I hope the Maker’s identity gets revealed in DA4. At first, I was content if it remained a mystery. But when DAI started revealing what the elven pantheon truly was, that’s when I thought, “If the elves’ religion gets explanations, the other races’ religions might as well get some answers, too.” It’s been almost 10 years since the series began, so I think that’s a long enough wait for some answers.

If DA4 reveals what the Maker is, then we’ll likely know other big questions like what happened to the Golden City, and the source of the Taint. At first I worried answering these questions would ruin the series, by removing all these mysteries. But then I remember what Flemeth once said, “Truth is not the end, but a beginning.” Learning things like the Maker’s identity might reveal a plethora of other mysteries we’re currently unaware of.

Even if the devs conclude all stories in Thedas (not saying that wouldn’t be a little disappointing lol), there’s still several continents in the Dragon Age world that have never even experienced a Blight. So many undiscovered races, religions, locations, and much more to keep the series going. Currently, there’s only been small hints of these places. So I also hope in DA4 that we learn more about these other continents as well.

Okay so we’re all thinking about the apostate that’s gonna betray us in da4 but what if the betrayal comes from a random companion who is actually an undercover agent of Fen'Harel. And your approval with Solas from dai changes the way they perceive you from the get-go.

  • If you were a dick to Solas, this companion won’t kill you but they already feel animosity towards you for your role as the inquisitor and won’t really help you out too much when you’re in deep doodoo. 
  • And if you befriended Solas or (fecking) romanced him the companion already has a sense of respect for you, keeps a constant eye on you and throws theselves into danger to stop you from getting killed. 

Perhaps this companion will change their minds about you as the story progresses. Maybee they will even admit it to you if their approval gets high. Maaayybeee we could romance this person which complicates things a looot. Imagine if you romanced Solas in the first game and then you romance their secret spy. How would that reunion go??

(and yes my soul feeds off angst)


My contribution to @dragonagecalendar for month October featuring Flemythal and her amazing guardian!

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