, toss it.


Team Intros: Meet Dave!

Some days, it feels like Birchbox runs on coffee (Stumptown, obvi) and Aussie power. Our crazy brilliant CTO, Liz, hails from Oz, as does Dave, our new-ish Senior Technical Product Manager. Between his hardcore running abilities (he’s a seasoned ultra marathoner) and endless patience with less-techy Birchbox staffers, he’s a total gem. We’d say that Team Content is Dave’s biggest fan, but we know we have serious competition from the rest of the company.

Dave Morrison, Senior Technical Product Manager

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Unofficial role: Google Analytics Guru

Fun fact: I’m partial to a jog and recently completed my first ultramarathon—100km (62.13 miles for the Americans in the audience) through the National Parks of Sydney.

Beauty confession: From time to time, I’ll use my girlfriend’s hairdryer.

Currently loving: Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer (thanks Birchbox Man!).

Worth the splurge: For swimmers, Kiehl's All-Sport Swimmers Cleansing Rinse for Hair and Body. Nothing works better to nix that chlorine fragrance.

What beauty product most baffles you? Not a product, but threading! What’s wrong with good ol’ wax!?

Meet the rest of the Birchbox Team here and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

Team Intros: Meet Caroline!

We like to think we know a good thing when we see it but sometimes it takes us a while to figure it out! That was the case with one of our new team members: Caroline. She initially started as an intern with our beauty partnerships team at the end of October but quickly proved that she was a huge asset to the team. Fast forward a few weeks to November and Caroline officially became a relationship manager! We’re lucky we grabbed her when we did because she’s helping us work with even more amazing brands in the months to come! 

Caroline Everett, Brand Relationship Manager

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Unofficial title: Southern Gem

Fun fact: I spent a summer in Thailand and hitch-hiked everywhere.

Beauty confession: I will adjust my schedule if I’m having an unusually good or bad hair day.

Currently loving: Laura Geller I-Care Eyeliner in Navy. It has a built-in smudger and sharpener!

Worth the splurge: BY TERRY Eye Primer.

Best beauty trick: I layer a face oil underneath my night cream. It keeps my skin moisturized, even when the heater in my apartment is pumping!

Team Intros: Meet Mai!

If you’re an avid reader of the Birchbox Blog (which you should be), you’re already well acquainted with Mai. Our intrepid Copy Writer is writing a weekly Ingredient Decoder column, as well as plenty of daily posts. In addition to her way with words, we love Mai’s ability to find the best Asian food within a 10-block radius of our office, adorable outfits (see evidence below), and quirky sense of humor. 

Mai Wang, Copy Writer/Blogger Extraordinaire

Hometown: Miami, Florida.

Unofficial title: Speed Demon.

Fun fact: On vacation a few years ago, I ate a three-hour lunch at a Las Vegas buffet, waited for them to put out the dinner items, and ate again!

Beauty confession: Working at Birchbox makes me a commitment-phobe. Since I’m always testing new products, I switch cleansers and moisturizers every other week.

Currently loving: Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. I spritz it onto my face and neck at random points of the day. The clean rose scent is addictive.

Worth the splurge: Juno Body Transformative Body Lipid Serum. So pure and so good for your skin.

Best beauty trick: For foolproof cat eyes, I put on pencil liner first, then trace over it with liquid liner.

Catch up on Mai’s Ingredient Decoder column — you’ll never look at coconuts the same way again!

Team Intros: Meet Noha & Whitney!

If there is one department at Birchbox that you’ve probably spoken to at one time or another, it’s our Operations team! These stellar staffers respond personally to hundreds of emails and phone calls each week. So when it came to adding to their ranks, you know it was only the best of the best. Our newest team members, Noha and Whitney, are pretty impressive. In between interning at MSNBC and the UN, working in publishing and at A & E’s Biography channel, Noha started a club at her alma mater, Rutgers, to expose the student body to Arab culture, which ended up winning an award from Governor Corzine. She could be in law school right now, but she chose us instead! (Birchbox FTW!). On the other hand, Whitney has not one but TWO regional Emmys! The filmmaker is also a big TV buff (go figure) and is currently loving American Horror Story on FX. 

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Team Intros: Meet Stacy!

We’re on an intro kick! Now, we’d love to introduce you to the lovely Stacy, who comes to us from American Express, Nielsen, and, most recently, Zagat Survey, where she worked on subscriber acquisition online. We managed to woo her to Birchbox in December — yay! Extra fun-facts you should know about Stacy: 1. She has amazing, glowing skin. We’re still trying to figure out her secret. 2. She also has a beautiful daughter, Alexis, who’s almost a year old and has stolen all of our hearts. Here’s a little bit more about her:

Stacy Graham, Director of Acquisition

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

Unofficial role: Pied Piper 

Fun fact: I’ve traveled to six out of the seven continents and I plan to go to the seventh (Antarctica) very soon!

Beauty confession: I’ve used Oil of Olay as my facial moisturizer since I was 14 years old.

Currently loving: Bond No. 9 Union Square perfume.

Worth the splurge: A great deep tissue massage.

Best beauty trick? Exfoliating your skin everyday. It keeps you looking young!

What's in Her Bag? Intern Diaries

You might recall the Birchbox Intern Diaries with former editorial intern Charisse. Now our summer interns Julia, Katrina, and Geraldine are heroically taking over the series (though without a camera). Every Thursday, they’ll be sharing their discoveries from around the Birchbox office. Today, they’re checking out what’s in BB staffers’ personal handbags.

Since we started interning at Birchbox, we confess to feeling a bit awestruck by our stylish fellow staffers. And what better way to get a glimpse into their glamorous lives than to sneak a peek at the contents of their purses? These three staffers have the most lust-worthy bags we’ve seen yet—and some interesting stories to boot. 

My purse is limited edition red Balenciaga with rose gold hardware, and my wallet is from one of my favorite French Moroccan-inspired brands, Manoush—I’m even wearing a necklace from their Paris store right now! I’ve had these Celine sunglasses for about 6 months (pre-Amanda Bynes). I go to SoulCycle about 3 times a week and I love the headband because it doesn’t leave a crease—which means that I can just spray some dry shampoo (Klorane is my favorite) and go. I can never have enough lip products. This pouch is just a fraction of my collection. Right now, I love Jouer’s SPF 15 Lip Sheer in “Maui"—it’s the perfect sheer nude pink to go with my faux tan.

Rachel Liverman, Director of Beauty Partnerships

This Tory Burch purse goes with practically everything I own. I always have this poker chip from the Bellagio everywhere I go because it brings good luck. Tatcha Blotting Papers are great when I need to refresh my face after a long day. And the Stila One Step Bronze is perfect when I need a little color. You can just throw it on at before meeting friends for dinner. I also keep a pair of earrings—because you never know when you’ll need a sparkly touch to your outfit. I wear the Jawbone Up, which tracks how active I am during the day and how well I’m sleeping at night.

Dana Aidekman, Merchandising & Marketing Associate

This Louis Vuitton purse has been with me since 2005. Flats are always a must-carry because it’s NYC and you walk a lot. I always have tons of lip products in my bag, but I switch them out according to my mood. Today it’s peachy corals; other times it’s nudes and neutrals. The Laqa Pinkman and Mirenesse Flirty Kiss are from my pinky, red phase last week. Brows are my beauty focal point, so I keep this travel sized IT Cosmetics brow pencil on me for touch ups. My hairstylist taught me this little trick: If your hair has lost its curl, roll it up and pin it in a place. Take it out and voila! Captain Blankenship sea salt spray gives my hair a bit more texture. Wow, that’s actually a lot of stuff.

—Ashley Alston, Merchandising & Marketing Manager

And now over to you: What’s in your purse? 

—Geraldine, Katrina, & Julia

Can’t get enough of these “What’s in Your Bag?” posts? Check out what some of our staffers keep in their makeup bags.

Team Intros: Meet Candice!

We know a smart cookie when we see one, which is why we tried to hire Candice way back in the spring. Fast forward six months, and we finally managed to lure her away from her glossy magazine job. She’s the newest member of Team Content, and is bringing plenty of social media savvy and editorial wisdom. We’re delighted to have her!

Candice Chan, Associate Editor

Hometown: San Mateo, California

Unofficial title: Lifesaver

Fun fact: I love sharks! I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a kid, even though they kind of terrify me.

Beauty confession: I tried to bleach my hair in high school and came out with orange, orange tips. Never. Again.

Currently loving: Jouer’s Moisturizing lip gloss in Birchbox Pink. It’s such a fun pop of color and excellent for a night out.

Worth the splurge: Facials with someone who knows your skin! Maintenance check-ins make all the difference. I’ve been seeing the same facialist for years, and whenever I don’t do at least a seasonal session with her, my skin starts rebelling.

Best beauty trick? Take a fifteen minute cat-nap before you head out at night. It’ll brighten up your mood and skin.

Another Birchbox staffer favorite? Nuxe Multi-Use Dry Oil with Shimmer. A little goes a long way, and gives skin the prettiest sheen.

Welcome to the New and Improved!

The rumors are true. has had a little work done. We have a fresh look, bigger images, and some snazzy new navigation buttons. It’s a whole lot easier to find everything, whether it’s information about your account, new articles and videos, or must-have items in our shop. Even our blog has gotten the nip & tuck treatment! We’re still working out some minor kinks but we’re pretty psyched with it and we think you will be too! 

Get a closer look at our new facelift at and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!


Team Birchbox

A gigantic bear-sized thank you to our plastic surgeons tech and creative teams for their tireless work and never-ending awesomeness. 

Team Intros: Meet Techies Jereme, Isabelle, and Marie

Birchbox is having a growth spurt! We just moved into a brand-new swanky space and we’ve already managed to fill up the majority of it. Much of that has to do with all the new hires we’ve brought on board recently, several of which are on the tech team. We are so, so, SO happy to have them here—a web startup can’t function without plenty of talented techies!

Jereme Corrado, Systems Architect

Hometown: Kerhonkson, NY. I grew up on a small strawberry farm in the Catskill Mountains.

Fun fact: I’ve hitched through most of the lower 48.

Unofficial Title: Mr. Fix-It

Beauty confession: I tried the AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Body Mud we were giving out and I really loved it. But I’m really out of my element here. I’m still working on using lotion daily after Rachel told me that my once-a-month policy was probably a little too spartan.

Currently loving: My new record player, Rega p3. It’s pink! 

Worth the splurge: My dog Walter’s new haircut, which is $85! (Mine is $14.) 

Best beauty trick: The secret to a happy summer in the city, as a man, is powder in your unmentionables.

Isabelle Rice, Technology Intern

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

Fun fact: I once escaped a bear that was stalking me while I was hiking. I am now extremely overconfident of my ability to deal with bears.

Unofficial Title: Speedy Gonzales

Beauty confession: The only way I buy new makeup is by going to makeup counters and having them do it for me. I don’t trust myself to choose well.

Currently loving: Straw fedoras! I can’t really pull them off, but I love when other people do.

Worth the splurge: A good tinted moisturizer like Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint. It’s great and light for the summer while protecting your skin long term.

Best beauty trick: Drink lots of water!

Marie Matheson, Software Engineer

Hometown: Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, Canada

Fun fact: I was once pulled up to street perform in Paris in front of hundreds of people.

Unofficial Title: Web Maestro

Beauty confession: I rocked a perm gone horribly wrong just five short years ago.

Currently loving: Pocket dresses

Worth the splurge: A good haircut

Best beauty trick: Spray gel for up-dos

3 Ways to Wear An Elastic Headband

Birchbox’s copywriter, Mai, is growing her hair out and she’s been trying to find new tools to hold back her hair while she adjusts to her new length. She recently discovered these extra-bright Twistband headbands, and has been brilliantly devising fun ways to wear them. For example, this princess-like style (above), where she actually placed two Twistbands around the crown of her head, and then gently wove small pieces into both to create a lovely half-up look. 

Click through to see the rest of Mai’s new styles!

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Ally's Brows Are Arch-Perfection

Today’s Birchbox beauty role model: Ally, one of our Operations all-stars. The minute she walked in this morning, we knew something was different but we couldn’t figure it out until she clued us in: she’d penciled in her normally light brows with Anastasia’s Brow Wiz in Brunette. That simple step made her look gorgeously polished. It didn’t hurt that she’s also rocking Laura Geller’s Spackle Primer and Stila’s Custom Color Blush.

Learn how to get face-framing brows with our video.

Team Intros: We Like Mike!

Despite being a pretty girly office (pink desks, beauty products everywhere), we’re lucky to work with some great guys. Case in point: Mike came on board a few weeks ago to lead our financial department and we’re lucky to have him. He joined us from Yahoo! by way of Associated Content but he fit in with the beauty products right away. On his first day we happened to be celebrating Birchbox’s first anniversary with a little competition in the office — He led his group in creating a visually appealing “Birchbox presentation” by balancing boxes on his head and arms and holding still for a good ten minutes while judging took place. Needless to say, that was enough to inaugurate him into the team.

Mike Cohen, Chief Financial Officer

Hometown: Cooper City, Florida.

Unofficial role: Sneaker King/Voice of Moderation.

Fun fact: I have a rather extensive sock collection.

Beauty confession: I wash my face with Irish Spring bar soap.

Currently loving: Old Spice High Endurance Anti-Perspirant (Pure Sport scent).  I don’t wear cologne or fragrance; who needs it when your deodorant smells so good?

Worth the splurge: Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion.  I don’t shave often, but when I do it’s my go-to move.  It’s better than aftershave and keeps my face from falling off.

Best beauty trick: I smile a lot.  I think it accentuates my eyes or my ears or my chin or something

Even though most of our products are geared towards women, there are still a few things for Mike in the beauty closet, including man-friendly Kiehl’s and Anthony Logistics products.

Birchbox + Warby Parker = A Startup Love Affair

Myself and some of the Warby Parker crew in their showroom

We didn’t have to go far to chat up the staff of Warby Parker because, as it just so happens, this savvy eyewear startup’s ops team is sharing our new office space. If you haven’t heard of the company before, you’re seriously missing out. In addition to carrying ultra-chic and reasonably priced glasses ($95 a pop), they give a pair to someone in need for each purchase. (This Friday, the do-good founders are headed India to spread the word.) And even if you don’t wear prescription frames, you can still partake in the trend with Warby Parker’s new line of sunglasses.

I was lucky enough to get a peek at the showroom today and catch up with a few awesome Warby Parker ladies, not to mention try on a bunch of the new sunnies (my favorite style is the Everett). Read on to hear all about their favorite beauty products, tips for all glasses and makeup wearers, and their personal sunglasses picks.

Kaki, Executive Assistant and Public Relations Coordinator

Favorite product: Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow in Intuition

Best Tip For Wearing Glasses and Eye Makeup: “I would definitely choose a black mascara. It helps bring out your eyes, even underneath lenses, and my eye makeup just doesn’t work without it.”

Sunglasses pick: Jasper in Whiskey Tortoise

Taylor, Operations Associate

Favorite product: Diorshow Mascara

Best Tip For Wearing Glasses and Eye Makeup: “It’s really hard to put on makeup because I can’t see without my glasses…all I can say is practice, practice, practice!”

Sunglasses pick: Jasper in Marine Slate

Ruby, Operations Associate

Favorite Product: Nars Blush in Desire

Best Tip For Wearing Glasses and Eye Makeup: “I have super long eyelashes so I make sure not to put glasses on too soon after I apply my mascara or it gets all over my lenses.”

Sunglasses pick: Everett in Gimlet Tortoise

Monica, Special Operations MBA intern

Favorite Product: Diorshow Maximizer

Best Tip For Wearing Glasses and Eye Makeup: “Since my eyes look magnified in my frames, I always use eye cream to minimize my fine lines.”

Sunglasses pick: Mabel in Tortoise

If you happen to be in Brooklyn tonight, make sure to check out the newest Warby Parker showroom and meet the team for yourself.


For great shadows to compliment your frames, check out our Birchbox Shop

VIDEO: Katia's Ridiculously Easy Wavy Hair Tutorial

Birchbox Co-Founder Katia has some of the most envy-inducing, effortless beachy waves we’ve ever seen. After learning her secret, we can’t believe how easy it is to create her signature look! Watch her video tutorial above to learn how to turn your own hair into natural waves. 


Find all the tools to achieve Katia’s effortless waves yourself on

Copy Cat: Chanel Iman's Dramatic Double-Winged Look

Chanel Iman. Photo: BellaSugar

Birchbox’s brand relationship manager, Alta

Our stellar brand relationship manager, Alta, is gearing up to do a different eyeliner look every day next week for the Birchbox Beauty Diaries (check back next Friday!). As we were researching techniques for her to try, we came across this stunning picture of Chanel Iman sporting a double-winged liner look at a Victoria’s Secret event on Tuesday. It was so bold, so sexy — Alta couldn’t wait until Monday to test-drive it.

Here’s a rundown of the products she used to create this sultry eye and some of her tips:

I tackled the liner on my upper lid by starting from the inner corner of my eye and drawing a line slight above my lashline with the Napolean Perdis liquid liner. I then went back and filled it in creating a really thick line. Next, I made the top wing by drawing a very thin line straight out of the corner.

The bottom was a bit trickier. First I lined my lower lashes with Laura Mercier’s Kohl eye liner in Stormy Grey. The bottom line actually extends past the lash line on both the inside and outside of the eye and to do this, you need to hold you skin taught so you can draw a really straight and thin line. Then I took a pink eyeshadow from my Chantecaille pallet and added a swipe of color below the line for a girly effect. I made the mistake of doing the color after doing the line, which made it tricky not to smudge.  Last, but not least, I finished it off with a couple coats of Benefit BadGal Mascara to really dramatize my eyes–it’s the next best thing to having fake lashes!

Pick up Benefit BadGal and other mascaras in the Birchbox Shop!

What's in Our Birchbox Makeup Bags?

If you haven’t already noticed, the Birchbox team is pretty obsessed with the products we sample. We just can’t help ourselves! Not only that—we’re also guilty of toting around our favorite BB samples in our Birchbox makeup bags. Dorky, we know. Here’s a peek at what we consider daily essentials.


I own lots of products, but I only take my faves with me to get ready after my morning workouts. My daily musts: Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Invisible, which allows me to go longer between washes, and of course Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint, which I go through like it’s water. Josie Maran’s Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain is my newest obsession and I never go more than three days without exfoliating with Kate Sommerville’s brilliant ExfoliKate.


Currently in my makeup bag: Harvey Prince Eau Flirt. I love this fresh scent. The dual notes of lavender and pumpkin are calibrated to make you irresistible to men. I also have Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream, a botanical balm that keeps my hands moisturized.


I love stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, especially in Lionfish—I prefer the bronze color because it’s more subtle than a harsh, black liner. Also I like to carry around Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream as well as Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment to keep my hands and lips from getting dried out. CAROLINE EVERETT

I really can’t live without my Laura Geller I-Care Eye Liner because it truely does last all day. Colorescience Pro Mineral Foundation Powder Brush SPF 20 is also a must for me because—with my fair skin, I need my products to have SPF even in the winter. This Colorescience brush with foundation is so convenient, especially when I am getting ready quickly.  MOLLIE CHEN

I have not one, but two, Birchbox makeup bags! I keep my gym “essentials” in the ikat one and my everyday products in the canvas one. A few highlights: Nuxe Multi-Use Oil: I apply this to my face every morning. I love the light texture and pretty scent. ByTerry Hyaluronic Face Glow: Adore the fluffy, souffle-like texture and the fact that it gives my skin an even look—even before makeup. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint: You guys are probably bored of me telling you how much I love this product. Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser: I got this super foamy wash in my Jan Birchbox and it’s a new favorite.  GUM Teeth Cleaners: A must for someone who snacks as much as I do. MCMC Fragrances in Maine: My absolute favorite.


I’m so happy with the new Birchbox makeup bags because they can hold so much! Currently I’m carrying Jouer Lip Enhancer, which I’m totally addicted to. It’s such a step up from typical lip balm. I also always have Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go nail laquer remover because you just never know when you’ll be inspired to change your polish on the spot!


We’d love to see what your favorite products are that you keep in your makeup bag! Send us a photo reply!

Team Intros: Meet Madison!

The members of the Birchbox Operations team (who you chat with by phone and email!) are some the friendliest, most upbeat staffers in the office. Operations Associate Madison is no exception to the rule. Not only can this Virginian sweetheart seriously rock a bright pink smile (see the picture below), she’s also earned some serious geek and pop-culture cred—Madison listens to the Game of Thrones books on her way to work. We’re so happy to have her!

Madison Amburn, Operations Associate

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Unofficial role: Candy and Snack Hoarder

Fun fact: I love plants, especially cactus. I have over 20 cacti plants in my house!

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