my next gem’s an ANTAGONIST. cat’s eye sillimanite, who is a permafusion of biotite and yellow muscovite. biotite and muscovite are weak cowardly gems but as cat’s eye they go on a total power trip and are having a blast.

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DIY Insecticide

Store bought insecticides can often contain chemicals harmful to plants and the family. homemade insecticides are a great solution to the dangerous chemicals found in store bought insecticides. The truth is the insecticides that contain many chemicals are most effective at removing insects, but can be life threatening for people who are around them. The following is a guide to three different insecticides homemade. These home-made insecticides are a great way to save money! 1. WaterBelieve or less liquid soap and water and can be a great way to get rid of pesky insects naturally. Mixing a small amount of liquid soap to about a liter of water in a regular spray container can be a great way to get rid of insects, spray the solution directly on plants to be protected, or directly on the insects you want to kill. cayenne pepper, onion and garlic mixed together makes a mixture that is effective at removing unwanted insects.2. AcidThe boric boric acid and sugar solution is an insecticide that kills ants and large family pool. The way you make this solution is to add a tablespoon of boric acid to about one quart of warm water, then add 6 tablespoons of sugar. Then place the solution in a container that ants can easily get in and out, make sure that this solution is far away from children. The sugar attracts the ants while the acid kills them.3. Chili powder, soap and water spraySimilar for soap and water splash over this concoction and add chili powder or Tabasco. This solution attacks and kills a wide range of insects, including but not limited to ants, caterpillars and aphids. Just follow the same instructions to the first insecticide do it yourself, but after mixing the solution of soap and water, add the sauce, tobacco or chilli powder to the mixture, add about a tablespoon of the mixture, but more can be added for increased effectiveness. Sources: http://www.articledashboard.comwww.gardeningknowhow.com

Done with my gemsona c:
She might require a clothing change… IDK, I’m still not so good with outfits, but I’m happy with her for now.

Gem: Mica
Gem location: Left wrist
Weapon: Muscovite mica shaped crystal throwing cards, and biotite mica shaped crystals used as protective barriers, weaponized frizbees, and/or floating (among other things - like Lapis with water, Mica’s crystal weapons’ uses are only as limited as her imagination)


A video [not mine] of biotite exhibiting its characteristic extinction property commonly referred to as “Birds Eye Extinction.” This mottling of interference colors occurs under crossed polarized observation of biotite crystals that are oriented parallel with the polarizer/analyzer [NS, EW] Birds Eye Extinction is a very useful property use to help distinguish biotite from other minerals like hornblende. ( I love optical mineralogy so very much.)