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Anthem | Gameplay Reveal & Debut Teaser Hidden Gems Trailer Analysis

An in-depth look and analysis of the first gameplay from BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, along with its debut teaser from EA Play/E3 2017. This video will focus on aspects of the footage you may not have noticed. Anthem is currently set to release Fall 2018.

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Confession:  I’m playing MEA again and I always find it difficult to build a character! There are so many good skills and lots of fun combinations that I end up having all four profiles slots filled. Right now I have a biotic slot, a “dealing with armour” slot, a “there’s no cover” slot and a “that’s it I’m stabbing you” slot. I save that one for the kett.

A commission for Augus (auguscusacilcolus) featuring Caal-Kain (Feranta of FA). Not every mission goes quite according to plan, and sometimes you’ve got to make some noise. Luckily, Augus has Caal for just such an occasion.

Always a treat to get to do more Turians. <3 Thanks for letting me work with two great characters, you two!!


I’ve read several really interesting fics about Hawke turning Anders in to the Templars when it becomes clear he’s losing his mind and is completely under the sway of Justice. The only problem is that they’re all really short and nobody’s written about how it would change the mage’s vote for independence and the beginning of Inquisition!            

Me replaying a game: Alrightee, time to begin a new journey with a different character. 

Also me: Picks same hair style, same hair color, same eyebrows, same eye color, same nose, same makeup, same romance, same dialogue options, same combat skills, same fucking everything.