Confession: I adopted a “senior” rescue cat 10 years ago. She’s been in bad shape, and the last few days she’s been wandering off, looking for a place to die. I know cats do this; it’s nothing personal that she doesn’t want company in her last hours. I’ve been consoling myself by thinking of it as a cat’s Calling. She’s a warrior and she has to face this alone.

mod note: so sorry to hear about your cat :(


The lead writer of Dragon Age, David Gaider will be leaving the franchise and Patrick Weekes (Author of the Masked Empire who also penned the character, Solas) will be taking over. I wish David Gaider the best and congratulate Patrick Weekes on his new position.


Gaider just announced on his twitter that he’s leaving the DA team; Patrick Weekes will take over as head writer.

@davidgaider I’m so happy to be working with you on our new IP! I can’t wait until we can show it to the world. #secret #NewIP #BioWare
—  Jonathan Warner, Senior Producer at Bioware