Confession:  In the next DA, I want to choose between helping Fenris kill Dorian or killing Fenris to save Dorian. I don’t want a big, happy family. I want your ships to catch fire and sink. I want head cannons to backfire spectacularly. I want hard choices and no middle ground. I want to personally kill the characters I (and fandoms) love with the mirth and fury of a gaming George R. R. Martin.

Confession:  I don’t understand why some people get so angry at the virmire survivor for what they tell Shepard on Horizon. Their suspicions are 100% justified. When your old CO is suddenly alive and working for a terrorist organization (which, depending on your actions in ME1, you actively fought against), how do you react with anything but suspicion? Did people honestly expect an Alliance officer to just drop everything and join Cerberus cuz Shepard says so? Shepard didn’t even want to join Cerberus!

BioWare Devs Show off their Tattoos

A jar of bees. No, really. Blar pls.

At BioWare, we’re big fans of tattoos. It’s common here to catch a splash of color and line work creeping out from under someone’s sleeve. We figured it would be fun to roll up those sleeves and take a look at some of the art that decorates our developers.

See more of the devs here:

Confession:  I honestly feel sorry for the elf inquisitor.  Over the course of Inquisition and Trespasser, the elf Inquisitor sacrifices and loses more personally than any other Inquisitor race.

They lose their left arm, their clan (potentially), and by the end of Trespasser their religion. They find out that everything they thought they knew was wrong; that the tattoos they’ve been using as a right-of-passage are actually slave branding, that their gods are not really gods at all and are actually a bunch of dicks, and that Fen'Harel is arguably not that bad of a guy (depending on whether the Inquisitor liked him or not).

That level of personal loss and disillusionment is the kind of thing that could break a person.


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I’ve never used the Dragon Age Keep before how does that work exactly? For example when I start a new game in Inquisition it asks me which world I want and it always says “default” how do I go about changing this? Do I have to upload something somewhere like my save files?

I’ve only played Inquisition and I’m on my first playthrough of Origins. Each time I open both games I get a pop up message that tells me I’m signed into the Dragon Age Keep. I play them on PlayStation 3 and 4.

Would anyone mind helping a confused, wretch like me?

Many thanks :)

“It might surprise you to know that you’re the one who inspired me. You’re shaping the world… For good or ill. How could I aspire to do any less? If it means proving that Tevinter can be better, that there’s hope even for my homeland? I would do anything.” .

Dragon Age Love Interests

Dragon Age Origins: Three humans and an elf

Dragon Age Two: Two humans and two elves 

Dragon Age Inquisition: Five humans, two elves, and a Qunari

If BioWare knows what is good for them, I better get three dwarf LIs, two of them hairy as fuck men and another a badass woman that can benchpress Shale AND Bull!

Dragon age Valentines NYC meet up!

soooo i was thinking anyone up for a DA meet up at the end of the month? prob the 27th n have it valentines themed! everyone can cosplay if they’d like and hopefully we can do some shippy stuff if peeps are ok with that! or if you’re like me n like drawing you can bring your sketch book and draw your fav ships with peeps and trade doodles!!!! Odds are it’ll be in central park behind the MET. would anyone be interested?


I love pulp and camp art (and writing!) and Dragon Age is ripe for the treatment.  I tried to include everyone, and I wanted to hit three of the major genres- Detective stories, Adventure stories, and Men’s interest.

As a note- Originally, in the third image, Josie was the damsel in distress, but my husband argued against what he called her “debasement” and campaigned for Dorian to take her place on the grounds of him being a more attractive storytelling target (”it’s also more like Dorian to be bound,” says he).  That argument worked for me, and here we are.

Stock referenced from syccas-stock!

Confession:  It doesn’t seem like Andromeda will take place too far away from ME3’s ending, it might even take place along side it. Whatever the case may be, I do hope we get an update on our Shepard’s at some point. I had the High EMS Destory ending so mine is still alive, I want to know how him a Kaidan are doing, if they became teachers at Grissom Academy (My Shep is an Adept), or retired, started a family etc. It’s the final bit of closure I need on my Shepard