Confession: I love that Inquisition’s companions come in a variety of ages and levels of maturity. From Sera and Cole, one brash and one innocent and both very young, to Josephine and Dorian (who I’d put in their peak-adventurous-years early to mid 20s) to Cassandra and Iron Bull (experienced warriors probably in their late 20s/early 30s) to Cullen and Varric who must be at least 30-35 and Blackwall who looks closer to 40. Being in my late 30s myself, I love that I’m not ‘too old’ for the party.


Infrastructure Study: The Mass Relay Network (from Mass Effect)

For a visual communication class, I was asked to research and present any infrastructural system, irl or fictional. As a recent Mass Effect fan, I decided to look into the Mass Relay network. 

There are a few plot hole in this, especially with the eezo thing and my bullshit ionization diagram. The game’s wiki states that subjecting eezo to an electric current creates dark energy, which is then manipulable into a mass effect field. I didn’t really want to fuck with dark energy, so I committed that part altogether. 

The most fun albeit most difficult part was definitely the map. I wanted to include a bit more information to it— which worlds were essential to the game’s plot and in what order, a brief species gloss, and maybe even a list of which stars were mentioned within each cluster throughout the game— and I’m sure this could have been done as an appendix, but I’d much rather leave that for the Mass Effect Wiki. Or the in-game codex. 

CONFESSION: I love Sera. I don’t find her “problematic”. The Iron Bull/Dorian relationship does not offend me either. I’m getting so tired of people trying to dictate how people should play their games and the over used terms in their diatribes that I decided to create a money jar. Every time I see the word “problematic ” as well as the some other current lingo…I add money to
the jar. In 6 months time I will donate whatever money is in the jar to this local shelter in my town that does NOT discriminate