Season 3 Episode 17b - Biosquare

This episode is not one of my personal favorites, but the fact that Helga did not once go into an “Arnold locket sequence” led me to believe that she must be silently beating herself up for reverting to her aggressive tendencies while she’s basically locked in a small room with Arnold for 24 hours, which I found pretty interesting. You’d think she’d be thrilled to have this opportunity, especially with as welcoming as Arnold is being to her while in there, but she just starts acting like her dad instead.

Yet another big piece for the next episode. See you in a week or so!


Arnold’s and Helga’s house from the town I made in New Leaf! :) The town of Hillwood is still in-progress but I’m finished with the houses. I have a few references to the episodes scattered throughout the rooms (like the ants from the biosquare episode, Eugene’s fish Angel, Oskar’s room, Helga’s viking helmet, ect.) so try to spot them all! :D 

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