Welcome To The Thedas Language Project

Welcome, dear ladies, gentleman, boys and girls, to the Thedas Language Project. 

What is The Thedas Language Project?

The purpose of this project is to add depth and immersion to the Dragon Age universe by expanding upon the Languages found, talked about, or simply assumed withing it. Language is a defining factor of a culture in many respects, and it is an aspect very much glossed over in most fiction. This project hopes to change that, at least as far as the Dragon Age universe is concerned.

This entire project is, and always will be, fanfiction. This is not canon, and the goal is not to make it canon. Instead, the goal is to provide fans with a resource to deepen their enjoyment of the world. For the languages that have some basis, I will endeavor to make my project adhere as closely as possible to canon. For languages that have little or no basis, I will endeavor to make my project keep as close to canon as possible, creating languages that sound and feel like they would fit the culture they are meant to be coming from.

All languages found within The Thedas Language Project are conlangs (constructed languages) based upon the canon snippets of language* that we have been given. 

*In some cases, no language has been provided. In these cases, I am using what we know about the culture, as well as some educated guessing for what their language would be like.

What will be included within the project?

The Thedas Language Project will eventually be broken down into seven categories:

1. Project Elvhen - A project to expand and deepen the Elvhen language of the Dragon Age universe. Including dialects through the ancient Arlathan Empire, and ‘modern’ Dalish cultures. Current Status: Nearing completion.

2. Project Alamarri - A project to expand and deepen the Alamarri language of the Dragon Age universe. Including dialects throughout Alamarri culture, including the Chasind, Clayne, and Avvar. Current Status: Starting

3. Project Qunlat - A project to expand and deepen the Qunari language of the Dragon Age universe. Including dialects throughout Qunari culture, including the variant dialects found throughout Par Vollen, Rivain, and Seheron. Current Status: In preparation

4. Project Tevene - A project to expand and deepen the Ancient and Modern Tevene languages of the Dragon Age universe. Including dialects of both modern and ancient Tevene, and how those dialects influenced the other modern languages of Thedas. Current Status: planning stages

5. Project Ander - A project to expand and deepen the Ander language of the Dragon Age universe. Including the ceremonial dialect that has come to be heavily associated with the Grey Wardens. Current Status: Planning stages

6. Project Thedas - A project to document and expand on the languages of Thedas that are based upon real-world languages, such as Orlesian, Antivan, and Rivaini. Will include information on how the languages are similar to the real world languages, and how they differ. This is the only project that will not include any conlang aspects, but will rather be an explanation of how to augment these existing languages to suit your needs. Current Status: Pre-planning stages

7. Project Nevarra - A project to expand and deepen the various languages found throughout Nevarra. Nevarran languages are numerous and varied, and are actually dialects of pre-existing languages. This project will be creating conlangs or assigning pre-existing real world languages to these various nevarran dialects. Given its heavy base upon previous works, this part of the project will be last. Current Status: Pre-planning stages.

The End Goals

The end goals of The Thedas Language Project, is to have a complete website, where fans can use the resources created to better enjoy the dragon age universe any way they like. Fanfiction, poetry, songs, cosplay, etc, are kept in mind when creating this project. It is not meant to replace or contradict canon materials created by Bioware, but rather to compliment and add depth to them.

The goal is eventually create a website and hopefully get more participation from the fandom to make this project a reality. I would like this website to eventually be similar to the fan-run website http://thuum.org/ which is dedicated to the Dragon Language of the Elder Scrolls.

Of course, running a website like this would cost money, and so it’s something that will have to be figured out as I go along. Hopefully I will be able to find like-minded fans that will help with the creation, hosting and upkeep of such a website. Even if I did have the money, it’s not something I could do by myself. For now, the project will remain on tumblr and on AO3, but it will hopefully expand to an easy-to-use website compendium.

How Can I Help?

The Thedas Language Project will need help in the following areas:

  • Language Creation: If you have linguistic knowledge or conlanging experience (or just a passionate drive to learn), don’t hesitate to send me an ask stating so. I can use all the help I can get, especially where the later languages are concerned. 
  • Script Creation: If you have artistic experience in creating scripts and orthographies and fonts for said orthographies (conscripting) and wish to help, don’t hesitate to send me an ask stating so. Nearly all of the languages will require their own orthographies to really make them special, unique and immersive. 
  • Art: If you are an artist who wishes to help in creating art for a website, or art for the lexicons, or really art that is related at all to the project, it’s certainly something that could be used. 
  • Website Hosting / Creation: If you are a skilled in any aspect of website creation, or have access to hosting and wish to help, this is also another area I will eventually need help with. 
  • Be inquisitive: Send asks with your questions, including culture questions, language questions, words, etc. It helps expand the languages, and you might ask me something that I hadn’t thought of.
  • Everything Else: If you think you can help, even if it isn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to contact me. Whether it’s something to do with art, music, poetry, websites, whatever. If you want to help, I will almost always be able to find a use for you.

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