bioware let me do this please


I have absolutely no interest in Mass Effect or Mass Effect Andromeda. I am doing my bit to blacklist literally EVERYTHING I can think of that might cause it to come up on my dash.

Please be curteous and tag that shit so blacklist and tumblr savior catches it. Or I'mma be muting/potentially unfollowing your ass.

Sorry I’m not getting swept up in the pre-hype that will inevitably turn into post-hate (because, let’s be real, that’s what Bioware fans do when Bioware doesn’t adhere to their demands or meet their expectations). But I’m doing my part to keep my dash happy for me. Please, just be a decent person, take that two seconds to tag a Mass Effect Andromeda post so those who do not give a shit don’t have to see it.

Please and thank you.

so I have a request (for my mutuals mostly but other followers should maybe do it too tbh).

now that we’re just a few days out from the first people starting to play MEA and new information and footage is coming out pretty much every hour, could you all please please tag your negativity?

I totally get that bioware and EA and this game are not at all above criticism and they’ve barely done anything to deserve even claims that they could be, but listen: I want to be excited! I feel like every single time we learn something new we get five minutes of excitement and then five days of nitpicking, analyzing, expecting the worst, making assumptions and then getting mad about shit based on those assumptions. And I know about the issues and I read it all, I understand it, I get it, I know that they’ve done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt but I want to give it to them anyway. It’s exhausting feeling like I’m not allowed to be just hyped up and fucking pumped for this game?

I’m not saying that people aren’t allowed to be cautious or mad or that you shouldn’t express your negative feelings because I get why you would, but I’d just like to not see it for a while. Stuff like this put a serious damper on my mood the first time I experienced DAI and I just don’t want it to happen again.

I’ll blacklist “mea negativity” and “bioware critical”, if you use any other tags please let me know.

anonymous asked:

so do you plan on romancing more than one person (if it's possible)? i'm hoping to romance both suvi and vetra with my female ryder LET ME BE A POLYAMOROUS LESBIAN BIOWARE!!!! PLEASE!!!! not really expecting it but if it's possible then i'll be so happy!!!!!!

i have no idea!!!!!! i love everyone!!!!!! every single one of them!!!! i was originally just gonna have my ryder hit on everyone but now i’m worried i will hurt Space Feelings and i love everyone too much to do that so like. i have no idea what i’m gonna do rofl. i’m just gonna try and play the game and do what feels natural for my ryder…. but i’m really liking peebee, vetra, liam, and jaal right now and i think they’re romanceable for femryder so….. gulp

idk. idk. i’m sweatin


I saw a lot of confessions about how toxic the Dragon Age community was on tumblr, and I never agreed until I posted a confession and nearly all of the responses were negative with people not even knowing who I am hurling abuse at me. The anonymity of the confessions blog lets fans interact without putting yourself forward, something many people - including myself - are now reluctant to do because of how rude and obnoxious some of the fanatics are. Just chill man, it’s not real.

MOD NOTE:  If you see anybody hurling abuse, threatening people, or fighting in reblogs please let us know as we make it a point  of automatically blocking those people

dialogue ideas with sera

• saying ASSdraste at least once (please)

• laughing about the breeches tip with sera

• not being put off by her or her involvement with red jenny

• “the worlds gone to shit so lets roll” comment

• chances to talk a little more about her beliefs and motivations

• more dialogue about mages and templars

• promising to do more pranks with her and you GET TO

• if their friendship is high enough you prank everybody (i mean it)

• making a pun about you being the inquisitor (after skyhold)

• serious discussion about boundaries (romance beginning)

• comforting hug scene (there is hidden anger & silence hire me bioware)

• more of a “two sides to this” argument after Well of Sorrows quest

• where sera admits to having trouble believing in any of it being real plus having some trouble keeping her composure over this startling revelation

• and it ties heavily in her fear of nothingness

• learning to be more open-minded about elves


• you cause a small explosion with sera and both of you swear it has nothing to do with the kitchen fire you two definitely didn’t cause

• cutscene of her practicing archery while she tells you some stories of when she was younger and when she was a more active rebel and she begins to explain her outlook on life and the kind of things she believes to keep on living

• absolute confusion over SOMETHING

• like she is genuinely confused about this specific thing that was excluded from her life and was mostly kept away from her for whatever reason

• if you’re romancing anybody else there are specific cutscenes where she says that she is happy for you but also talked to the people you’re romancing

• and when you ask the person you’re romancing what she did there’s like this vivid flashback where they remember how sera almost sneaks in (or does) and somehow manages to prank them and or outwit them while also threatening them all at once and everyone is implied to be slightly unnerved by it

• that only happens if you have a high approval though

• if you are romancing someone else and you have a low approval she just shrugs her shoulders while you hear a faint explosion in the distance

• nobody is hurt though. she’s very smart.

• every bioware romance needs a “give your lover flowers” scene

• fumbling dance scene with sera (laughs are involved; important)

• hot cocoa with honey and cookies with sera late at night

you guys can add more to this im just reeling over the kinds of platonic and romantic dialogues we could have gotten with sera