biotop riparium


DIY Riparium planter made of a toothbrush-caddy (bought at a supermarket!) and a filter bag. It’s about two by five inches and I’m going to have two of these bad boys forming a planted corner in my little biotop, with the filter hidden between them.

I’m putting in a layer of rounded pebbles at the bottom, and then a mix of aqua soil and potting mix. And as they’re forming a corner I’ll build a little lattice to go between/around them for trailing plants.



Who wants a biotop riparium update??

I’ve been away for about six weeks and all that’s been happening is my sister diligently turning the lights on and off day after day. Plants growing, mysteriously-present ramshorns breeding, filter churning over dead plant matter and snail poop. Plants growing and grOWING. Every plant in the tank is taking off, with the possible exception of the terrestrial babytears. 

I’ll make a post with some close-ups tomorrow but for now here’s the full tank in all its glory (i have GOT to do something about that white background) and an introduction to the new tenants :)

Jesus I love these lil tadpoles. They’re cute and bumbly and dumb as all heck. They keep bouncing off things. They remind me a lot of pea puffer fish. The sweetest thing they do is pretend like they’re grown up frogs and chill out on a leaf :D They should be all grown up in a few weeks and then I’ll get her ready for a lil betta queen.

More pics tomorrow!