birchbox hauls

Our Favorite June 2011 Birchbox Hauls!

We know many of you have already received your July Birchboxes (and if you haven’t, be patient - your box is on its way). But let’s pause for a hot second and revisit June. Every month, you wonderful bloggers take to your webcams and tell us what you really think of your Birchboxes. We love your Birchbox un-boxing videos (positive, negative, funny) so much that we’ve decided to feature three of our favorites every month. It’s not about how many views, or whether these vloggers loooooved their samples — it’s just about which ones were fun and memorable. Without further ado, here are June’s picks:

Chicachew is one of our favorite beauty vloggers because she’s upbeat and positive, and has very useful tutorial. Plus, the mother of two really knows how to work the camera!

We love new YouTubers! June was EmilyCaroline87’s first Birchbox video and we think she’s a natural. She’s rocking a super cute sidebraid in this video, too - just sayin’!

We literally laughed out loud when we first saw BloggingwithAj’s June un-boxing, so of course we had to feature it here. She makes the excellent point that getting things in the mail rocks. Yes, yes it does. 

Those are our favorites for June! We love the haul videos our members make and will be featuring new ones every month. As always, feel free to send them our way at! 

p.s. We have more YouTube love to give. One of our favorite gurus has agreed to be our very first guest vlogger! Yes, that’s right- all next week the fabulous Nikki Phillippi will be sharing her favorite beauty products, fashion tips, and even some healthy food options. Yum!

Our Favorite July 2011 Birchbox Un-Boxing Videos!

August Birchboxes are on the way—and some have already arrived—but we thought we’d take a few minutes to look back at a few of our favorite July un-boxing videos. Thank you to all of you who sent in your videos. We loved watching them! These are just a few of our favorites!

NicolaFoti is one of a select few male Birchbox members so we were extra interested to hear his take on the Cynthia Rowley box! Our entire office loved this one!

LEIGHANNSAYS made her first Birchbox video last month and she’s already become one of our favorite YouTubers! We’ve spent waaay too much time watching her videos.

Somehow last month was the first time we’ve seen PlainJaneMakeup’s videos but we fell in love with her intro immediately! Plus, we love the idea of un-boxing parties and opening the box with a friend is double the fun.

Those are our favorites for July! Hope you keep making your videos and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for tutorials and tips. Take a look at all the products featured in these videos on our website