CONFESSION: This is your daily friendly reminder: in a series like this, there are no best and worst options, there are no true and false decisions. There is only roleplay. If you disagree with the way someone else plays the game, leave them be. It’s okay to debate, discuss opinions, but don’t be rude. Don’t call anyone out. Don’t take anything you don’t like as a personal insult. Try not to care how others play, learn to appreciate the differences between us people and don’t judge. And have a nice day.


I honestly love that Bioware includes romance options. They do such a great job at simulating it, and for someone like me who has never been in a real relationship, it gives me hope for the future and makes me feel less alone. Cullen, Fenris, and Alistair always make me blush and giggle whenever I talk to them. It’s just nice to feel like someone truly cares about me, even if it is in a game and seen as “silly”.

Confession:  I’m of the opinion that mages need to be governed in some manner, they have control over some scary stuff and everyone needs help learning about what they don’t know. Templars could be a precaution but having circles run by mages with Templar help seems ideal. The two groups need to find their balance with each other and then they could seriously flourish.

Confession:  Male Brosca and Morrigan were both abused by their mothers, making them perfect for each other. They were both damaged by the woman who was supposed to protect them, then they find each other and awkwardly fall in love. He is told that no woman would want him by his own mother, causing his mistrust of women. She is taught that men are weak willed and stupid and is taught to use them as if they were nothing. They unknowingly tear down each other’s wall to find the love they never knew as children.  It really bums me out that there isn’t any art of Male Brosca x Morrigan. It’s my canon ship and I’m sad because no one else seems to like it :(  It makes me happy to think of my Brosca getting all pouty that his boy Kieran is already taller than him. And I also think that Morrigan must find that amusing.

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Hi Ashe! Its a shame DAI is coming to an end, I will miss your excellent content on it. I assume you will be focusing on SWTOR and Andromeda after this final DA DLC?

Yup! SWTOR and Andromeda will be my babies for a while. I’ll also be playing a gargantuan amount of Fallout 4, but then again who isn’t?

I’ll still have some lingering videos on DAI post-release. I have my DA Talk on Solas to release (delayed it for this DLC, so I’m going to have fun with that). I’ll also review Trespasser, but I have a feeling it’ll resemble something along the lines of my review for Mass Effect’s Citadel. Gross sobbing and all that.

Dragon Age is seriously my most favorite universe and I’m going to be a very sad panda until DA4 drops. But I’m sure things will be okay. Lot of faith in the future.

There is a brand new multiplayer character in Dragon Age Inquisition!

“Hissera, the Saarebas, is a unique character in the roster of the Inquisition’s agents. The effects of her abilities change depending on which stance she is in: opening, flow, or finishing. An ability like Athlok Burst, for example, does something quick in the flow stance, such as pull in all enemies in the area, but in the finishing stance, it unleashes a devastating cold attack on all nearby enemies. Each time you cast an ability, you progress to the next stance and always in the same order.”

“When you look at each ability in Hissera’s trees, notice that each one has a different targeting type regardless of which stance you’re in. For example, Curse of Shokasit always does damage over time, and Itwa-Adim Explosion always deals damage in an area around your current target. Additionally, all abilities in the Protection tree revolve around boosting allies and suppressing enemies whereas the Mastery tree focuses entirely on damage. Use this information to help narrow down your choices for the playstyle you want.”

“Finally, one of the most important aspects of the Saarebas is animation-canceling with the Asaara’s Leap ability. Hissera is a bit of a glass cannon, so if you ever find yourself casting a spell, especially in the finishing stance, and need to cancel it quickly to avoid taking damage, use Asaara’s Leap, which immediately fires a version of the ability for your current stance. All three versions have damage avoidance, so no matter what stance you’re in, it can save your life.”

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I love that in almost every BioWare RPG theres that one female character in the trailers. She’s hot. She’s wearing make-up. Maybe showing the occasional side-boob. The straight men are all here for this. But when the game actually comes out… It turns out this woman has her own thoughts, her own opinions, she displays her displeasure at the player’s dialogue choices. She is super complex and has no problem speaking her mind and saying unpleasant truths.

Suddenly, this female character is branded a “bitch” and hated by the vast majority of the male fandom.

It’s very telling.

Base ability updates implemented in patch 10 for Dragon Age Inquisition:

“Thanks to prominent Thedosian scholars and Shapers, we’ve implemented a series of gameplay adjustments, designed to improve and balance the player experience. Here’s a few to note:


·       Unbowed (now called Livid): increases the damage you do and reduces the damage you take, based on the number of enemies nearby when you activate the ability

·       Line in the Sand: now locks the warrior into the wall, making it easier to use abilities while holding your ground


·       Spinning Blades: now removes debuffs from the target you hit, but spreads those debuffs to all nearby enemies

·       Shadow Strike: base ability now costs 20 stamina to activate (not 50) and restores 70 stamina if you strike an enemy that is not targeting you

·       Spike Trap: base ability now allows you to place three traps at a time and allows you to place traps in stealth


·       Spirit Blade: now uses a charge system that increases the damage of your next Spirit Blade attack by 50% whenever you deal damage with an ability other than Spirit Blade (stacks multiple times)”

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I thought I remember hearing about Bioware planning to make some kind of ~special save transfer~ for last-gen DA:I saves to next-gen/current gen consoles. Did I just make that up in my dreams or is there news on that? Because I'm still suck on PS3 and I really want to play Trespasser without having to redo ENTIRE playthroughs.

Here you go!