Inquisitors needed!

SOOOO I have this idea for an Inquisitor project for Inquisition, but to actually get it done I need A LOT of Inquisitors. I mean a lot a lot. No, more than you’re thinking of now. I don’t want to say exactly what it’s going to be, it’s nothing major, just an art project, but I think it could be fun.

It will be screenshot based, but beyond that I can’t really say much? Except that it’s going to be a poster and your Inquisitor will not be that visible. Except for people looking? This sounds odd I know… but hopefully you’re still all up for it.

If you would like to participate, please send me or link me a screenshot of your Inquisitor’s face. Preferably a square with just their face but I can just crop the screenshot myself so don’t worry too much about it. Just make sure their face is visible.

Once I have all the screenshots it shouldn’t take long (depends on how much editing I need to do), but it might take a while to gather enough Inquisitors. I’m going to reblog this a few times to try and fish for as many Inquisitors as I can, so for now I would set the timeline on this taking about a month.

You can send me all your Inquisitors, they will all be featured!

You can use my ask, message me, or reply/ reblog / answer to this post with links/ screenshots! If you’re up for it?

Confession:  I really dislike that a lot of people only seem to care about who we can romance in ME Andromeda. I get it, it’s a huge part of the Bioware games, but I’d still like it if people would actually appreciate the story and the gameplay instead of just asking “Who can we smooch?”. The Mass Effect games are so much more than just a dating simulator.


I really hope to see more friendships in the next game or
any game BioWare develops.
Friendships are just as important as romances to me.
And I don’t need every character to want me.
I really liked the way the way the romances were done in
DAI for that very reason. If I can’t romance them….I
would very much appreciate a deep and enduring
friendship. It makes me sad that so few in the fandom
don’t see that as just as fufilling.


So I’ve been playing Origins over and over and I’ve been wondering… Why is the first battle at Ostagar? Did the Grey Wardens feel the darkspawn would come there? Did the darkspawn know the Grey Wardens were there? Or was there some sort of agreement like “We battle at Ostagar” “We’ll see you there” between the Wardens and the darkspawn?