I love how replayable the games are, especially Origins! In Origins, I never learned much about Leliana and didn’t bring her with me, only for her to be both my favorite companion and love interest the second time around! In my first playthrough of II, I never even met Isabela. In my second, she ran away and never came back, and I kind of disliked her. When in my 3rd game, I romanced her in trying to keep her to stay, she became my favorite

Do you ever just remember a game you played years ago and all of a sudden get sad because that was such a better time for you and you were so happy back then and you associate that feeling with the game

Confession:  I absolutely love Bioware and have since their older games such as Neverwinter Nights and Jade Empire. They are still the producers of my favourite games; Mass effect reigning supreme. Saying this however I cannot stand the more “die hard” fans. Instead of finding common ground in something that is a shared love they usually flare up over who you romanced or your choices. Even at times becoming volatile to anyone. Of course it isn’t the only company with aggressive fans, but I feel like they somehow became worse after Inquisition though it hasn’t been great before. Just shush and enjoy the game and shared love over it.

I really wonder since EA owns both the Sims and the Mass Effect franchise why there isn’t a modest ME package for the Sims to recreate all the lovely old and new characters along with fitting costumes - would be a nice game crossover.😁 Here’s my attempt to recreate Cora Harper from the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda

Confession:  I find it somewhat funny that Joker claims he can’t wear an exosuit to minimize the risk of fracture, because it’s uncomfortable and limits his ability to steer the Normandy, when right now, in 2017, people already come up with prototypes for such suits that are barely noticeable for the user. Hard to believe we won’t perfect the design in almost 200 years.