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I'd just like to clarify to those anons uhm. Qunari aren't black coded, not necessarily at least. They are Middle Eastern coded, specifically based off of Islamic people. I mean. Qunari. Quran. Who are they fooling here? Denying that that was their intention is a bit of a disservice to Bioware's writing, racist and islamophobic as it is.

Thank you. That makes sense too. 

I’ll keep an eye out, but if there are other posts out there that kind of help draw the parallels between real-world cultures and the Qunari culture, let me know about it. I’m interested in reading more for sure. 

I’ll be going through what I’ve reblogged here over the past year to see if I can’t collect them all under one tag to help with reading more about it too. 

“The human spectre”
Pigment markers (Winsor&Newton), Sakura fineliner, polychromos and acrylics on A5 pigment marker paper.

(Ugh the skin tone marker just did not want to get smooth…streaky as hell so i tried to save what i could by pulling out my pencils, still not great but it looked worse XD Well i think i’ll be going back to my copics and promarkers XD)

Mass effect fanart.
(Video will be up soon)


I’ve been a fan of the Dragon Age series since Origins but other than a casual discussion with friends about how good the game was, I never participated much within in the fandom. I found this blog and while I love reading about other peoples playthroughs it never ceases to shock me just how much other people care about what total strangers do in their own personal playthroughs of the game. What does it matter to you? It doesn’t effect your own experiences so let them have their fun.


I absolutely adore the Dragon Age Fandom. The quality (and quantity!) of artwork is staggering. I think it is a beautiful tribute to the game that so much emotion and thoughtfulness is continually being shared across many so mediums. Even the rough edges of the fandom I love. The full spectrum of options, theories, and headcanons is exciting.  Look past the anger and fear and instead rejoice in the passion and diversity of this incredible fandom.


I love pulp and camp art (and writing!) and Dragon Age is ripe for the treatment.  I tried to include everyone, and I wanted to hit three of the major genres- Detective stories, Adventure stories, and Men’s interest.

As a note- Originally, in the third image, Josie was the damsel in distress, but my husband argued against what he called her “debasement” and campaigned for Dorian to take her place on the grounds of him being a more attractive storytelling target (”it’s also more like Dorian to be bound,” says he).  That argument worked for me, and here we are.

Stock referenced from syccas-stock!


It makes me so, so upset and uncomfortable when I see people getting at and hating Fenris for his feelings about mages. Maybe they have valid points sometimes, but mostly it just reminds me of all times I’ve been lectured and criticised for being uncomfortable around men I don’t know bc of my own personal experiences. idk, I guess I just find the lact of empathy disheartening :(