A9-RIG is hands-down the best stop-motion figure out on the market. Here are nine reasons why:

1) A9 biped can achieve every pose humanly possible

2) A9 quadrupeds can also achieve every pose possible by quadrupeds

3) And all of these pieces are interchangeable so you can create creatures like centaurs and even dragons be simply swapping parts around. There is no limit to what you can build.

4) With the biped being 1:6 in scale (same as barbie dolls) you can equip it with endless costumes and props that you can find online. Great for getting fabric and wrinkle reference too! 

5) Detachable parts allow for tightening and maintenance of joints so that the figure remains well fitted FOREVER! 

6) Textured wood material makes it strong, durable and excellent for sculpting over the top of and creating your own custom creature heads.

7) We offer custom shapes and limb lengths, including digitigrade legs and feet!

8) Our customer service is second to none. The 12 month warranty guarantees we’ll be there for you if anything goes wrong with your model

9) The figure is strong enough to stand all on its own but also has an inlaid screw in the back for attaching it to our articulated crane or any tripod attachment. Plus now comes included with magnetic feet.

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Servo driven two legged robot with 12 degrees of freedom. Currently this little guy is driven from a PC, but apparently plans are to make him autonomous once development is finished.

Sensors used are a two-axis accelerometer for ‘hip’ orientation and four force-sensing resistors at the bottom of each footplate. Measuring the driving signal of the servo motors allows a form of torque feedback.

Who else wants to see him dance?

The Periodic Table of Cryptozoology, 2011 Edition

Hey dudes. I’ve been quite busy with exams and tests the past few weeks, a situation I haven’t found myself in since 2009. However, through all the educational calamity, I did manage to revise one of my more favourite charts, the Periodic Table of Cryptozoology! I’ve added more cryptids, moved things around a bit, so it’s bigger than it was before! YAY!

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EA Sports have handcrafted a limited edition of FIFA 14 with us – your Men In Blazers – on the cover.  Just ten (10!) copies exist in the world. We are going to offer them all to GFOPs who nominate their 2013 Person of the year for our First Annual Biped of the Year Contest. 

On this week’s pod, Davo chose Luis Suarez, Rog made the case for Bob Bradley.  We will award the FIFA 14s to the GFOPs who make their selection and back it up in the most thoughtful, articulate, and creative way.  

Send your entries to MeninBlazers AT Gmail Dot Com.  We will announce the winners at the beginning of January.


Saturnalia tupiniquim was an early, basal sauropodomorph dinosaur found in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. It lived during the Late Triassic (Carnian).

It is known from three partial skeletons lacking skulls, except for an impression of a dentary with teeth. Saturnalia was probably an omnivore with an estimated length of around 1,5 meters (5 ft).

It would have used a bipedal gait probably to escape from predators, but also for active hunting of small prey, when relatively fast locomotion was advantageous. However, it was probably not an obligatory biped. During a slower pace, perhaps while moving through areas with vegetation that could be eaten it is likely it walked on all fours.

This restoration is based on the likelihood that proto-feathers were present in basal dinosaurs.


A study of Saurian morphology: Pseudosuchia (part 2)

Reposting because I have no idea what happened but my post disappeared? Now that I’m fully sober I should add some information about these fellas.

The three depicted above belong to the group Crocodylomorpha, a group that was very diverse during the Mesozoic. Sphenosuchus was a small, gracile basal crocodylomorph that might have been biped for a short burst of time—just like today’s Basilisk lizard for example.

The other two represent a major clade of marine crocodiles known as Thalattosuchia, Neptunidraco is classified under Metriorhynchidae, a family of fully aquatic crocs which had lost their scutes and developed flipper-like limbs and tail fin to complement their pelagic lifestyle. 

Machimosaurus on the other hand, represents the Metriorhynchidae’s closest relative Teleosauridae, a family of gharial-like marine crocodyliforms. This fish-eating genus recently circulated around the internet after the announcement of M. rex, probably the largest teleosaurid known at (est) 9.6 m (31 ft) long—but we all know it’s mostly due to the “rex” on its name.

I should probably start writing proper captions for my future posts because the world needs to learn about flippercroc and its funky relatives. They’re like, the weirdest crocs ever. Or not. You’ll find out in 3 days.

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Sketch of the Day - woo, terrible, terrible attempts at figuring out what my KOS characters look like. When it comes to their designs my ideas are limited to vague notes on their ethnicity, hair style and a few grooming notes, like Phirun somehow has really awesome hair (according to Jane.) I tried basing his hair off of photos of some Asian guys but I’m not sure how well I succeeded. I think I sort of succeeded at making these characters look Asian?

Of course, technically none of them are human, so ethnicity doesn’t matter that way, but the idea is that their human form reflects the people that love their mythical kinds best. I did research to find out where the various mythical beasties come from historically - as in, which civilizations believed in them the most - which led to things like Jane being half undetermined European from her unicorn mom and a quarter Chinese and Japanese from her dad, ‘Attila’ who is of course a ki-rin. The fact that her mom used to be a unicorn hasn’t been mentioned in the current draft of KOS. Phirun is Asian with a splash of Italian blood because his grandpa was half Italian something-or-other-mythical-beast.

Anyway, I tried. I find myself facing the notion once again that I think someone else needs to design their human selves or something. Trying to design book characters for me equals brain hurt.

My first day at my new job went well! :D Currently celebrating by rewatching Wolf Children and working on this KOS stuff. Regular EB programming will probably return by the end of the week; also, please be advised that there will also be no Sketch of the Day from December 24th to December 27th for Christmas.

It makes me snicker how all of the male members of Phirun’s family (except River) are named Phirun. Thus, they are 'Phiruns’ ahahaha. (Jane refers to them as 'the Phiruns’ ahaha.)

And then there’s River, who’s just a weirdo.