Leo: I gotta say, Alejandro, I’m not all for the vintage stuff, myself. I’m a modern man.

Ale: What is the saying…different strokes, right? I could not date someone who’s ‘all about vintage’ like you say I am.

Leo: Wait, really? You mean you wouldn’t be impressed if…say…I don’t know, I threw on a zoot suit and asked you to be the Ginger to my Fred?

Ale: Hahahaha! Well, I would be touched because that is impressive. But…I don’t know. If, say, a guy I was dating wanted to spend all his time acting out old movies, with the silly romance, it would get very tiring very fast.

Leo: You want something more concrete.

Ale: Something that lasts, yes.

Leo: I gotcha. Can I make a call really quick? *bip bip* Natasha. Operation Astaire is a no go. Abort mission.

ppl keep saying pearl is a bird but what about the teacher from jimmy neutron?? she literally made bird noises had a nest once practically has a beak she is literally a bird. pearl is trying to take her position as bird lady but i aint falling for that. that teacher is more bird than pearl could ever dream of


Hola, TUdeC.