just got home and i’m a little tipsytown but i’m still gonna watch adult beginners because i said i would watch a movie tonight and i’ve committed to it

but i’m already getting a little emotional because that’s what happens whenever i see mike birbiglia in a movie. he did an interview for a local entertainment magazine where he talked about how he’s been interested in acting for a long time but never pursued it; when they were in preproduction for sleepwalk with me they were considering different actors for the main character and he was like “this is bullshit, i’m not gonna cast someone else to play me in a movie about my life” so he played the part and it was so well received and opened so many doors for him so he said he gave himself his big break and that’s just really incredible go birbigs :)

A few months later, Jenny and I go to city hall and get married. I still didn’t believe in the idea of marriage—and I still don’t… But I believe in her.

And I’ve given up on the idea of being right.

—  Mike Birbiglia - My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Trailer for Sleepwalk With Me, the new film co-written by Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass.

Then I’m experiencing that psychological downward spiral. Oh great! I’m going to miss my flight and then I’m going to miss every flight from now on and then I’m going to miss my family reunion and then I’m not going to have a family and then I’m going to be a crackwhore!
—  Mike Birbiglia, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend