Confession:  I have a headcannon that during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest Dorian had taught my male elf inquisitor how to dance before the ball because “They’re Orlesians! They’ll tear you to shreds if they see that horrendous four-step square you’re trying to do.” And that’s why he danced so well with the Empress. I just think that it would be cute especially since they are in a romance together.


 While role-playing as a ruthless-somewhat-crazy anti-blood-magic warden,
I decided to kill Jowan. I felt nothing, really. The beliefs of my warden were
stronger than any friendship.
Even when he said “good bye… my friend.”, I didn’t shatter.
However, after the cutscene, with all said and done, I was about get out the
dungeon when I noticed something: my cute murderous dog, Dog(lol), was
barking in the direction of jowan’s body.
Like saying “Hey, human, get up! It’s not time to sleep…!”
I know it’s probably a coincidence. But in that moment my warden’s
cold-stone heart broke in a gazillion of little pieces. And so did mine.
Damn that game. Making we feel stuff.

Confession:  “They still remember when they were higher, before it woke up and everything fell.” This comment made by Cole during Here Lies the Abyss is super intriguing to me. Now that we know how the Veil was made, and a lot more about Arlathan’s disappearance, I’m wondering if the Evanuris weren’t corrupted by something (the “it” which awoke) and caused everything to fell (Arlathan, the Titans maybe, the Evanuris themselves, the magic in the world and so the spirits who were “higher”). Speculation though

Confession:  I disliked Mass Effect 3 so much (the entire game, not just the ending) that it put me off of video games for two years. Even though I tried repeatedly with many different games, I didn’t finish one until Dragon Age: Inquisition. For a while during that time, I questioned whether I was done with gaming altogether. I still occasionally have trouble finishing them.