“I must say, it’s such an honor to work under you, Commander Shepard.”

So much fun cosplaying Mass Effect with these badasses!

Jack- @ohbuckle
Miranda Lawson- @arkadycosplay
Shepard- @commandercait
Tali'zorah vas Normandy- @missadventurecosplay
Kaiden Alenko- @dog-of-ulthar
Ashley Williams- @moonbound-cosplay

📷: @dappergeeknews101

Confession:  I truly do love Alenko as a character and always romance him in mass effect but then comes horizon and is all angry and hostile and I’m thinking you shit head I’ve been dead for 2 f**king years it’s not like I could call! you @!#% and THEN after breaking my femsheps heart and she saves the world from collectors and baby reaper he has the audacity to sass me on Mars I really REALLY wish that at that point there was a renegade interrupt where I could shoot him in the kneecaps and then we’d be cool

mod note: confessor submitted picture

I finally realized why fallout 4 hasn’t really been sticking with me. I don’t give a shit about any of those companions! I’ve been trying to interact with them like I would a bioware game and it’s flat. I’m going to lone wander the shit out of my next play through. I’ll still bring some companions around now and again but it’s mostly going to be dogmeat and I. Mass effect and dragon age spoiled me.

I kinda wish BioWare would license some spin-off games of their IPs to like smaller studios, like how Obsidian got the recommendation to produce KOTOR 2. Like, I’m sure I’m boiling down incredibly complicated contract negotiations into ‘slap a ‘joint BioWare-[insert studio here]’ label on the sucker and put out more games!’ (especially considering the EA factor) but it’d be kinda neat to see some games set in these universes without being part of BioWare’s ‘main storyline’ of each IP.

Like let us explore the universes some more - the Citadel could support its own game in Mass Effect, and there’s PLENTY going on in Thedas that is separate from the main storyline of the major events occurring in Thedas, while also allowing some examination of more distant regions at the same time as the events of the previous games. Or even previous Ages - there’s a history to Thedas we’re only scratching the surface of during the Dragon Age.

Just something I think would be nice. Plus, I think it’d be a way to support smaller studios and maybe expand the market a bit.