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I'm so sorry for bothering you, but I just felt the need to share a theory. Since the Magic Mirror can regenerate/repair itself, I don't see why Mary couldn't either. So I'm on board with you that she's not really gone. <3

ooc; Nah don’t worry, I’m glad to be able to talk about this a little more because I really need to, man!

That’s a good theory, honestly! I wouldn’t see why Mary couldn’t do that, too! If she was a person made out of glass, that would be pretty interesting. And yeah, the point with the magic mirror is pr good!

Honestly though, I think she just got away before Bigby went full wolf and what we ‘killed’ at the end was just another duplicate of her. If we really killed her, they would’ve said something at the end where they showed all the characters and what we did with them, but nothing.

Probably just another case of Kenny/Lilly and we’ll see her in S2 again, being the little shit she is. God, I love her.