Why "Night In the Woods" is really important

So with the recent rise in popularity (and @therealjacksepticeye ’s playthrough) , Night in the Woods has a lot of really important topics, I don’t see many people talking about these topics, so I’m here to bring them up myself

-Bipolar Disorder
-Dissassociation problems
-Anger Issues
-Loosing a family member and having to grow up a bit too quickly.
-school even
-loosing a friend
-not to mention GAY

I don’t see anyone talking about how calmly it brings up these subjects, when you talk to Gregg by the lake, they don’t address bipolar disorder in a scary or negative way, and brings it up very simply as down days and up days. It’s an important part of greggs character and Mae accepts it and gives him comfort when needed.

Mae canonly disassociates (and even disassociates in game a few times), she talks about things becoming “just shapes” and reality not being well…reality. They bring it up in a really good way to explain it to people who don’t understand what it is or how it affects moods (and how it’s connected to depression). Mae leaves college because she was really depressed there, everything didn’t seem real, and she needed to get out. It’s important to note that Gregg (or bea) acknowledge what’s she’s experiencing and also offer comfort and support. It’s so important.

Bea’s mother passed away senior year of high school, she now has to work a lot to take care of her family, many many many teens can relate to this, wether a family member has to be at work to make ends meet all the time, and they have to take care of their siblings, or they themselves have to get a job and give up dreams to support their family. It’s shown and I’m glad it is.

Not to mention canonly LGBT characters, it’s confirmed that Gregg and Angus are Gay. Very gay. It’s also confirmed that Mae is at least bi (and develops feelings for a female character). LGBT representation is so so so important.

Forgot to mention: it’s Canon that Angus comes from an abusive household, and still has to deal with family issues ( Thank you to @themightypotatoqueen for reminding me)

This game is amazing and beautiful, full of good humor and dialogue, and so many beautiful moments too. If you had doubts about it, support it. It’s really great. 👌 thanks to Jacksepticeye for really promoting the game! Without your help it wouldn’t be as mainstream as it is now.