This might be an unpopular opinion but a lot of people don’t like Anders in Dragon Age 2 but might still like Awakening Anders. I’ve seen them blame Anders himself for the change in character and talk about what’s went on with him as if it’s his fault, but the way I see it, is that it’s almost completely and utterly Justice’s fault. Justice being exposed to the real world over time caused him to corrupt into vengeance and as much as Anders had good intentions, it wasn’t his fault at all.            

Sometimes, when I re-play DA:I, I weep over what could have been:

Instead, we got this Egg looking motherfucker who totally isn’t suspicious in any way.

I would have rather been blinded by that wolfish looking god than his shiny ass head. Not to say I don’t love Solas, I’ve romance him more times than I’m wiling to admit, but look at the missed opportunity. Look me in the eyes and tell me you wouldn’t have preferred that tall glass of water, taking the meaning of ‘dread’ wolf way too literal, over the man who was just seeping ‘I’m totes not evil, I promise’.

I just…I mean…WHY?

(I mean no offense to bald people. Really, but you have to admit, the concept art was just the bomb)


I started playing DAI because of Krem. But I soon fell in love with The Iron Bull. Then Dorian. I think Bull is great with anyone romantically. But when he’s with Dorian & you don’t save his Chargers, it killed me a little when he betrayed us & Dorian. Its so sad when you find out Dorian’s backstory & how his father thought that taking the risk of using blood magic was worth it. I connect with the characters in this game so deeply that I feel pain when I see them hurt. Especially Krem & Dorian.