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Bigger Frank Fontaine, hes like Fontaine, but 4x the size, he dies immediately after being cloned because his lungs collapse under their own weight

He was created as a bodyguard by Suchong and Tenenbaum under Fontaine’s orders, he wasn’t able to trust his protection to anyone but himself.

@doctoralexander I’m not sure if you’ve seen this!!!

“Access to the memories as any kind of organized intelligence required some pretty heavy specific splicing. We always thought that Gil was probably the only adult implanted with a slug, spliced a bit thereafter to try and stabilize him (the tank solution) and that led to his current condition. Tenenbaum calls out that putting the slug in a man is a bad idea, we sort of figured that Lamb had to learn the hard way.”


imagine Eleanor Lamb seeing snow for the first time

imagine Eleanor building snowmen with the little sisters, having snowball fights, watching them play without the fear of Rapture drowning the light in their eyes (and even in the childhood she doesn’t remember, her mother never let her play with other children like this. this is as new as the sun and the sky)

imagine Eleanor returning them to their families, one by one, because her mother stole their normal lives and it’s Eleanor’s responsibility (not her fault, but those aren’t the same) to give it back to them

imagine Eleanor spending the next winter inside, without them, watching snow fall outside the window (and thinking, if she listens closely enough, she can still hear them laughing)

Something that bothers me more and more about Minerva’s Den (which I still adore completely) is how easy it would have been to acknowledge the player’s moral choices and solve a plot hole at the same time. When Tenenbaum leaves the ticket booth in Bioshock 2 (the last time we see her in the main game), she’s with a bunch of Little Sisters. When we see her in Minerva’s Den, those Little Sisters aren’t with her. And the ending slides only show two sets of footprints leaving the bathysphere, so those Little Sisters just vanished.

It would have been so much better if they were with Tenenbaum when Sigma meets her. If he saved all of them, they’d thank him; if he harvested any, they’d cower in fear. It’s still not as meaningful as the choices in the main game, but at least it would be acknowledged. And it would answer the question of where the hell those Little Sisters went between the time Tenenbaum was at the ticket booth and the time she got to the Den.

(The Sisters that are with Eleanor in the good ending are only the ones who helped her get the lifeboat free, so that (unfortunately) isn’t an answer.)

Minerva’s Den takes place concurrent with the main game, so it isn’t like Tenenbaum could have dropped the Little Sisters off on the surface and then come back for Porter. The only canon explanation I can think of is that those Little Sisters died during that unaccounted-for time.

+99999 self loathing and guilt for Tenenbaum, I guess.

I was thinking about post-bio 2 things and

if you think about it from Sofia’s pov, this is the second time Brigid has taken her daughter away from her

first was by turning her into a Little Sister, second was by helping her revive Delta

Bioshock AU where Sofia doesn’t break out of Persephone until after Tenenbaum rescues a bunch of Little Sisters, and one of those Little Sisters just happens to be Eleanor

The children with their very long needles, their tuneless songs, their ghastly errands. Their ghoulish, Frankenstein fathers. But, we’ve all placed our hand on the Great Chain of endeavor. My hand is on it, Fontaine’s is on it – We all pull it and are pulled by it. Yes, these children are an abomination. But it is not my hand alone on the chain that created them. No. Their little fingers were right there, next to mine.

never forget that Andrew Ryan tried to blame the Little Sisters for being turned into Little Sisters

Building a supercomputer in the 1960s cost the modern equivalent of $50,000,000. I’m trying to figure out where the hell Brigid Tenenbaum could have gotten the resources to rebuild the Thinker (which… needs ADAM to operate…), and honestly there are no good options that don’t have Consequences.

(If anyone has a skype and would be willing to let me ramble about the implications of Bio 2 plot holes, hmu.)

Biotage: Year-end report for 2015


Regulatory News:

Fourth quarter, October – December 2015

· Group net sales in the fourth quarter 2015 amounted to 168.5 MSEK (137.8), an increase by 22.4 percent compared to the corresponding period last year. At comparable exchange rates sales increased by 6.4 percent.

· Operating profit (EBIT) amounted to 20.2 MSEK (27.2). The comparative period 2014 includes 13.5 MSEK relating to a retroactive reversal of goodwill write-down. Adjusted for this one-time effect the operating profit increased by 6.4 MSEK from 13.7 MSEK last year, an increase by 47.0 percent.

· Result after tax amounted to 20.7 MSEK (30.2). Adjusted for the one-time effect 2014 the result after tax increased by 4.1 MSEK from 16.7 MSEK last year, an increase by 24.4 percent.

· Earnings per share amounted to 0.32 SEK (0.47). Excluding the one-time effect earnings per share amounted to 0.26 SEK in 2014.

· The cash flow from operating activities increased to 33.3 MSEK (29.0).

Full year January - December 2015

· Group net sales in 2015 amounted to 610.5 MSEK (490.4), an increase by 120.2 MSEK, corresponding to 24.5 percent. At comparable exchange rates sales increased by 8.4 percent.

· Operating profit (EBIT) increased by 19.1 percent to 74.8 MSEK (62.8). Excluding the one-time effect 2014 operating profit increased by 25.5 MSEK from 49.3 MSEK, an increase by 51.7 percent.

· Result after tax amounted to 73.3 MSEK (64.6) an increase by 13.4 percent. Adjusted for the one-time item 2014 the result after tax increased by 22.1 MSEK, corresponding to 43.3 percent.

· Earnings per share amounted to 1.13 SEK (1.00). Excluding the one-time effect earnings per share increased by 0.34 SEK from 0.79 SEK in 2014.

· The cash flow from operating activities amounted to 120.1 MSEK (80.9).

· Net cash at December 31 amounted to 134.9 MSEK (95.0).

· Dividends to the shareholders to the amount of 48.5 MSEK (38.8) were paid in May.

· The Board of Directors intends to propose to the AGM dividends to the share­holders for 2015 amounting to 1.00 SEK per share (0.75) and, in addition thereto, an extra ordinary dividend of 0.25 SEK per share. According to the dividend policy Biotage should distribute at least 50 percent of the net profit.

Comments by CEO Torben Jörgensen

Biotage ends the year with a strong last quarter. For the full year we exceed our financial targets with an organic sales growth of 8.4 percent at comparable exchange rates and an operating margin (EBIT) of 12.2 percent. We have received a good contribution from favorable exchange rates, above all the US dollar, and in reported figures our sales grew by 22.4 percent in the quarter and by 24.5 percent in the full year. At the same time we have a negative currency effect as a great part of our cost base is located in the UK, with a relatively strong GBP during the year.

The operating cash flow for the year has developed very favorably and we achieved a 48 percent improvement compared to last year. All in all 2015 was a very satisfying year for Biotage.

All our product areas grew in 2015. In the Industrial products area, which grows by 33 percent on a full year basis, we pursue development in close cooperation with existing and potential customers concerning separation and purification. This work and the sales it generates show that we have a broad and competitive range of polymers and silica-based products. They constitute an attractive base for continued growth in the product area, at the same time as sales vary considerably over time due to the fact that the development work often takes long time and our customers’ production often is carried out in campaigns.

Biotage’s single biggest product areas are Purification and Sample Prep, which both end a solid year with a good last quarter. In Purification we particularly note strong sales of our Flash system Isolera™ in China, mainly to customers engaged in contract research. We also see a continued good sales development for our system platform Extrahera™ in Sample Prep. Both these systems contribute to driving the sales of consumables and service.

The product launches of recent years are now bearing fruit and we feel that we are well equipped to face the competition in our strategically most important product areas. We continue to invest in our system platforms and related consumables in order to continuously improve our customer offering and strengthen our competitiveness. We are planning for new launches in 2016.

All geographic regions with direct sales grew, in the last quarter as well as in the full year. China had the biggest percentage growth with a high and stable growth rate throughout the year. The organic growth in the Chinese market amounts to no less than 34 percent. Also the Americas, Europe and japan continue their strong sales trend from the previous quarters. Of Biotage’s sales in 2015 the Americas – primarily the USA and Canada – account for almost 44 percent. The direct sales in Europe reached a record level for the region and exceeded 50 MSEK in the last quarter of the year. Despite a slow start the annual sales in Europe grew organically by 9 percent. The Japanese sales organization has faced a difficult economic market climate with tough challenges. Still Japan ends the year with a strong last quarter and can report strong growth for the full year.

The distributor sales have generally developed considerably poorer than the direct sales. In EMEA especially the uncertain situation in Saudi Arabia has been a strongly contributing factor to the weak sales. In the APAC countries there are varying causes for why the sales are not materializing as fast as we wish. Here we have carried out relatively comprehensive changes in 2015 which we expect to have effect in 2016. However, we can observe that having our own local sales staff, with or without support from local distributors, is a successful sales model for Biotage.

We are continuously working with improving the efficiency of our production plant in Cardiff, Wales. In 2015 substantial efforts began to have effect and together with the currency effects these contribute to the improvement of the gross margin to 56.1 percent (54.4) in 2015.

In 2015 the distribution of sales of systems versus aftermarket products (consumables and service) was 45 (44) and 55 (56) percent, respectively. We are a bit short of our strategic goal of 40 percent for systems versus 60 percent for aftermarket products. This is largely explained by successful system launches.

All in all 2015 was a fantastic year, but also in many respect a challenging one. We have seen varying financial conditions in many of the markets where we operate. Also 2016 will probably bring challenges, but I look forward to the new year with confidence. We are well prepared to meet the market.

The information in this press release is of the kind that Biotage AB (publ) is required to make public according to the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was released for publication at 08.30 on February 11, 2016.

About Biotage

Biotage offers efficient separation technologies from analysis to industrial scale and high quality solutions for analytical chemistry from research to commercial analysis laboratories. Biotage’s products are used by government authorities, academic institutions, pharmaceutical and food companies, among others. The company is headquartered in Uppsala and has offices in the US, UK, China and Japan. Biotage has approx. 290 employees and had sales of 611 MSEK in 2015. Biotage is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm stock exchange. Website:

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