bipolar spectrum disorder

Is it possible to have X as well as ADHD?
  • There are lots of disorders that can be comorbid with ADHD (“comorbid” means they occur at the same time as something else). These include:
    Autism Spectrum Disorders;
    Bipolar Disorder;
    Anxiety Disorders;
    Learning Disorders;
    Personality Disorders; and
    Sensory Processing Disorders.
    There are probably others that I haven’t listed here. Having ADHD doesn’t mean you can’t have other disorders.
  • In addition, it is possible to be misdiagnosed with one of these disorders when you actually have ADHD, and it is possible to be misdiagnosed with ADHD when you actually have one of these disorders.
Some things to think about

Maybe they’d try to say that Ian left with Mickey because of mania. But that can’t be it, because being manic is all about impulsive actions, doing things without thinking at all. Everything feels like a good idea.
That was not the case.
Ian thougt about it a lot. He talked about it with Fiona, he didnt answer immediately, he was very conflicted about this decision because there was a lot at risk. He even tried to fight his feelings for Mickey and push him away.
Even if they try to make it look like it, even if then Mickey believes it, even if Gallaghers believe it, even if Ian himself ends up thinking it was that way, I will never believe it. No one with any bipolar spectrum disorder will believe it, WE must never believe it.
Ian was not manic when he left with Mickey.

anyway i’m really hoping for some kind of serious breakthrough in treatment of bipolar spectrum disorders and schizophrenia and/or getting access to decent therapy and support, bc i am Not Doing Well and i’m kind of scared.