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What's on the Birchbox Editors' Desks: Nothing?

Let me explain- we’re moving! We’re thrilled to be moving very soon into a bigger, better office space. We’ve had an amazing six months at this office but we’ve simply outgrown it. As we get ready to move to the fourth official Birchbox HQ (this year!), we’re packing up our boxes and slowly clearing off our desks….hence:

Stay tuned next week for brand new desks filled (neatly!) with products galore.


What's On The Birchbox Staffer's Desk: Planner Alexz

After a bit of a break, we’re back with another installment of What’s on the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk. Today’s subject is Alexz, who is on our beauty partnerships team. Their team always has fun products coming into the office and their desks are one of the first places we go to make new discoveries. Click through to see some of Alexz’s latest finds.

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What's On the Birchbox Staffer's Desk: Accountant, Elizabeth

Accounting hero Elizabeth—who you’ve met before on the Birchbox blog—is a master of productivity. Her desk, which contains not one but two monitors, may explain why. What are some of her other secrets to success? Click through to find out.

1. Double monitors: We here at Birchbox are accustomed to doing two things at once, hence the two screens! I re-purposed this massive monitor from our Tech team, and while it looks like I’m operating a spaceship over here, the dual views are very useful (and less straining on the eyes) when comparing multiple reports or reading my constant influx of e-mails.

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Team Intros: Meet Kelly-Marie!

Kelly-Marie may be new-ish to Birchbox, but she’s no newbie to the startup game. Formerly the Online Aquisition Manager at TheLadders, a job-hunting platform based in downtown Manhattan, we couldn’t be more excited that this lovely lady (who’s a pro at rocking neon streaks) made the switch. We’re big fans of Kelly-Marie’s industrious spirit, predilection for cereal, penchant for globe-trotting and her sweet spot for the ballet. 

Name/Title: Kelly-Marie Bermudez / Senior Marketing Manager, Ecommerce

Hometown: Perth Amboy, NJ

Unofficial role: Chief Cereal Eater (Lucky Charms!)

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