Talk about a gorgeous medicine cabinet! Our social media manager @julia_casella’s very full and very color-coded bathroom shelves. 😍 We 👀 some #Birchbox faves: @tataharper @oribe @livingproofinc @glamglow @caudalie @renskincare @rmsbeauty @kiehls @theouai @ilesformula_hair @origins @yubeskincare @marvis_usa

Hand painted #PLAIDNAILS! I used ColorClub’s That’s My Jam (exclusively from @birchbox), @jinsoon’s Blue Iris, @orlynails Luxe, and white acrylic paint! Are you guys ready for the tutorial tomorrow? It has been *too long*!! Make sure to check back here tomorrow at 11am EST for the time lapse and my @youtube channel (@ninanailedit) at 10am EST for the full version, including step by step directions!

Okay here’s today’s question I need everyone’s help with:

Do you subscribe to a subscription-based box service and if so which one? What is it about that service you like? What do you dislike? Every response matters! Reply here or private message me please and thank you!!!

Don’t forget, I’ll remember each response and think of you first if this pans out in my favor. That means free stuff!!! :)

Geometric!! Inspired by my gorgeous March @birchbox!! I don’t think I did it justice but I tried :) I used @flossgloss Dinge and Mrs. Tony Montana, @smithandcult Bitter Buddhist, and @orlynails Luxe! It’s still sweater weather in Boston so I’m cozy in my @forever21 sweater!! Hope you guys are having a great week!!


Looking for a last minute Halloween costume that totally slays? Watch to learn how to recreate our take on Daenerys’ braids yourself. JOIN BIRCHBOX: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: by Birchbox


This lovely little product came with September’s Birchbox. By American brand Manna Kadar, it’s a 3 in 1 pigment rich powder that can be used as an eyeshadow, a blusher and a highlighter. Suitable for all skin types, it’s a champagne pink shade with pearlised powder to give you an awesome shimmer.

I’m currently wearing it as eyeshadow and highlighter and I love how it looks. It can work for your look in the day and the night and is so easy to apply with a brush. Would recommend!


Figure out your skin’s undertone with our helpful tips and tricks. You’ll be one step closer to finding your perfect foundation shade. Ever swipe on a lipstick to find that your complexion looks oh-so radiant, while a similar color leaves your skin looking sallow or lackluster? Chances are, the first color complimented your skin’s undertone and the second didn’t. Not quite sure what your undertone is? You’re not alone: it’s one of the most frequent questions we get at Birchbox, and even our team has been stumped in the past. Read on and watch our video for a quick and easy guide to understanding them. What is an Undertone? An undertone is the tone that peeks through your skin from beneath the surface: warm, cool, or neutral. A warm undertone generally gives skin a yellow, peachy, or golden tone. In contrast, cool undertones can be bluish, pinkish, or ruddy. Keep in mind, this is not the same as your skin tone. No matter how fair or deep your complexion is you can have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Why It’s Important to Know Yours Finding your perfect shade of foundation, lipstick, and even hair color can be a seriously difficult task. This is where knowing your undertone can help you figure out which hues work best for you. While some brands like Estèe Lauder and M·A·C Cosmetics label their foundations as warm (w), cool ©, and neutral (n), that’s not always the case. Generally, foundations that have a cool undertone have a slight pink tint to them, whereas ones with a warm undertone lean a bit more yellow or golden. Knowing your undertone can also help you find your perfect shade of lipstick. If your skin’s undertone is on the cooler side, opt for lipstick hues that have a blue or deep-purple undertone.If your skin leans warmer, opt for shades that have an orange or yellow base. When finding your most flattering hair color, it’s all about complementing your skin’s undertone. As a general rule of thumb, cooler complexions work best with warmer hair hues— think beige, caramel, honey and espresso. Those that have a warm tone in their skin should try shades with an ashier undertone, like icy blonde, chestnut, and licorice. JOIN BIRCHBOX: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: by Birchbox


Got invited to last minute Halloween party? We’ve got you covered with this fun comic book makeup look. Watch to see how to recreate it yourself. JOIN BIRCHBOX: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: by Birchbox