Confession:  I don’t think the Voice Actors get nearly enough credit for how incredible they are! They nailed just about every single line the writers gave them and I know how much it made us fall in love with the characters. It really gives me hope that one day Voice Acting and Video Gaming will be considered as valid a form of art as films and books. So to them I say: thank you!

EA’s timed exclusive game release deal with Microsoft has many gamers frustrated, but PS4 fans aren’t the only ones being hurt by delaying ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’s first DLC.

To true and too real, a look at why EA can get away with being assholes.


Cole Becomes More Human

In Dragon Age Inquisition you can make the companion, Cole more like a human or more like a spirit.

Thanks to all of you, I reached a big folllowers milestones ❤
Sadly, I don’t have anythig to give away (I’m a litle short on money right now). Also, I may be opening commissions soon (because it would help me against my depression - to have something sheduled and with rules and knowing that people count on me) - But I’m not really sure about that, so it’ll be only if enough people are interested. So, I’m considering this free commissions giveaways a test! Here’s my Art Tag

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3°) ‘Giveaway’ ends on May 8th at 9 pm (Belgium time).
I will randomly select three winners.
5°) I’ll notify the winners by ask / fanmail, and they’ll have 2 days to anwser. After the two days, I’ll contact someone else.

1°) one character (fullbody) / two characters (waist up) *
2°) one portrait or waist up *
3°) one portrait *
*We can always discuss additionnal characters, just let me know!

Other notes:
I’m more familiar with Bioware (Dragon Age / Mass Effect) characters, but we can discuss other characters, if you want something else and have enough references :) Now, thank you to signal boost me !

Confession: Like everyone else I really enjoyed Solas’s romance play through, however I admit to being uncomfortable when people oversexualize the relationship with Solas and the Inquisitor, which is completely fine. But to be honest I am asexual and Solas’s and Josephine’s romance felt perfect and wonderful to me even without the sex. I kind of feel like the only one who likes the idea of Solas’s romance being asexual and always find myself casted out in conversations.