Confession:  I felt like Anders being alright with giving Fenris back to Danarius was horrible writing. It completely broke his and Justice’s character just so Bioware can have even more rivalry between Fenris and Anders. Anders is the most freedom-oriented companion. Justice really wouldn’t have allowed it as the situation is a big injustice. He would want to kill Danarius and defend Fenris. It makes no sense.


I dislike people who go on about how romance is only a small part of Bioware’s games and anyone who’s favourite part of the game is the romance is stupid/immature/missing the point of the story/etc.
I’m asexual, but not aromantic and have had potential relationships crumble because the people interested weren’t interested in an asexual relationship and I’m not comfortable with having sex (among other intimate things). Bioware’s games allow me to have those relationships and agree to sex without feeling uncomfortable and that means a lot to me. It makes me feel safe and happy and that’s a wonderful thing.


Dragon Age: Inquisition News Update | New Leliana Dialogue, New Bard Songs, & More!

Here’s the lowdown on everything Dragon Age: Inquisition lately. New Leliana dialogue, DLC releases, more details about the Hero of Ferelden, Dragon Age Keep additions, new bard songs, and much much more!


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Confession:  It pisses me off to no end that Vivienne is hated because she openly admits about not having a problem with the system - despite her actual efforts to help mages. But Cullen - who actively contributed to the system gets a free pass because he feels bad now. He was Meredith’s right hand - he allowed the abuses to go on - his own experiences of abuse do not excuse his contribution to the abuse of others

CONFESSION: I’ve been looked down on a lot in my life for being lower class and told by others what sort of box I need to fit into. So seeing Sera, a character who fights for the ‘little people’ which I have always been considered and refuses to be defined by her race and hates being put into a box labeled 'ELF’ gave me the courage to cut ties with really toxic people in my life. And for that I will always hold a special place for her despite her (admittedly many) faults.


As excited I was about ME:A being announced, this (i’m sure very fast) concept art put a bad taste in my mouth. Just goes to show how silly poses for women are so ingrained into artist’s heads that they probbaly did it without thinking, not realizing how they broke her out of perspective (check her shoulders and feet against the man) just to achieve it too. I mean they were probably drawn separately but no one was like wait a second… lol

Happy space adventuring!