This is a term we just ran into* that will be a fantastic addition to your vocabulary! “Biotypical” can be used to describe a person without chronic illnesses or disabilities.

This term follows in the tradition of words like “cisgender” and “neurotypical,” which give a label to things most folks consider to be the norm (and might cissexistly or ableistically label as “normal.” This has the effect of putting the two things on even ground linguistically (”trans” is no longer an outlier, but one of an even dichotomy), and gives marginalized folks a word to use about the dominant group, perhaps even pejoratively if they’re feeling feisty >:)

So go forth and reap the benefits of this new word!

*Having done a little research, it seems that two folks simultaneously started using the word around the same time on Twitter, with a similar meaning in mind: @coffeespoonie and @LizyNewswanger (@lizynewswanger-blog​ here on Tumblr). See our Twitter discussion here.

Going a little farther back: @JuliPilgrim made a mention of it in 2015, but as part of a list containing other “typicals,” rather than its own concrete concept, and we see @ShunraCat using it to make a pun in 2013. However, both of these seemed to be incidental wordplay versus ongoing use of the word.

Don’t get us wrong, biotypical was already a word well before this, and we could be overlooking something. But we did want to put something down for internet posterity. It would be interesting if you know of anyone who’s used it for a long time, so please feel free to comment with what you know!

Pond update

Plants in the mail.

Ok to be fair this update is more for my aquatic cube of doom.

Also on that , NO LEAKS!!!, so now we move on to the next step of setting it up.

So here is a fuckton of java moss.


and a modest wad of java fern to go with it.

I may source one or 2 more plants for the cube. I want to TRY to stick to the asian/indo biotype for the fish who will be living in there.

I need lids cut for the cube.

And filters and what not.

I want to grow some of these plants emergant

As i will only be running the cube at half full.

Also the send of October cant come soon enough as that’s when the fish will FINALLY be in

I were wondering about Donna and the men she liked.

When we first see her she will marry Lance, a good looking black guy, unfortunately he’s a dick and he didn’t deserve Donna’s love for him at all. And when we last see her, she finally married, She married Shaun, a tall black guy who really loves her as she deserves.

During her time with The Doctor, is common she says The Doctor isn’t her type, and even she flirting with Jack (C’mon! Who don’t flirt with him?), I don’t think she would be in love with him in the series. And if I’m not mistaken, she is cool by herself.

And then, in that Moffat episodes “ Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead”, Donna is married a white guy with a biotype totally different of Lance and what will be Shaun. And I’m not even talking how OCC Donna seems to be in these episodes

So, excuse-me if I think Moffat couldn’t write Donna right to save his life. And please, stop saying Moffat created Donna, because he didn’t it.

anonymous asked:

Hi, south american biotype anon here! (I think I was talking to you!) I'm doing cories, blue rams, penguin tetras, neon tetras, and serpae tetras, and i was wondering what substrates you think i should do. Thanks in advance!!

I would do plain sand like playsand and then decorate it with a substrate pack from Tannin Aquatics!

anonymous asked:

gay or bi. I agree with anon. Harry does not follow the gay biotype. Gays do not dress like Harry or are attracted by men with each biotype. Liam is gay white middle class biotype. He is biotype that is attractive to most gays.Louis men are effeminate and follows the pattern already Harry has the body type of a rock star of the 70s and it does not change their sexuality. i gay men