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He’d fallen marvelously in love with birds. Bread-stealing, noisy gulls circling overhead; the timid finches scattered across the islands. Back home, he was definitely going to have to purchase a sturdy white bird cage - there were no words to describe his infatuation, sketches across his journal.

Patrick loved his research; loved it more than anything else in the world. That lunch he nattered off about bird beaks and biosystemic transformations. It was all the whole research ship could talk about. It stretched all the way into the night. Just before bed, he’d gaze into his journals and kick his legs back in forth just admiring the specimen. Replaying the memories of fieldwork.

His captain’s distinctive, clank-against-the-wood footsteps, tore him from his thoughts. Patrick turned his head towards the entrance of the quarters.“Crew, there’s a storm. We’re giving the nautical a rest and docking it. And, no, there are no bird sightings here - what a bummer.”

There was something off about the captain. He was normally hearty. Assertive, but fully hearty. But just now - the past few seconds - Patrick could tell something was off. It’d been a long day, though, and he could feel the tilt of the boat as it docked against the island, rocking him to sleep on top of his journal.

His eyes dithered to sleep… until he heard a faint sound - a melody? - spur him awake. Patrick looked around. Nobody… nobody was around… They’d all left their quarters, leaving the quarters dry and echoey. Perhaps he should investigate; perhaps he should sleep…

Or… he could search for birds.

What if - what if he heard the faint melody of birds…

He left the ship, watching the moonlight slide over the ocean waves like silver. “H-Hello? You guys? Where are you?”


I actually put in actual effort today. I went to engineering open houses and I’ve found it guys. I know for sure I want bio systems. I really want to make a difference and be personal about it. Seeing those students talk and the professors, everyone was so close. I absolutely loved it and all the senior design projects that we saw, oh it was sooo intriguing. I can’t help myself I was like a kid in a candy shop. In other news I’m back to training with running, with the better weather I needed it. My aunt wants to do a half marathon with me so I need to get back to lonnggg distances. No more 4milers. I hope everyone had an awesome Tuesday, I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone’s day just saying! Happy Tuesday!

Title: Love to Say I Told You So (1/5)

Ships: Enjolras/Grantaire, background Combeferre/Courfeyrac

Notes: About a gazillion years ago, I did a fic giveaway and @thelibrarina​ won a 1k fic. This happened, instead. Betaed by Ani and Anthony.

Summary: “Well, are you thinking about falling in love with me right now?”

“No?” Enjolras tries. “But then again I’m not  thinking about much of anything right now besides how to get more coffee out of you, so–”

“Exactly,” Grantaire says cheerfully. “It’s the perfect plan.”

Enjolras snorts. “I really don’t think let’s not fall in love with each other counts as any plan whatsoever, let alone a perfect one.”

(In which Enjolras blames Grantaire, Grantaire blames Enjolras, and Courfeyrac never lets them live it down.)

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Hello Studyblr! 

This my introduction post of sorts (well reintroduction) to the studyblr community. I used to have a side blog studyblr called sincerely-studying, but I was never consistent with using it and I found it distracting to have all of my regular tumblr stuff on my dash. I figured since I will be starting my first year of college at the University of Nebraska in a few weeks I should start getting organized! As an engineering student I'm going to have a crazy busy course load, so the first thing I did was plan out my first week of classes. By writing my schedule down in my planner, I’ve allowed myself to put that first week in focus and has taken away some of my anxiety about finding my way on a huge campus. I hope to get to know more of you as I take this studying journey this year! 

-Tara, BioSystems Engineering Major at UNL