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Since you have such an awesome take on the Elven Pantheon, I was wondering if you ever put much thought into the Forgotten Ones, Geldauran and Daern'thal and Anaris, aka the rivals/enemies of the Evanuris? Just curious. :)

Sorry for the delay. I have a lot of work recently.
Anyway, yes, I thought about the Forgotten Ones and here’s my little theory about it. I think the Forgotten Ones and the Forbidden Ones are one and the same (the game already tried to sneak that idea in the codex) and I found this very peculiar that there is four of them each.
Geldauran (middle) = Gaxkang
Daern’thal (right) = Xebenkeck
Anaris (left) = Imshael
But you will ask me “what about the Formless One?”. Well, that’s obvious for me that it is supposed to be Fen’harel. I think that is a good way to represent Solas, lurking in both sides but always hiding his true face, only showing his giant wolf with lots of eyes appearance to the Forgotten Ones.
In my mind, the Forgotten Ones were a group of rebel and powerful elves, led by Geldauran, who wished to take control of the power that Mythal and Elgar’nan had for so long. But they became the Forbidden Ones when Solas locked them in the Void.

Confession:  I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m getting very tired of the complaints about Fenris and Isabela’s relationship and how it’s “unfair of Fenris” or something. It’s quite clear that their relationship is purely physical, and the reason Fenris had trouble going that far with Hawke is because he genuinely cares for them and it was a lot more than just sex, and he has trouble with his emotions and whatnot. Isabela is just sex though, so that’s more manageable for him. No hypocrisy there!

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


In a lot of ways my new boyfriend reminds me of Alistair. They’re both funny, charming, adorably inexperienced with relationships, strong, & just all around cute. I’ve crushed on Alistair since the moment I met him in Origins. His attitude, strengths, & personality have always attracted me, which just speaks to how good the writers for DA are that I’m in love with a video game character. I was always a little sad I would never find a real life Alistair. Now I have and it makes me so happy.

Okay but years in the future after the Inquisition has gone down in history

some guy: the inquisitor herself saved my great great grandmother from corypheus’ army the night Haven was destroyed

everybody: :OOOOO

Some other guy: the inquisitor personally found and returned my great grandpa’s lost drufalo once

everybody: shut the fuck up elmer that didn’t happen