biotic beauty

Mmkay so I rarely actually talk about mass effect despite my fricking tumblr name, and..,…, I just need to do that now. Ok so like Skye has panic attacks and under Lexi’s advice she picks up meditation as a form of controlling her anxiety but like… she uses her biotics so someone will walk into her quarters and see her floating 6 feet off the ground cross-legged with her eyes closed with blue shimmers all around her. It unsettles the shit out of Everyone except for Cora who joins her sometimes. The first time Jaal sees her doing it he’s both awestruck with how beautiful her biotics are and a little freaked out cause his girlfriend… is floating…

I’d like to think, if given a minute to breathe, to think, to laugh at herself and scream a little, Revka would be certain her choice. 

(She’d wonder and there’d still be rage–the hope that some small part of her, un-tethered and guiltless to go with the bodiless, will make it across that sea and keep her quietest promise.)

Letting go by keeping control. Just like her. Thane might laugh. She hopes a bit of her will still know how. She wonders, in a brief fragment that is far funnier than it ought to be, if Vega will see her movements in the Reapers–would that be a comfort? Probably nightmare fuel. 

Shepard out.  

In the end, Revka walked into the control ending with clear eyes and a tucked half smile. 

@bloomingcnidarians, you have outdone yourself. I’ve run out of ways to say perfect, so I’m just going to share this with everyone and you can fill in all the high-pitched keening noises. I shall treasure this, and thank you for patience and for making a very dear character look how I see them in my mind. (also, crow’s feet. crow’s feet. Thank you.)