Because of the Dragon Age Series….I tend to use Maker more than God and even Lord.
Maker just sounds more welcoming to me. In the dictionary, Lord is defined as someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler.
And God is such a generic term since there are so many Gods/deities.
Maker sounds more universal and more welcoming.
And dear Maker is also much more enjoyable to say.



I had no idea it existed, I just found it in my local comic book shop. I didn’t think too much of it at first until I realized it was all tarot card-style illustrations, blown up to 16x20″. It’s not all of them but it IS a significant number of them, and each illustration is credited to the respective artist (at last).

Maybe I’m just super late to the game but I am SO excited to have this and am already thinking about which ones to frame!!


I love the development that Sera gets in Trespasser, especially that she can turn the Red Jennies to help Leliana as divine. She grew up in a real horrible way, without parents, on the streets for much of her life. Finally fighting for something, as opposed to just against anything that might oppress the little folk, is a big step.            


I need Carver Hawke as LI in DA4. I dont care how and why, I just love this spoiled brat! Yes, I’m well aware that there’s like 80% chance that he’s dead in some playthroughs. When did that stopped bioware? If Leliana can come back because “Maker, lol”, then this adorable Hawke can be back as well. #CARVERISLOVECARVERISLIFE            

Me replaying a game: Alrightee, time to begin a new journey with a different character. 

Also me: Picks same hair style, same hair color, same eyebrows, same eye color, same nose, same makeup, same romance, same dialogue options, same combat skills, same fucking everything. 

Some Notable Bioware characters who share voice performers

Not a complete list at all but quite a few voice actors and actresses who cross over from Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. (list does not include The Old Republic, as I’ve not played that one)

Also worth noting that some of these actors also played minor roles as NPCs in the games, but I couldn’t find all of them (also gave up after Alix Wilton Regan’s went up to 5 picture slots)

Jennifer Hale - Bastila Shan (KOTOR, KOTOR II), Female Shepard (ME, ME2, ME3), Krem (DAI)

Raphael Sbarge - Carth Onasi (KOTOR, KOTOR II), Kaiden Alenko (ME, ME2, ME3)

Steve Blum - Oghren (DAO), Grunt (ME2, ME3)

Alix Wilton Regan - Female Inquisitor (DAI), Comm Specialist Traynor (ME3), Macha (DAII), Ser Cauthrien (DAO)

Nicolas Boulton - Male Hawke (DAII, DAI), Reyes (MEA)

Jo Wyatt - Female Hawke (DAII, DAI) Dr. Cole (ME3) Ostagar Nurse (DAO)

Courtenay Taylor - Juhani (KOTOR), Jack (ME2, ME3)

Freddie Prinze Jr. - James (ME3), The Iron Bull (DAI)

Allegra Clark - Josephine (DAI), Kesh (MEA)

Ali Hillis - Liara T’soni (ME, ME2, ME3) Scout Harding (DAI)

Indira Varma - Vivienne (DAI), Sloane Kelly (MEA), Moshae Sjefa (MEA)

Like I said, not a complete list. I may revisit this post at a later date and add more! If there are any other Bioware carryover voices you’d like to see on the list please let me know!