My sister recently started playing Inquisition after spending the last couple months playing through Origins and 2 again in order to make the perfect worldstate. She made a female elf to romance Solas and made sure that Alistair was a Warden so she could see him again. She has no idea what’s in store for her and I have this horrible and wonderful feeling of anticipation as I watch her move closer and closer to Here Lies The Abyss and then towards the end of the game. I refuse to spoil a single thing for her.

I can’t stop laughing! I just found an article about da:i from when it just came out and they were discussing how lacklustre the hair options are, and one of the commenters said they thought their console was glitching and not loading the other options, but no, there really are that many bald options.


I’m not concerned about facing off against Solas in the fourth Dragon Age game. In Hushed Whispers showed a bad future where Solas realized too late that his plan was a horrible mistake. This quest shows me that Solas can be dissuaded from following through with his plan, no matter how low or high your approval is with him or if you romanced him.

However, I’m also convinced that his plan will be seen through to the end, because even if you convince him to stop you will still have to contend with his allies who will most likely be unswayed.


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