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Confession: I love the Dragon Age series. Despite its problems (and honestly is there ever anything without problems) it is the only game I’ve played that I want to keep playing. The choices and storylines make it so interesting to keep coming back to. But the best part are the companions. They are friends and lovers to parts of me that exist only while playing. They inspire me to write about their lives and even though some of my OC’s are not nice people I love them all. Maker bless Bioware.

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Confession:  When I first played Inquisition, my Inquisitor was Qunari rogue I named Ataashi Adaar, as I wanted to name her something in Qunlat and I loved the idea of her being named “dragon.” Later on I found out how exciting the dragon fights were, so she became a a big fan of dragon hunting. But when she encountered the dragon “Ataashi” in Trespasser, I couldn’t bring myself to kill her. I set the dragon free because I knew my Adaar wouldn’t kill someone captured like that, not even a dragon.

I’ll tell you a little story called: “I didn’t like mass effect 1 as much as I loved 2 and 3″. Once upon a time I stumbled upon a great game called mass effect- I played it a couple of times, and I liked it well enough, so I decided to go ahead and play mass effect 2: I went to heaven. Then mass effect 3 appeared: omg. I replayed me2 and me3 thousands of times- me1? Maybe four times, six tops.

Where am I going with this? Andromeda. Andromeda was great- it wasn’t the most amazing game in the universe, but: it.was.good. Good enough to make me want to play a ME:A 2. Chances are andromeda 2, 3 and so on will be amazing- Andromeda is a whole new game , albeit in a familiar setting- they made mistakes (remember when in mass effect 1 you couldn’t romance Garrus? Outrageous. They fixed it in 2, thankfully- and other things, but we all know that’s not nearly as important) but I’m sure they’ll fix them in the next one: that’s what mistakes are for. You learn from your mistakes, you make sure to avoid making them again. I’d hate it if the guys in Bioware decided that andromeda is not worth it- it has so much potential! what if they’d given up with mass effect1? 

They probably won’t read this- maybe none will. But I’d like them to know I have faith in Andromeda, and I have faith in them: pull a me2, make us fall completely in love with the game- make the haters swallow their words.

 And for the love of god: give us more Jaal. 


I love that MEA promo art appears to have a black hole in it. It looks beautiful. At the same time, it makes me sad that previous scifi franchises (like Stargate) came before the “Interstellar” team used their budget to compute a more realistic vision of a black hole, It’s not their fault, but it makes looking at older scifi scenes look like, I don’t know, unfeathered dinosaurs.

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Isabela became sort of a role model for me because of her self confidence.
I used to always feel pressured to be somebody I was not. Because of
Isabela I learned it was perfectly fine to be me and if people did not
like the real me…they didn’t have to be my friend.
Because of no longer trying so hard I ended up making real friends who
liked me for who I was.
Thanks Isabela!

Confession:  I like to play the dwarf noble origin as a rogue and the commoner origin as a warrior. Part of it is that doing it the other way just feels too obvious to me, part of it is I like making the commoner a Champion since they won the provings (without cheating either), and part of it is because it infuriates me to not be able to unlock all the chests you come across in the noble origin. Just sitting there mocking me.


After examining a lot of their canon interactions - sending messengers to check on him, teasing him about his hair, and so on - I’ve developed the very firm belief that Cassandra, Josephine, and Leliana have adopted Cullen as some sort of communal little brother. I think it’s especially true of Cass, since she misses her own brother so much. I also think that he likes having some extra big sisters, since he hasn’t seen his real big sister in so long.            


I think a lot of people forget that DA2 is being told by Varric to Cassandra. Varric, who wasn’t present for everything, and has to condense ten years of events into a day, is saying all this to a hostile audience. Character traits were exaggerated or left out as relevant to the plot, or to keep from painting his friends in a damning light. People Varric didn’t know have assumptions made about them, events he didn’t understand seem to come from nowhere. While I know the development for DA2 was wonky, I think this gives a good, in-game reason as to why the characterization of some people seems to be all over the place between different games.


Playing DA2 for the first time. Merril doesn’t like me because I’m critical of Blood Magic. Fenris hates me because I don’t hate Mages. Isabella hates me because I don’t charge for doing things for people. Aveline hates me because I’m sarcastic and take jobs that aren’t 100% legal. Anders hates me because I pointed out being possessed is weird. The only people who like me are Beth and Varric and Bethany has just been taken by Cullen to shit!hogwarts. Varric’s my only friend now.            


My “canon” DA heroes are all human females, either warriors or rogues. This is because I’m a human female, and I have four invisible, life-disrupting disabilities - I game on casual because I play life on hard mode. So I play these strong, courageous women who are just enough like myself that, for a little while, I can pretend I’m a normal healthy person. It really bothers me, therefore, when people put down my preferences as “unimaginative.” For me, health is a fantasy in its own right!        

MOD NOTE:  May you continue to stay strong confessor.