bipolar at it's best

dear writers

you are valid even if you wrote nothing today. you are valid even if you haven’t written in a month, or even longer. 

i constantly see writer wisdom telling us that we have to write every day. “write on a schedule. develop a routine. no zero word days!”

that’s not possible for me. it’s not possible for everybody. some days i’m too depressed, or too tired from not sleeping, or too busy. that doesn’t make me any less dedicated to writing. it doesn’t make me not a writer.

we’re not all the same. what works for most people doesn’t work for me, and that’s okay. if the essential writing tips don’t work for you, that’s okay. how you write, when you write, what you’re fighting through just to get those words down…if writing is difficult for you, it’s even more amazing that you’re still trying.

you are a writer. you are valid. don’t let anyone–even other writers–convince you otherwise.

I’m MAD bc people really still think Mickey is toxic like have you SEEN this actual angel??? He is just a baby!!!! He needs love!!!

He obviously has depression and PTSD, and as someone who grew up similar to how Mickey has and has the same issues, I can say whole-heartedly Mickey is misunderstood. He is a big old teddy bear at the end of the day, and the thug thing is a front meant to protect him. Because of his PTSD - as least I know this is true for me - I doubt he really stays present to see his actions. When you’ve grown up like him, you never want to be present. You want your life to be something else, something better. In fact, i think the only time he is present is when he’s with people who love him/he loves dearly. That includes Ian, Mandy, and I’d even say Fiona, Debbie and Carl. Even Lip. Mickey taking care of Ian? Having a relationship with Ian’s siblings to the point where they go to him for help with Ian? Protecting the fuck out of Mandy and being able to see he loves her? He’s present for all of his soft tendencies for these people. Examples include-

For Fiona, asking her if she needed help and she says she’d like him to iron. He says he only knows how to use one as a weapon, and it hints that together, they do housework and have before.

For Mandy, when she comes and gets him from Juvie and they hug and joke around as siblings do. He also shows concern when her boyfriend is beating her and is obviously conflicted because she told him not to get involved.

For Ian, there’s a lot. Picking him up out of the snow and carrying him home. Asking Ian’s siblings what he should do to care for him. Protecting Ian from predators while he is working at the Fairytale. Getting Ian every B vitamin he could find because he wasn’t sure which one he needed. Protecting Ian from his own father, and therefore putting his own life in danger in the process. Going with Ian to all of his appointments and being involved.

For Debbie, even if it was about getting rid of Sammi, him spending time with her, and not treating her as a kid (because she hates that, and he doesn’t want to upset her). Showing enthusiasm about how protective of Ian they both are.

For Carl, when Carl asks Ian of he loves Mickey. They seem to have a brother-like relationship and while Mickey is living with the Gallaghers, Carl treats him as so.

For Lip, when Mickey approaches him about Ian and he gives him what he needs to know about bipolar. Lip and Fiona agreeing its best to ask Mickey for help with Ian. Lip telling Mickey he did the best he could for Ian.

He lashes out constantly, sure, but when you’ve grown up in a house like that, that’s how you learn to protect yourself. His character growth shows that he is learning hoe to control it and himself. He was taught how to survive his home, not live in it. Not love. He has walls up and that’s the “toxic” person you see.

Mickey isn’t toxic. Take it from someone who grew up the way he did. From someone who was told they were toxic because of how they grew up. From someone who people didn’t understand.

He protects himself violently because he is afraid of being hurt.

At the end of the day, Mickey Milkovich is an amazing person who is damaged.