Official post from Mike Laidlaw on the upcoming Inquisition patch and “Trespasser” DLC.

“Hey, folks!

I’m writing this a little in advance of PAX Prime so that it can be put up right after our panel on Saturday. Hopefully everything went well, and you’ve heard all about the upcoming content that will conclude our adventures together in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Before I go into detail, let me just say thank you. This game has been a crazy ride, from the moment we decided to completely rebuild DA on the Frostbite engine to today, when so many of you have stunned us with your amazing fan creations, passion and, of course, feedback on what we did right and where we can improve should we do another. Thank you on all counts!

Coming up, our newest patch targeting the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms includes a couple of treats in addition to the usual fixes…”

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CONFESSION:  I confess that during the war room meeting where Inquisitor meets Cullen and Josephine, I wish there was an option for a mage Inquisitor to freak out, thinking it was a trap when they realize Cullen is a Templar. It’s so weird that a possibly rebellious mage would act so nice to everyone, even after being treated as the world’s most wanted criminal.

Having someone come up in this amazing Avaline costume or seeing Morrigan and Cassandra all over the place, it’s a validation of our work…

The neat part is watching our lead concept artist. He sees a good cosplay and he goes and talks to them, he asks which parts are the hardest to put together or which parts are the least comfortable.

I remember hearing feedback from cosplayers that they had nowhere to put their cell phones. They’re wearing all this chain-mail and there are no pockets.

So it actually became a mandate that we wanted to put more pockets on costumes. It’s a real life need that helps ground the costumes. The need for cosplayers to have a cellphone and some hand sanitizer is also the same as the need for the actual characters to carry things, like bandages.

The cosplayers have real needs and you have to think that the character they represent would also have needs. I don’t mean a mage needs to carry a cell charger, but they probably have to carry something. It creates an interesting collaboration.

Confession:  As much as I love all the cutscenes you get to share with your LI it always pisses me off that throughout all the games the cutscenes are never adjusted for your characters race or height. I hate that when I am romancing Dorian all of a sudden my male Qunari is shrunken to the size of an elf just so the cutscene can have Dorian whisper in my ear. Couldn’t the creators mix things up a bit? It would have been super cute to see Dorian have to stand on his tip toes to reach my ear instead.

cool things i want if sebastian returns for dragon age 4 as a companion:

  • for him to repeat literally everything every person has said cruel and negatively about himself, as though it were true, in the way that an abused or bullied person repeats it so that ppl will know exactly how they sound when they say those kinda things

because aside from me being petty (we all know im petty. dont worry i know im useless and petty) it would be a really interesting thing to explore. we’ve had companions who were victims of abuse in any form (morrigan, dorian, alistair, isabela, carver, orana, fenris, sera) but save for maybe three of those we always hear about the after they’ve started to recover. we always hear about it framed in a manner that you can tell they’re on their roads to recovery or have recovered from it, using various manners and methods.

but people clamor to see realism in gaming and that’d be, you know, a really good and unique opportunity for them to fully hit head-on what it’s like to be an abuse victim who hasn’t even begun to recover, someone who’s used to hearing only the bad about themselves and never the good.

it’d be jarring, obviously. no one likes it when their friends call themselves boring, or useless, or bad. no one likes hearing when their refer to themselves as being vile things, or saying that they deserve to be hurt or abused. but that’s a very, very real thing that happens; that’s a very, very real thing for people who have not even begun to recover (and for some who are recovering). there are people who think they deserve abusive relationships because they genuinely believe they deserve to be abused. there are people who think the abuse they got wasn’t abuse because it wasn’t physical, or because they live convinced that the abuse they got was “necessary” or they’d earned it.

that’s a very, very real thing.

and i’m always clamoring for representation because representation is important. and i want to see the effects a person can have on a character that has the opportunity to recover from their abuse.

and i wan that character to be sebastian. nothing is stopping bioware from coming up with a clever or interesting method to present it as such; literally their easiest route is to retcon da2′s ending and have his threats at the end of Tales of the Champion be something the gang picked up through rumors, while Sebastian was stuck as Goran’s prisoner. which is even worse, because the abuse would’ve come from a family member; even with Goran being Johane’s pawn, it’s not likely he was actively partaking in his distant family’s murders, and it’d give them something to do with Goran.

plus, you know, it’d give them the chance to actually do more with sebastian, like everyone wants.

but man, whatever. i know it won’t happen. i know fandom really won’t care for it to happen, given how they already treat him. but at least it’s something to think about.