Found a planet that is full of bipeds, strange looking ones at that.

UT Study Cracks Coldest Case: How the Most Famous Human Ancestor Died

Lucy, the most famous fossil of a human ancestor, probably died after falling from a tree, according to a study appearing in Nature led by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin.

Lucy, a 3.18-million-year-old specimen of Australopithecus afarensis – or “southern ape of Afar” – is among the oldest, most complete skeletons of any adult, erect-walking human ancestor. Since her discovery in the Afar region of Ethiopia in 1974 by Arizona State University anthropologist Donald Johanson and graduate student Tom Gray, Lucy – a terrestrial biped – has been at the center of a vigorous debate about whether this ancient species also spent time in the trees.

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Are you guys reading the awesome webcomic The Boy in Pink earmuffs ?

If not you should be! Because it is seriously the sweetest and cutest webcomic ever. It’s all about how you should not judge people simply by what they wear or how they act.

Today I got the chance to go over to Chicago Comics and pick up the new BiPE mini comic and the other mini comic of the first few strips. 

Ugh, but really go read the adorableness and support this awesome comic!

ORANG PENDEK (pages 31-32)

    “The people of the island of Sumatra have long told stories of the orang pendek or ‘little man.’ The orang pendek, according to the tales, is supposed to be a very shy biped that stands somewhere between two feet six inches and five feet in height. It is covered with short brown or black fur, and has a head of jet black hair which forms sort of a mane down its back. The orang pendek does not spend its time in trees like most monkeys and apes, but walks on the ground (though according to some stories its feet are reversed - with the heels in front and toes in back). Its arms are shorter than those of apes, and it is supposed to have a language of its own. It is more nearly human than ape.

    “There were relatively few who said they had ever actually observed the creature firsthand, but the wise traveler in the jungle left on offering of tobacco outside his camp at night. If he did not, the orang pendek would make life miserable for him by creating a continual racket at night and pulling down his hut.

    “In 1923 a Dutch settler named Van Herwaarden said that he actually saw one of the creatures and was about to shoot it but, ‘Many people may think me childish if I say that when I saw its flying hair in the sights I did not pull the trigger. I suddenly felt that I was going to commit murder. I lifted my gun to my shoulder again, but once again my courage failed me.’ Van Herwaarden dismissed the notion that the creature ran with its feet backward.

    “Others have not been so tenderhearted, and the dried bodies of what are called orang pendeks have occasionally been brought to Europe and America. The most recent case occurred in 1932 when, in response to a reward offer, four natives produced what they said was the body of an immature orang pendek. It turned out to be the shaved and altered body of a common form of langur monkey.

    “Apparently, the people of Sumatra had been given to this kind of trickery for centuries. Marco Polo was indignant over the sale of dried ‘pygmies’ that he knew were nothing more than shaved monkeys which the natives ‘put into wooden boxes, and sell them to trading people who carry them to all parts of the world.’ On his way back from China, the great Venetian traveler had passed through Sumatra and had actually watched the manufacture of these ‘pygmies.’

    “Could the belief in the orang pendek be based only on such fakes? Some think so.

    “The story of the orang pendek may have been strengthened by the discovery of the first known fossil man on the neighboring island of Java in 189. Orang Pendek stories became particularly popular after 1900. Java man was not a pygmy, but popular belief is not always logical in such matters.

    “It is certainly possible that the orang pendek tales have no basis in reality. No authentic tangible evidence  he existence of the creature has ever been produced. But as Bernard Heuvelmans wrote at the conclusion of his discussion of this creature, ‘Who knows?’”

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anonymous asked:

Alright i know how much you love the extreme size difference in your version of Friskid, but imagine this. Instead of growing up to be a giant wyvern, monster kid instead grows up to be far more elegant and raptor shaped, and closer to the size of a horse rather than a house. And they still don't have arms, or anything like arms, but they don't need them because they're just so incredibly elegant and graceful, it's nearly supernatural.

I hear all your cool character design description and I see the potential for majestic armless biped dinosaur creature, but tbh you had me at “horse sized raptor datemate” and now all I can think about is Frisk making a really really bad horse costume for MK and the two of them entering a totally normal human-made horse race

for some reason none of the humans catch on at first, but people start to get suspicious when Frisk’s “horse” stumbles and nearly gets trampled by the other racers and “it” screams “MOTHER OF FUCK” at the top of its lungs

WELP just saw the trailer for Nuka World.


I love basically everything, but as always, I end up focusing on the ‘animal’ life more than anything.

THERE ARE GRABOIDS? I mean they’re not but. They are. Little mini-graboids. … Dirt devils, if you will. The crickets and… swarm of flying ants? seem awesome too.

Not impressed by the ‘crocodile’. It looks like a Deathclaw reskin. We already had that with the Gulper. There’s no need to keep reinventing the Deathclaw. Just. Give us a Nukaclaw or something if you want to add a Deathclaw? I’d of been more impressed if the crocodile wasn’t a biped.

Amused by the long-horned brahmin.

Nukalurks are back!

Edit- I almost forgot to mention rainbow ghouls.

It would be really interesting if all Jasper’s fusions have that kind of centaur configuration that we’ve seen with both Malachite and the “Earthlings” fusion; if that’s just something she brings to any fusion she contributes to.  Being Jasper (and seeing that all the other cross-Gem fusions she’s witnessed have been bipeds with varying arrangements of arms) she’d probably view that as something wrong with her, as opposed to a really cool unique feature.

On the other hand an appropriately impressed and enthusiastic partner might go some way to remedy that; imagine how stoked Amethyst would be.