Perseverance (pt.2) .. One of my favorite moments in their romance. He’s been through so much and he’s laying down his fears for her ;-; this is their first real “raw” moment where Cullen really doesn’t hold back. Most of the time he seems restrained, tight and tense. A breaking point, a wall has crumbled. <3 love Tessa and Cullen almost as much as Eluvia and Solas.

Theory (sort of)! “how did solas get you into the fade without you knowing it??”

I have an answer that doesn’t contribute violence or creepy actions on Solas’ part!

So I noticed that Skyhold is always around the Evening-afternoon (time wise, in-game), this means it’s around that same time when you go talk to him in his study right?

but..when you wake up from your trip to the fade with solas you wake up still around the same time! (look at the lighting in your room in the cutscene)

This got me thinking, shouldn’t it be night by then?? It looks like either early morning or late afternoon when you wake up!

So my proposal is this:

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I love pulp and camp art (and writing!) and Dragon Age is ripe for the treatment.  I tried to include everyone, and I wanted to hit three of the major genres- Detective stories, Adventure stories, and Men’s interest.

As a note- Originally, in the third image, Josie was the damsel in distress, but my husband argued against what he called her “debasement” and campaigned for Dorian to take her place on the grounds of him being a more attractive storytelling target (”it’s also more like Dorian to be bound,” says he).  That argument worked for me, and here we are.

Stock referenced from syccas-stock!