Aphobes: The full acronym is LGBT.

Inclusionists: Pan and polysexual people aren’t bi and deserve their own letter in the acronym!

Aphobes: No! You go under the B.

Inclusionists: Okay, well not all nonbinary people identify as trans, and they should get their own letter in the acronym!

Aphobes: No! You go under the T.

Inclusionists: Well can we at least add a plus for people who don’t feel comfortable under the L, G, B, or T?

Aphobes: No! Make your own community!

Inclusionists: Okay, we’ll call it the queer community.

Aphobes: No! You’re not allowed to call yourselves that!

Inclusionists: Why not? It’s a reclaimed slur. Anyome can call themselves queer if they want!

Aphobes: No! Stop forcing people under labels they don’t like!

Inclusionists: Then what do we call ourselves, huh? If the full acronym is LGBT and we don’t fall under those letters, and you won’t let us call ourselves by another acronym or have our own community, what do we do?

Aphobes: The full acronym is and has always been LGBTNP so I have no idea what you’re talking about.


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Exclusionists have a huge superiority complex from what I’ve seen. Gay representation isn’t somehow better than ace/aro or bi representation because… they’re just sexualities. One isn’t automatically better than the other.

Edit: I worded this post so that it was confusing and I apologize for that. I made another post exolaining what I meant.

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My mom's first reaction when I came out as bi to her was 'I'll believe it when I see it', and she only 'accepted' it after some more pressing on my part. Later though when I was talking about how I found girls attractive she seemed surprised, and again when when saw me wearing a bi flag pin, and again when I made a comment about being in the lgbt community. I feel like she accepts bi-ness in others, but not in me? If I ask directly what her problem is she denies it, but I feel really unaccepted.

Hello love,

tbh it sounds like your feeling is right and your mom doesn’t really accept your bisexuality or believe it which is very biphobic. Even if she doesn’t actively harass you because of your bi-ness, she’s still acting on her internalised biphobia. If you have the nerve, talk to her about how her reactions hurt you and how she always sounds like she’s doubting you. But it’s not your obligation to educate other people so if you do not have the nerve, that’s fine as well. Even if that means you can’t talk to her about bi issues. But if she wants to understand her child and support you it’s her job to educate herself. You can help her if you like but you don’t have to!


White House: States Should Get To Decide Whether To Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students
"The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’ rights issue and not one for the federal government."

lol full offense but stop policing how frequently bisexuals date either genders. just cause i’ve dated 5 girls back to back doesn’t make me a lesbian, just like another bisexual woman who has dated 5 men back to back doesn’t make her straight. being bisexual means the person has the potential to be attracted to more than one gender and that’s it. what they do with it is their business so just let us live for crying out loud let us live.

if a person of color is telling you that you’re being racist you need to recognize it and apologize. if a gay/bisexual person is telling you that you’re being homophobic/biphobic you need to recognize it and apologize. if a transgender person is telling you that you’re being transphobic, recognize it and apologize. if a woman is telling you that you’re being sexist, recognize it and apologize. the line is not yours to be drawn.

i need to make a post about this because it’s really bothering me.

bisexuality = the attraction to more than one gender, or the attraction to two or more genders, or the attraction to genders same as and other than your own

pansexuality = the attraction to all genders or the attraction to people regardless of their sex and gender identity

bisexuality is not defined as the attraction to men and women. bisexuality does not exclude other genders. bisexuals aren’t any less open-minded and accepting than pansexuals or anyone else in the lgbtq+ community. bisexuality is a sexuality, not a way to reinforce the gender binary.

many people seem to think that bisexuals aren’t aware of non-binary people or that they think there are only two genders.

this is because

1. the term bisexual is older than the term pansexual, and at the time the word bisexual was first introduced, it was defined as the attraction to males and females, because the term non-binary wasn’t something people were aware of. fortunately, many people today understand what gender binary and non-binary mean and because of this, the definition and meaning of bisexuality have evolved. saying bisexuals are only attracted to men and women is the old way of thinking.

2. bi in bisexual means two, and people always like to rely on this and say that it literally means two, as in men and women. if you really have to use this as an argument, the two you’re referring to means same as your own gender and other than your own gender. that makes two groups without excluding any genders.

3. pansexuality is always thought of as the gender-blind label that includes everyone whereas bisexuality is seen as only including men and women, boys and girls, males and females. which, like i said, is not true, so please destroy this way of thinking. it’s not helping anyone.

you can identify as both bisexual and pansexual. you can identify as bisexual but feel like the word pansexual could also describe your sexuality accurately. you can identify only as pansexual. 

the difference between these two is slight but it’s there. so maybe instead of trying to tell others what their own sexualities are supposed to mean to them or what they should identify as, give everyone the freedom to identify themselves however way they feel is right for them. especially people who are neither bisexual nor pansexual can stfu and stop defining our sexualities for us thank you.