biracial celebs


I get put off by white-passing biracial celebrities sometimes, specifically the ones that have one total white parent and a half black/half white parent which would make the person only a quarter black. Well, I don’t think that I’m put off by the celebrities themselves but by their fans who only seem to mention their blackness when it’s convenient or when they’re asked to give an example of a poc celebrity. Like the singer Halsey, for instance, is 75% white and 25% and is totally white-passing and her fans are always bringing up that she’s biracial and that she’s representation for woc. They use these celebs to point out that they’re not racist or that they’re accepting of all colors when they really only fuck with the white-passing and biracial celebs who fit their idea of what black or what a poc should be like or act like. For example, on a TV show, I always see all these white fans rooting so much for the white-passing poc. But when poc fans complain that the show doesn’t have enough poc representation, then the white fans will rush to say, “but wait, don’t forget about this person!!” And the person they point out will be like the whitest looking poc. And they’ll stan for them, as long as they don’t talk about race too much, but when it comes to poc who look more like poc, these white fans are nowhere to be found. I’m not trying to invalidate any biracial person who looks more on the white side, but there’s just something about the way white society views and acts towards white-passing poc that rubs me the wrong way.


Mariah Carey is in the holiday spirit 🎁

I figured AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica Szohr were part black from the jump tbh. And their shows came out around my 8th grade when I wasn’t even close to being as racially woke as I am now. Lo and behold, just came across an article about them and it turns out I was right.

In most cases, black people can just sense if another person is black lol.