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Looking for great holiday gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself)? Our authors are here to help! We asked them to share their suggestions for the season’s perfect presents. Check out #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah Dessen’s recommendations below!

1. Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer: I loved this book. It’s about a girl who goes through a traumatic event and ends up at an alternative boarding school. There, she is put into a mysterious English class with several other kids struggling to move past things in their own lives. It’s a love story, a ghost story and has a twist at the end that will leave you flipping back to the first page to start it all over again. Or at least, I did. 

2. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: This book also has a mystery and a twist, but what I loved most about it was the writing itself. It’s so carefully done and amazingly crafted, like a master class in structuring a serious page-turner. I’ve basically forced it on everyone I know. 

3. Poppin Office SuppliesOkay, so maybe you AREN’T a person who is obsessed with notebooks, pens and staplers. But I bet you know someone who is. Trust me: we’re out there, and quite likely on your holiday shopping list. This line of office and school stuff is my new obsession. Bright colors, totally cool storage, and monogrammed notebooks? Yes, please! 

4. Mophie Phone CaseI am a person who is always playing that dangerous game of walking around with a phone that is about to die at any moment. It’s my version of an adrenaline rush. But I’ve lost enough times to know that I need to have a backup source of a power, and Mophie stuff rocks. You can get a case that charges along with your phone and is at the ready when you go dead during an important Tumblr post, or an extra battery, or both! For the friend who is ALWAYS asking to borrow your charger. (And from that friend: Sorry!) 

5. Birchbox subscriptionYou must have someone on your list who is addicted to Sephora and will spend entirely too much money to get the “free” gift at the Clinque counter. This is the gift for them. Every month, they’ll receive a box of beauty samples from a bunch of different brands, hand-picked by experts. It’s like Christmas, all year round! Personally, I’ve found you can never try enough new lipsticks. But that might just be me. 

Sarah Dessen’s newest YA novel, The Moon and Morealso makes the perfect gift and it’s available now! Get it wherever books are sold.

4 Days on a Desert Island with Shipwreck Soap

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Recently, one of the brave chaps over at Birchbox Man took on a daring Survivor-inspired challenge: Could he weather four days relying upon only one, sole product? Armed with just Mr. Natty’s Shipwrecked Soap, he put aside his body wash, shampoo, shaving cream, and (gasp) deodorant.

Find out how he fared here.


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