Confession:  This probably sounds dumb since they’re fictional characters but Sera’s romance actually helped me get over a girl who had led me on (side note: I’m a lesbian). I’ve never had any luck with relationships, somewhat due to living in a small conservative town. But I just found Sera charming and funny and it helped me forget about the pain.

She’s also helped me be a bit more open about being a lesbian.

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Brah tell me about Pixy.

My ice-cold, Dalish Elf hell-raising Inquisitor.  Cute and deadly.  Like a fluffy bunny.  With TEETH.

Knight-Enchanter discipline, which makes him a veritable Jedi Knight of medieval-esque fantasy.  Enjoys turning shems into ice-clad corpsicles, slaughtering Tevinter cultists, and long walks on the beach.

Is currently in snugglebunny-ville with Dorian.

Look at this moron.

i swear to god if bioware plans on killing off more player characters (without you having a choice) i am gonna be so mad???

because bioware seem to be getting into this trend of sad=better writing and happy ending=boring writing

which is Not True.

especially since they (since ending of origins) have started doing it in a way that makes no sense storywise (why would my inquisitor give a fuck about hawke or warden ally? she doesnt know them?) and is just there because “haha we make the player sad = good writing”

virmire was a hearwrenching choice bc your character knows the people and you do. that allows you to connect and relate to your character.

Confession:  I can only speak for myself but the best way I can describe Bianca is….Disappointing. We’ve had this big mystery girl who Varric loves and ultimately has been the reason so far why we can’t romance him (¬____¬) and we finally meet her and this is what we got? Come on Bioware. She was so bland and boring and I was actually looking forward to finally meeting her and it was very underwhelming.

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For the OC Ask Meme: 9, 11, 15, and 32! Sorry this took me so long. I totally space on these things sometimes ><

Yeee, it’s okay!! X3 I’m still glad you asked~

9: Do you think you’d get along with your OC if you met them? Why or why not?

Oh.  Dear Lordie, I have no idea.  He could be sweet and charming one second, wreaking havoc the next.  It would be like taking care of a high-maintenance, constantly bored, hyperactive, thrill-seeking, rebellious manchild with a shit-eating grin.

He seems to respond well to examples of tough female authority though (-cough- Cassandra) so if I can emulate her demeanor, he’ll be as docile as the summer sky.

I’ll probably need handcuffs just in case, though.

11: Who are the five most important people in the world to your OC?

A few years prior, before being inducted into Clan Lavellan, Pixy was part of a reclusive clan that was situated close to the Frostback Mountains.  Not long after reaching adulthood, he had a daughter, who would be around nine years of age by the events of the Inquisition.  At a very young age, she started showing very obvious signs of magical talent.  At the time, there were already three mages present - Pixy himself, the Keeper, and the Keeper’s First.  To prevent his daughter from being exiled from the clan to fend for herself, he voluntarily left the clan of his own accord.  Of course, she’d be left without a father (and without a mother, who had died some years before), but at least she would still be well taken care of by her clan.

He thinks of her every day.  Before shit went down at the Conclave, he’d travel to the Frostback just to see her - to make sure that she’s growing up well in his absence.  He’d spend days watching over her, hidden at a safe distance, or leaving behind gifts for her to find.  But he can’t bring himself to face her.  Whether he’s with her or not, he’s certain he’d make a pretty terrible father, and that she’s better off (and safer) not knowing the kind of person he is.  
As far as the people of the past are concerned, his daughter is probably the only one Pixy genuinely holds dear.  Everyone else he values is at Skyhold with him.

Sera, as far as he is concerned, is a breath of fresh air that never runs out or grows stale.  She brings to the table a new perspective on life, and her ideas on what it means to be “People”, or part of a group of people who call themselves “Friends”..  Quite frankly, Pixy is fascinated to meet an elf who, as far as self-identity is concerned, isn’t an elf at all - someone who sees beyond old scars and outdated transitions and knows how to have fun in the present.  Both of them are fast friends - Pixy is fond of treating her like a little sister, and loves the antics she drags him into.  As a pair, the two of them are devious little shits, pranking Skyhold’s inhabitants left and right. Or chucking trash and cookies off of rooftops.

Along with Sera, Iron Bull is easily one of Pixy’s better-known Comrades-in-Chaos.  The two of them both know how to turn the battlefield into a veritable playground of wanton murder and violence.  Plus Dragon-Hunting.  Height-differences the side, the two share a lot in common.  They both come from highly-structured factions.  They also both have hedonistic tendencies, though in contrasting ways.  Bull is more of the drinking, bar-fighting, bed-breaking variety - Pixy gets his instant gratification through power trips, political and magical.  More than that, though, the two of them are more aware of their own destructive tendencies than anything else.  Both of them are terrified of succumbing to their own savagery and madness - and while they both enjoy creating pandemonium on the battlefield together, within their friendship is a tacit agreement to keep each other in check.

Cole is probably one of the more important people as far as sociability goes.  Pixy is deeply curious about the people around him, but has trouble relating to them on an emotional level.  He is dissatisfied when others are hurt, but only has a shallow comprehension of the pain that they feel.  Thus, Cole is the ideal ‘translator’ for all things pertaining to what people feel, where they hurt, what sort of help they need the most - something that Pixy can’t always figure out himself simply through observation.  Thus Pixy relies on Cole most of all to remind him that people are deeper and more complicated than mere toys, and to keep him from losing sight of what’s truly important.

Last but not least, how to I begin to describe Dorian Pavus? … At first glance, it’s just a fling - shallow attraction and no more.  But Pixy and Dorian know that it’s more than just that, despite what rumours say.  Entering the time rift at Redcliffe was the moment Pixy trusted Dorian with his life, and Dorian hasn’t let him down ever since.  Pixy has a habit of reducing people to mere objects, but somewhere along the way, Dorian turned into more than just something ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ to satiate his curiosity.  Their relationship is more complicated than anything Pixy has ever experienced before, and every day he learns something new about himself and the true range of his emotions - like the way his world seems to unravel whenever Dorian is hurt or upset.  To Pixy, being able to empathize with someone at that level is something new, incredible - and sometimes, downright terrifying.  Though he genuinely wants to make Dorian happy, he doesn’t always have the best grasp of how to do it.  Violence and power can’t solve everything, but it’s all he knows.  This limitation makes him feel weak and helpless, but Thedas be damned if he doesn’t put in his best effort and try to find a way, for Dorian’s sake. 

15: If your OC came upon a demon that took the form of your OC’s biggest fear, what would they see or experience?

Everyone he ever cared about is dead or dying on the ground, mutilated in horrible ways.  Standing in the center of it all is the very image of himself, like a reflection.  Except Demon!Pixy is just standing there, eyes empty, laughing endlessly into the depths of madness and the chaos.

Basically, no one is more aware of his own monstrous tendencies than Pixy himself.  He’s addicted to thrills, violence, and mayhem.  Yet - there’s a world of people he genuinely cares about, and he doesn’t know if he can ever reconcile the two sides.  He can’t give up one or the other, but he knows that one day, the people closest to him may very well be caught in his destructive whims and mad grabs for power.  If that ever happens, they may very well get hurt or worse, all because of him.

32: Which of the seven sins (lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath) is your OC most guilty of?

Ahahaha, I’m highly tempted to say all seven, but that wouldn’t be a very thoughtful answer now, would it?

Greed, by far.  And material wealth is only as basic as it gets - Pixy covets everything from political power to magical might, fame, status, knowledge beyond the ken of ordinary people, and connections across all the land.  Notably, he craves people most of all.  Strange, but how do I describe it? He sees his personal world as a gallery, and wishes to fill it up with all sorts of fun and curious and interesting things.   To him, people certainly qualify, hence he is always looking for someone new to collect - to take under his wing until he is surrounded by followers in every direction.  Anyone that is part of his flock, by extension, is his own. He keeps them close. They belong to him, and he protects them zealously - much the same way a dragon protects its horde. 

Perhaps this trait comes from his Dalish heritage - Pixy knows that he was always destined to shepherd a clan, but why stop with elves? Why not include the rest?  It doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from - if they are loyal to him, he will take care of them.  And if they have not yet made allegiance with him, he will find them.

…Oh yeah.  While we’re on the topic of sin, lust is another one.  If you’re talking about bloodlust anyhow.  The fellow really gets off on mayhem, madness and murder.  -shudders-


As excited I was about ME:A being announced, this (i’m sure very fast) concept art put a bad taste in my mouth. Just goes to show how silly poses for women are so ingrained into artist’s heads that they probbaly did it without thinking, not realizing how they broke her out of perspective (check her shoulders and feet against the man) just to achieve it too. I mean they were probably drawn separately but no one was like wait a second… lol

Happy space adventuring!


Some of the re-used armors in Inquisition annoyed me. Why were the sellswords and Imshael wearing Anders armor? Why were there bandits in the Western Approach wearing different colored versions of Isabela’s armor? It kind of felt like those were there just for the people who wanted to kill Isabela or Anders repeatedly. Also the fact that the Fugitive’s Mantle that belonged to Malcolm Hawke is now an armor for the Templars in DAI is ridiculous.