New video! Happy Valentines Day from Hawke, Fenris and Anders’ agent of chaos :3

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About as done as its getting today. ✨🙌🏻 I’ve still got to finish the side seams off, hem the bottom and finish the armholes. 💫✨ I’m still figuring out how to do the little triangular details, and the studs ! So basically heaps left but I’m gonna go play some dragon age now. #inquisiton #inquisitor #inquisitorcosplay #trevelyan #cosplay #dragonage #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisiton #dai #bioware #battlemage #battlemagearmor

Confession:  When learning about what Dorian has been up to the past two years and how he’s going back to Tevinter for good after the Council and gives you the crystal, I seriously started to cry. He reminds me so much of my real life BFF who lives far away. It felt too real. I didn’t realize how attached I became to Dorian’s friendship either. I wish I could reach through the screen and hug him tight.

Confession:  In DA2 Keeper Marethari is the dumbest Mage ever to purposefully become possessed by the Pride Demon to protect Merrill. She released the demon knowing what would happen. If she had simply waited for Hawke to bring Merrill to release the demon they could have killed the demon and Marethari could have lived. I think the only reason for this was for the writers to bring more tragedy to Merrill’s life.