My Solas Romance Theory.

The “last” romance scene with Solas, left all of us heart broken, teary eyed and confused. But… Is that really the end. 

I don’t think so.

Now, after this “ending” to the relationship, you are completely locked on. You cannot go and have a romance with any of the other characters unless you leave Solas. Does anybody want to do that? OF COURSE NOT! However, with any other character you can just simply move on. 

Why is that you say? 

Well, I think Bioware knew that everyone was going to love the Solas romance too much. I believe they have had plans from the very get go to continue the relationship with Solas. I mean, why else would they have made you lock on with no way of getting out (well, unless you leave him first of course). It’s the only explanation. Now, I have no idea if they are going to do this through a DLC or a sequel. But I believe that in the end. The love birds will be together again. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. 

Confession:  I’m still waiting for our darkspawn companion/plot-important npc. We got a geth companion in Mass Effect, why not here? The awakened darkspawn that don’t want to murder everything are perfect for interesting characters. Besides, they can’t infect anyone with the Taint since they no longer have the Taint and can’t hear the Old Gods’ calls. Come on Bioware I want a darkspawn buddy.