biowearables lyssa

Swatch 4/5. Because I like to endlessly fuss and because swatch 4 was kinda cramped, I wanted to try a new simpler variation on the first branch that left me with a bigger margin. I’m pretty sure I’m going to stuck on this first one forever because I’ll never be satisfied. I tried some new ways of doing the bottoms of the curves too and yikes, they did not work out for me at all.


The current work in progress. Yes, technically that is a finished hat but the pattern isn’t ready. This hat was basically a test of the pattern I wrote. Some of the mistakes were fixable, I ripped out parts about a dozen dozen times. Some of the mistakes I’m leaving to the next version.

The girl leaves a lot to be desired as a model. She’s hard to photograph and she keeps taking the hat off. But it’s been super helpful to be able to see the thing on a whole different head. The wig form I have is much smaller than my own head and I would never have caught the substantial fit issues. -Alyssa

Garrus is keeping watch over my knitting machine and makes sure it is frequently calibrated.

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here. Work on new patterns has been slow, to say the least. I keep picking up one, running into problems, then putting it down and moving to a different one. I cycle through them as I keep getting frustrated over and over again. I make a little headway and then lose momentum. Needless to say this is not a good strategy for finishing things.

I’ve additionally been working on a machine version of the Commander Shepard’s Scarf of Badassery, to see if that makes it easy enough to produce that I would be able to sell them to all the folks who’ve asked. I can only use the machine at pretty limited distraction-free times, so there isn’t much of that in a day. And the complete failure of any of the items I already posted to Etsy to sell hasn’t given me a particularly strong motivation to work on producing MORE stuff that no one wants. ;)

I feel bad that we haven’t had any exciting new content for awhile but sometimes the knitting just doesn’t flow.