Because of how early I have to catch my bus, and how long it takes my meds to kick in and fix my memory so that I can tell if I took them I have for the past like 5 school days forgotten them and got nothing done. I finally remembered to take them and got more work done in one day than that whole week combined, like an entire LP (six different worksheets), a blog post and commentary for one course, and an essay for another within only two periods of school.

So yay meds. I know now for sure I need them to get stuff done. So in hindsight the whole thing was kind of good because seeing how much of a difference they make in my life helps alleviate the issue I have been having about feeling like a piece of shit for needing them in the first place. There is so much stuff going around about how medication is not needed and a trick, which was really bothering me and making me consider not taking them, or asking my doctor to lower my dose. Seeing that yes they do work and help me allows me feel better about taking them.

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I think there was an article in the Toronto Star about the dangerous side effects of ADHD medication that I saw when I was in 8th grade because i was researching stories for my special ed class and came across this article, it mentioned Adderall XR and Biphentin (the medication I was on for ADHD and basically methamphetamine) and how most side effects became so violent it drove most pacientes to suicide (although they were teens) if you want I could link it.

Please do! Adderall is a very dangerous drug. I think Ritalin is a lot safer, I’ve never been on it (I don’t have ADHD), but my brother says it’s really improved his quality of life. It would be neat to read up on though. Substance abuse is never safe!