BioWare is listening to us, people

Keep making your voices heard gang. Keep letting the devs know on Twitter and other forms of social media about how let down we feel about this (in a POLITE AND RESPECTFUL MANNER of course; DO NOT harass anyone). I’m currently very cynical and skeptical about this and I’m not holding my breath on some fix any time soon, but if we keep holding their feet to the fire at the very least they will have to acknowledge this disappointment.


I’m playing Dragon Age Origins: Awakening and I got to the part in the Wending Wood where Oghren shouts “No one touches my junk and lives!” and my immediate reaction was “Maybe that’s why your wife is dead” 1) that’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve said while playing this game 2) I’m going straight to hell 

When people say ‘chill out, it’s just a video game’, I’m always reminded of when people are like, ‘dude it’s just marriage’ or ‘dude it’s just a bathroom’. 

People try and make your issues seem smaller than they are because they don’t want to hear it, they don’t care what your issues are, to them your issues will always be small and non-important. 

Don’t even bother with those arseholes. It’s not just about a video game just like it’s never just been about a bathroom,

never stop talking about being ignored, don’t let them get away with this bullshit. 

The Arlathvhen: A Dragon Age Fan-Zine

“Aneth ara, lethallin”

You arrive at the camp, feet aching from a long journey
Someone hands you a drink as you sit, back resting against the aravel.
The air smells of firewood and roasted meats, you close your eyes.
Music begins playing, a cue that makes everyone cheer.
The arlathvhen begins.


  • This zine was made by & for artists/writers of color within the Dragon Age fandom who want to show off their Dalish Clans celebrating Arlathvhen in their own “non-traditional” way (ex. A sea-faring Dalish clan that celebrates arlathvhen by setting out to sea, holding their celebration on wooden boats).

  • We encourage originality when it comes to your clans, but feel free to join if you have clans with lore/customs based off of the canon Dragon Age universe.

  • Only 20 artists/writers will be accepted, entries are 1 per person.

  • We are also accepting artist/writer collabs, for more information on this, please refer to this link!

  • It will be FREE & made into a PDF to download on Gumroad!

This zine will be curated, so not everyone will get in.

we are pretty flexible regarding art/writing styles!
(Any website showcasing your art/writing is required!)

Guidelines & further information will be given out through emails to those who have been accepted into the zine, so please check your emails after the FORM SUBMISSION Deadline!

  • If you are interested, please Head Over Here, copy the form & email us at: arlathvhen@yahoo.com

If you have any more questions or concerns, please read our FAQ or message us through the askbox & one of our mods will get back to you!


Thanks to everyone for your continuous support,
& Hope to see you all soon!

-Arlathvhen Zine Mods

2 more days until i get my hands on Mass Effect Andromeda ^^, so heres some fan art of Jaal and Sara Ryder

In other news, this Jaal stuff is stupid and y'all need to calm down. Sorry you’re disappointed but Historically Gay-Friendly Bioware does not have some secret agenda against you.