Goats clean up LA

I’ve been all about goats lately. My mother wants to start raising chickens at her house but the neighborhood is full of cats, not to mention burglars. Chicken burglary is real, people. But goats? The roadrunners might give a goat some attitude but he’d sling it right back, and I’ve heard their not bad as guards. Apparently they’re pretty social though, so you’d need a couple of ‘em, and if you want any milk they have to keep kidding. Dilemmas, dilemmas.


I actually put in actual effort today. I went to engineering open houses and I’ve found it guys. I know for sure I want bio systems. I really want to make a difference and be personal about it. Seeing those students talk and the professors, everyone was so close. I absolutely loved it and all the senior design projects that we saw, oh it was sooo intriguing. I can’t help myself I was like a kid in a candy shop. In other news I’m back to training with running, with the better weather I needed it. My aunt wants to do a half marathon with me so I need to get back to lonnggg distances. No more 4milers. I hope everyone had an awesome Tuesday, I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone’s day just saying! Happy Tuesday!

Jesse Jacobs’ pantone panoply Safari Honeymoon has been reviewed by A.V. Club.

“When reading Jesse Jacobs’ Safari Honeymoon the primary feeling is one of total immersion. It’s not just a graphic novel about a newlywed couple taking their honeymoon in a strange, dangerous environment, it’s a sensory experience that engulfs the reader in an intricately detailed biosystem of horrific parasites, alien foliage, and geometric spirits.” — Oliver Sava, A.V. Club

Read the whole review here!
An emerging leader
Elizabeth Alonzi recently completed a fellowship designed to tap the next generation of leaders in food security.

A program begun recently by local food company Land O’Lakes seeks to cultivate that next generation. Its Global Food Challenge—Emerging Leaders for Food Security program taps 10 or more exceptional college students each year for a yearlong fellowship. Elizabeth Alonzi was among the 2015-16 cohort of emerging leaders. The University of Minnesota junior is studying bioproducts and biosystems engineering in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE).