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Other cool sites updated

Hi all!  I updated our sidebar of other fun Bioware-based blogs to follow.  In no particular order:

Incorrect Dragon Age- as they say “da quotes…sort of”.  

Actual Dragon Age Confessions- this site makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Dirty Bioware Confessions- NSFW.  NSFW.  If you are looking for some spicy confessions, this site is for you!

And also remember:

Bioware Confessions: all Bioware games.  Let’s give some love to Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and KOTOR!

Dragon Age Headcanons: for your personal headcanons of the Dragon Age Series (they are on a brief hiatus).

I also noted which blogs are currently inactive, but sometimes it’s fun to read archives.  


-Mod LC

So, I saw a comment on one of the confessions that mentioned they weren’t a fan of the whole under the cut thing, so I figured I would let you guys know why I put stuff under the cut. First of all, if it is something that I believe could be triggering to someone, I try to put under the cut. Second, if the confession uses the word hate in reference to a character, I put it under the cut. No one really likes to see super negative stuff unless the agree with it, so I allow people the opportunity to scroll past without getting annoyed or frustrated with someone else. I’m looking out for the confessor, and for people who like the character. Now I usually don’t do that if the confession is something like “I think so and so is useless” etc. because, while negative, it usually doesn’t come across as angry or hateful, and usually people don’t get As annoyed with them. I just thought I would explain some basics about the under the cut, and do not think I am annoyed with the person who said they didn’t like it, maybe this all needed to be said. Stay great guys, and keep confessing!

Mod vas Neema


Hello confessors! Since I (and I am sure many people who follow this blog) do not want to be spoiled about Dragon Age Inquisition, I am putting a ban on any non-general Dragon Age Inquisition confessions. So if you spoil a story line, character or any ending, you will be banned. I know that is a little harsh, but I hate being spoiled, and I am sure no one else wants to be either, so i just wanted to give you fair warning. So thank you to everyone, because I trust you will follow this rule. This is going into effect for at least the rest of the year. Starting in January I will probably start taking them again, but for now, please be considerate of all the other gamers. Thanks guys, and I hope you all enjoy Dragon Age Inquisition!

New Mod Needed

Hello everyone!

I have decided that I can no longer give this blog and its wonderful followers all the time and resources it deserves, so I am going to step down. This means I am going to need one or two people to step up and take over the blog. If you are interested, send me a message and we will do a trial run. If you think you are interested, please let me know. I would hate to see this blog die because I don’t have time for it anymore. 

Thank you all,

mod vas Neema

Bioware fans.

When a character in a Bioware game is brilliant, lovable, or you like their actions, it’s all about how real and relatable they are. How they come to life.

Then when the same character or any character does something you don’t like or makes choices you wish they wouldn’t it’s suddenly Bioware’s writer’s fault. Not the character being real and making a real decision.

Does every person you know in real life always make consistent choices and do what you wish they would?

Probably not.

Why can't everyone be romanceable? Here is why.

Ok, Mass Effect 2 was on two discs and the last disc was almost wholly dedicated to the options you could make in the suicide mission. For example, which cutscene is played when you send person Y on this part? What are the audio pieces that play during the actual gameplay? Was that person loyal, if yes, which cutscene now?

In short, there were a metric fuckton of choices, and that’s for just a maximum of ten squad mates (Zaeed and Kasumi were DLC with not a lot of interaction, so they are not on the disc) per disc.

Imagine that, but for a whole galaxy full of people. Yeah. That’s more than two discs per game, which would get piss annoying for the people playing. Consider also the fact that Bioware writers would then need to create rich backstories and development for every. Single. Person. Then we would need to do voice recording for all of them - you want 7 million plus romance options? That’s an awful lot of voice actors - not 7 million, lets say that each voice actor does ten characters - that brings us to 700,000 voice actors. The population of Glasgow in 2004 was 577,670. Then we would need to program all of the cutscenes for the romances, all of their facial movements in conversations, all of the conversation wheels.

Don’t expect Bioware to do it, it’s just not feasible, unless you want to pay a completely ridiculous amount for a copy.


Hello everyone, and happy holidays. This blog will now be marking any super-negative comments as (Character Name)! Hate. If you do not wish to see it, please blacklist it, and I will not tag it with their name any longer. Also, I will continue to start with a title that declares it is a negative post, and to read at your own risk. I do not put them under a read-more unless they are particularly inflammatory, since I know it is occasionally difficult for mobile users to see the posts under read-mores. Once again, have a lovely holiday season, and I hope this will make your new year a little better!

- mod vas Neema

So so so sorry!

I thought I would have enough time toast when I got out to my sister’s house, but I have been on babysitting duty (both my niece and my dad to make sure he doesn’t try to overdo it while basically redoing my sister’s entire house) so my computer time has been incredibly limited. I will start three a day posts starting as soon as I get home. You guys are so great, and I apologize for all of this. Thanks for being so understanding!

~mod vas Neema

Edit: I should probably mention that I am not leaving until next week, and my sister lives about 2,000 miles away from my house, so plan on me posting stuff starting next Thursday or Friday at the latest. Thanks!