BioSummerians 2011

Follow up for my latest post,these are now or never blogs. I will now grab the opportunity to make these blog entries which are long been over due. First stop are photos from our BioSummerians Trip. This trip is a requirement for Third year BUCS Biology students (for some this is like OJT) but these one’s different. It’s actually a 10-day summer class training and at the same time an educational trip. Two way Fun! This type of teaching is what I like most rather than the traditional teaching inside the classroom or laboratory wherein your knowledge is only limited to power-points,textbooks,etc. In here, you acquire practical knowledge because you actually experience the techniques in fieldworks with the guidance of experts on different fields. Plus! You appreciate more Mother nature because we are exposed to the diverse forests of Mt. Makiling. 

So here are some of the photos, enjoy as i reminisce the good times these summer! :)

Alps Bus Company-Our official travel partner.  Their staff is so friendly! Thank you for the safe trip!

10-day Short Summer course in University of the Philippines Los Banos Laguna.

College of Forestry area

Groupmates! Just had a lot of fun with them. :D

First day Class: Mycology. Everyone is quite interested. Even myself was amazed by these mushrooms. Andameng kabute! XD

Busy identifying mushroom species! XD

With the 2 Masters. the 2 Sir Manny’s (not sure if its really Manny for Sir Pampolina-2nd picture) :D - known for their contribution in preserving the Myco-herbarium in the Museum of Natural History. Mycologist. They can identify mushroom at one glance and give its scientific name. 2 thumbs up for Awesomeness! @.@

Collection of antique microscopes. probably some known scientists have used this before..

UPLB Museum of Natural History our headquarters for Meal Times! :D

*First wave*