So that big character piece I did for the Mass Effect coloring book from Dark Horse? I went ahead and colored it myself :)

“Do you remember? I promised you a proper sunset”

Okay okay, i know it’s a bit cheesy but I got carried away with these two space nerds

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Jaal: Ryder, I noticed something the last time we were in, eugh, Kadara Port.

Ryder: Oh? What was it?

Jaal: The Milky Way has odd practices because I seem to have seen a shop? For children?

Ryder: A shop..? Oh, you mean an orphanage, oh no we don’t sell kids, they’re to house the kids whose parents have died.

Jaal: Do not the other mothers take care of them then?

Ryder: As far as I know, Milky Way aliens just have one set usually.

Jaal: Ah, well, that makes sense and do not be alarmed, but I have purchased– :stops talking as children pour out of his rofjinn onto the floor and appear from behind crates and down from the wiring and up through hatches on the floor:

Ryder: …………….

Sahuna, in the distance: YAAASSS GRANDKIDSSSSSS

Reyes Vidal fandom, I need ya!

Well, I was thinking about the epilogue. Ryder gets out from that cave and while in every romance we got a “romantic scene”, from Reyes all we get is just a smile and a wink… So I was Wondering: why?!
I mean… I understand that he’s a crime boss so it would be a danger to reveal everyone his relationship with the Pathfinder, but… They are already allied and, well, everyone can see that from the fact he reached Meridian for the battle against the Archont/Ketts! So it’s not a very secret that they, at least, work together…
And also: the famous Sloane’s party date? They had no problem to let people see them together.
I’m a bit confused. Can you help with your personal explainations/theory about these two?


So I’m reading The Calling. And there was this part about Bregan, Geneviev and Uta becoming ghouls. And lets say that Duncan never forgot about that. AND THEN YEARS LATER he meets Mahariel and finds out about Tamlen. And Mahariel wants to look after him but Duncan KNOWS. He knows that Tamlen either died or became a ghoul… and that’s worse than death. And he wants to spare Mahariel the sight of their beloved friend as a tainted monster. And THAT’S why he refused to help. THE FEELS D:            

Bioware: hey bethesda check it out *weird facial animations*
Bethesda: pfft that’s nothing bioware, how about this? *npc swimming down staircase*
Bioware: oh it’s on now *character walking in midair*
Bethesda: don’t start a fight you can’t win *vertical inclines intensify*
Bioware: ?! *protagonist scuttles across the screen like some eldritch abomination*
Bethesda: *npc stuck inside the floor*
Bioware: *pixilates textures of major plot animations*
Bethesda: *skin texture error*
Bioware: *screaming in frustration, jumps on Bethesda and attempts to strangle*
Bethesda: *also screaming*
Me: *sighs fondly*