NUGly Christmas Sweaters are HERE!!!

You asked for them last year and now they’re available at my society6 store
I had to alter the design a bit so I bought one myself and they look great! (I’m wearing a Long Sleeve T-shirt size Small). Get yours now - just in time for the HALLA-DAY season!!! 

Confession:  There is nothing I would love more than a Mass Effect: Citadel style of team-up between the three game’s Companions! Sera and Isabela are so similar and yet so different, I want to see them bounce off each-other! I wanna see Anders and Solas get into an argument. I think Cassandra and Sten would get along stellar. The list goes on!

Confession:  It’s things in inquisition like the careless brushing aside of the wardens and what they’ve done that really makes me love replaying Origins. It adds so much of a depth to the Warden’s story and increases my admiration for them and the wardens in general to think that they are doing all of this, becoming a warden, ending the blight, only to lose all recognition for it. It’s the mark of a true hero organization to be cast out time and time again only to continue to come back and save the world.