birchbox june 2013


Sneak Peek: Birchbox June 2013

Now that our big news is out of the way, we wanted to give you a preview of our June boxes! Our theme this month is Wanderlust and not only do the boxes have a fun new look, we’re also debuting an exciting nail polish collaboration that every single one of our global subscribers will get to try.

Watch the video below to see even more fun travel-ready samples that you could receive in your June box, and click through to the YouTube comments to enter to win all our featured products this month! 


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Around the World in 7 Scents

Warm summer weather always gets us thinking about exotic locales—especially if we’re staying in one place for more than a few weeks. But don’t fret, even if you can’t jetset yourself, we’ll get your imagination fired up. We used industry reports, surveys and on-the-ground intel from our European teams to help us sniff out the latest fragrance trends from across the globe. 

From the Maine to Catalonia and beyond, these evocative scents will transport you to the sun-kissed spot of your choosing.

For more summer travel tips, check out Birchbox’s June 2013 Magazine.

An Insider's Guide to Paris: Birchbox City Guides

Our subscribers received adorable postcards in their June boxes illustrating the four cities that Birchbox calls home: New York, Paris, London, and Barcelona. But since we could only fit so much information on each card, we decided to provide even more insider intel on our blog—straight from Birchbox staffers around the world. Get your passport ready and check back each week for a new installment of Birchbox City Guides.


First stop: Printemps (102 Rue de Provence). You’ll find all the up-to-the-minute brands—without the massive crowds of Galeries Lafayette. Another on-trend spot: Le Bon Marché (24 Rue de Sèvres), whose lower level boasts La Grande Epicerie, where you can find all sorts of fabulous foodstuffs to take home (plus all the fixings for a pique-nique). For higher-concept fashion, walk over to Merci (111 Boulevard Beaumarchais), then indulge in a piece of chocolate cake at the boutique’s used bookshop and cafe. Vintage buffs should check out Kiloshop (125 Boulevard Saint-Germain), where you buy by the (yep, you guessed it) kilo.

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Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Unexpected Travel Essentials

Everyone knows to pack a tube of SPF and your favorite sneakers when you’re getting ready for a vacay. But after polling our globe-trotting editorial team, we realized that we bring a selection of oft-overlooked trip enhancers to rectify even the worst travel disasters.

From the two-in-one power player that immediately freshens up a hotel room to the stain-fighting product you should always keep with you, here are our five travel items that you have to bring with you on your next trip.

Looking for more travel tricks? Check out Birchbox’s June 2013 Magazine for even more ideas.

The Dry Shampoo I'm Using To Beat Greasy Summer Hair

I was a pretty late convert to dry shampoo—in all honesty, I was a Birchbox editor before I ever tried it. But the first time I spritzed one of these oil-absorbing products on my hair and watched my strands become instantly un-grimy, I became a loyal devotee.

Last summer, the sticky New York heat and a broken air conditioner left my hair clumped together, sticky and often matted to my head. (Ugh!) Which meant I was trying every dry shampoo I could get my hands on to prevent twice daily hair washing. Unfortunately I kept running into the same troubling issues: 1. The scent of each new option was usually incredibly overpowering and headache-inducing or 2. the super strong formulations left my head feeling itchy or uncomfortably texturized.

After roughly a year of experimenting with different dry shampoos, I had resigned myself to experiencing one of those two problems when I used them. But then another Birchbox staffer stealthily dropped Klorane’s Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk on my desk for a test drive—and it legitimately changed everything. (Major bonus? Some of you will be receiving it this month in your June Birchbox!)

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Travel Secrets of Road Warriors

Globetrotting has its perks—exotic locales, unforgettable experiences, and delicious foods—but it also takes a lot out of you. We know it can be tough to land at your destination feeling and looking your best, which is why we tapped three travel pros to tell us their battle-tested tricks.

Check out the favorite travel products, tips for beating jet lag, and on-the-go food picks from three expert jet-setters.

For more tips and tricks to survive your upcoming vacays, check out June’s wanderlust-themed issue of the Birchbox Magazine.

4 Summer Hairstyles, 4 Summer Occasions

One of the best parts of summer is the sudden appearance of not only adorable new hairstyles, but bright, eye-catching accessories. (At last, it’s seasonally appropriate to rock a shocking pink headband!)

But the big question on everyone’s mind once you start to see these pretty pieces out in the wild: How do you wear them?! 

Which is why we enlisted stylist Jeff Chastain to give us his best tips on wearing everything from boho bandeaus to oh-so-chic enamel ponytail holders. Here are four must-try hairstyles that you can rock all summer long.

Looking for more summer-ready hair tricks? Here’s a gorgeous braided updo that’s so easy, you can wear it to all your big events.