Sometimes I get lonley, even though I have friends, I just feel like no one really cares, even if they say they do. And i try to find someone who won’t look right through me but find none and thats when i play Bioware games the most. It lets me take my mind off my shit and i don’t feel lonley with the characters and all. I think if bioware wasn’t at all i would have gone down a darker path

Confession: i have to say, these games are really helping me out right now. i just got out of a year-and-a-half loving and happy relationship, and of course i’m sad and feel unloved and stuff, so the romances in these games, even though they’re fake, are really helping me through this and making me feel loved and wanted. damn fictional characters, why can’t they be real???


I’m sorry, maybe I’m the only one whos upset by this or even noticed- but where are the actual Dragon Age Inquisition character statutes and figures. Like, yeah, Morrigan and Alistar make great cameos in DA:I, and most people have a hard on for one or the other, but wwhhyyyy is there no non-cameo character figures? Varric has been a playable character longer so why doesn’t he have one? Iron bull could have a bad ass bust, or Dorian with a cool statute showcasing his marvelous Tevinter style. A Sera action figure, bow ready. Solas in his hermit tarot card attire. Josephine, quill in hand, or a Cassandra figure with sword and shield.

It’s just ridiculous, to me, that Bioware is making these nice high quality figures of character’s cameos in Inquisition, but not the actual original characters in this game.

I find it super creepy when people model their BioWare main characters after themselves and then claim their chosen love interest as their real life ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’. It’s even worse when they get super offended if you suggest any other pairings or alternative storylines. I understand wanting to feel like the hero, but renaming your account ‘Mrs. Alenko’ is just plain weird.


I debuted my Isabela cosplay on DCC 2015! I was pretty proud with how it turned out for my first time making a costume myself (mostly). And I got a lot of positive reactions! ( and boob-watchers lol)