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Andrew Scott is a sweetheart, and Louise Brealey the loveliest lady on Earth. It was a pleasure to meet both of them, and I hope it wasn’t the last time.

Just two of my four pictures because I only have those at the moment.. MagicCon, you were truly magic. See you next year!

Finally working on my turian costume again! I just sewed up the basic cloth covering for the chest-piece. (You can still see a pin, ha ha.) Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish this this year!

The mask is paperclay painted with acrylic; the chest-piece framework is cardboard/cardstock and duct-tape. I didn’t make the jacket underneath. That’s from the Bioware store.


Finally, after eons of labour, I have finished off a few more prop guns. The newest is the M-77 Paladin paint job. It was surprisingly more difficult to paint but I’m very, very happy with the results. I also started my new Etsy page and will be selling these props. I will dance at your wedding if you spread the word and get my page some traffic.

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