Chex Mix?  Tex Mex??  No, crab mechs!


I love how the top crab has both reactive armor and spare bogey wheels–doesn’t that seem kind of redundant??

 30 . 06 . 2017 
Microbiology notes !!! 
Yesterday I took my physics final exam and it went great: I got a 27/30, which is way more than what I expected as Physics is one of my worst subjects. 
My next exam, microbiology, is in four days and I’m starting to feel a bit anxious about it as it’s a pretty tough exam but I’ll try to do my best ! 


finally!! i have something else to show you guys other than my history notes ;v;“” these are some bio notes from a couple days back (they were kind of like a review though) i got two exams coming up next week for apwh hhhhh i’m ready but at the same time i still have those jittery feelings ;^;

hopefully school hasn’t been too hard on all of you!!!

also, i can’t believe i’ve been missing out on so much goodness … I LOVE HAIKYUU AND VOLTRON OMFG FEEL FREE TO SCREAM AT ME ABOUT IT (i’m super behind but shhhhh i’ll catch up sooner or later)

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New Studyblr Introduction

Hey! In a couple months, my academics are gonna kick into high gear so I decided to make this blog for the motivation and stuff

So here’s some things about me:

•hs junior

My goals:
•career: bioinformatics research
•intending to major in biology and minor computer science
•obtain a PhD in bioinformatics

My academics:
•In the fall, I’m going to be starting a 2-year Bioscience Technologies college-prep program, which requires me to transfer to a much larger school (5x the size of my current one), though with that comes more academic opportunities
•my courses: AP US History, Honors Spanish IV, Honors English 11, and Honors Algebra II (really taking advantage of all the courses) alongside the bio program classes

•biology (molecular biology, genetics, evolution, DNA sequencing, etc.)
•computer science (analytics, programming, research)
•women’s history (suffrage, prohibition, ERA, rights of other countries, pre-suffrage, etc)
•quirky parts of history people forget to mention, kinda just history in general
•gardening and plants (succulents, vegetables, trees)
•baking, specializing in cupcakes
•reading, not just books but everything
•writing and making lists
•tea, mostly herbal
•walks and adventures
•currently have a part time jobs at a grocery store
•like background noise, music and tv shows I’ve already seen

There’s probably more I should mention, but I can’t think of anything right now.

Blogs that have inspired me:

So nice to meet you, I’m looking forward to chatting with you guys and joining the studyblr community! And feel free to talk to me whenever :)


Thanks to our Patreon patrons, we just released our first ever biotechnology video: Gel Electrophoresis!


My dash is getting kinda eh, so I’m looking for new people to follow :)

Bonus points if you:
-post about biology
-are in high school
-post more guides than aesthetics
-like dogs

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The Old Wanderers

They come from a planet long dead, made molten by their expanding star. Their forms over the years have become vastly diverse from the use of biotech implants to entire gene modifications, and can only be recognized as a single species by the restless look they always have. Solans, they call themselves, rarely organized in the vast cosmos. They seek only the occasional kind host in their never ending journeys through the stars, not looking for somewhere in particular, just looking. To crews that take them on, there is an old knowledge: Solans bring fortune to their hosts, one good turn for another. Perhaps it is their occasional tinkering with ship parts to keep them running longer than they should, perhaps the morale they bring as companions to all who would have them, perhaps they are simply good luck to have, but stories of these Solans keeping ships in the sky is worth the meager rations and small rooms to dwell in. Sometimes they will travel with ships for far longer than a single journey, becoming a friendly face to hold the crew together, or even considered a fixture of the ship itself. They themselves find this reputation rather amusing, calling themselves “Fair Folk” from legends of their own planet. Like these “Folk”, they can be a force to be reckoned with when someone affects them outside their rules (Ask before taking, do no harm to the innocent, leave choice to those who will be effected), or even just to defend their hosts; Solans are infamous for their “protective aggression,” fighting ruthlessly for the sake of bonded shipmates, even against more of their own kind (which they seem to inherently recognize). What is little spoken-of, however, is their greatest advantage: they are wanderers, observers, and collectors.Younger Solans will use their knowledge and supplies of dangerous weaponry of different species to hold their own against larger opponents, and elder Solans, more titanium than carbon-based, will know ships, enemy flight patterns, and tactical weak points to target in ships or even being-to-being contact with little more than their own appendages or a basic plasma cannon. This dichotomy, unsettling companion and infamous warrior, can polarize ship-crews about whether to accept Solans and carefully observe their unusual rules, or keep a safe distance from them, but one thing is agreed on: they never stop moving. Even in sleep, they will shift and turn, claiming to see things that aren’t in their “dreams”, and a core aspect of most Solan religions is the soul continuing to another place after the body dies, with the remains most often burned to ash and scattered over the molten surface of their dead world. Solans, even in death, do not stop moving. They simply wait.

Submitted by: @thefangi