my beloved solas !!! ^^~

took me about 11 hours?! o.O’ i struggled with that fur stuff…and i am still not satisfied with the collar, but it is ok ^^ next time i’ll make it better.

he is the most interesting character of all DA characters in my opinion !! i am so in love with him :3

Confession:  One of my worries for andromeda is that the series is no longer going to be just Ryder’s story. It seems the series is going down a more Dragon Age style route, and while I love that franchise, part of Mass Effect for me was my attachment to my Shepard and her relationships with her squadmates. I wanted to experience a Trilogy of new adventures and characters with my Ryder - to get attached to a new protagonist and their development over a series of games.

>garbage animations
>human mobster boss despite you JUST reaching Andromeda
>terrible facial animation
>turian comes into disarming range for no reason
>krogan bodyguards stand completely still while Ryder disarms some dumbshit and points his gun at their boss
>Ryder’s comeback is “NO U”
>“NO U” works and you’re escorted out unharmed, despite just pulling a gun on a ruthless space cutthroat

Wow this looks like shit.

At least everyone isn’t slathered in oil like Bioware’s last game.

Confession:  There are a lot of things to be worried about in regards to Mass Effect: Andromeda, and I see a lot of, frankly, deserved criticism directed towards the game (though boy is there a lot of undeserved criticism too). That said, even when Bioware is at its worst in storytelling and/or gameplay, their games never fail to make me emotional and get me invested in the cast. No matter what, I know I’ll have this game day one. I look forward to falling in love with Ryder, their family, and their crew.

Confession:  I’m playing Inquisition for the first time since beating Trespasser and I can’t bring myself to have anything to do with Solas. I haven’t spoken to him unless I couldn’t avoid it and I’ve chosen to go adventuring one man short rather than have him in my party. I normally make sure to befriend all my companions even if I don’t like them but with Solas I don’t see the point. No matter what I do he turns against me so why bother?