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New remix up, happily embraced my inner teenage angst with this one

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the idea of Infinite being a creation of Dr. Robotnik?

If it is indeed the case, then it’s not only a relief (since it means that it’s not a monster of the week, and that Robotnik genuinely did take over the world with “his own power” as it were), but also very interesting, since Infinite is essentially to Ivo what Shadow was to Gerald. Seems Robotnik is now skilled at bio-engineering in addition to his usual robotics.

Let’s just hope Infinite stays loyal…


I’m just saying, this character gives me severe anxiety. I don’t know why but he does. And his theme song? Oh g o d don’t get me started. I really hope Infinite is a good villain, honestly. I mean he got Shadow on his side, and that gives me MEGA anxiety, It is Shadow we’re talking about. The Ultimate Life-Form.

I just really hope he is a good villain.

Like Mephiles, I really thought Mephiles was a good villain.

steamystefano  asked:

so from the trailers it seems that eggman created infinite. that... doesn't seem right. i mean, his design is too personalized to be a creation. he's missing an eye and his face is covered by a mask. the fact that he'd be created by eggman sends the questions of how he got those features out the window. it almost feels like they made the design first and the story later, not bothering to make one consistent with the other. what do you think?

You know what I was reminded of when it was revealed that Infinite was created by Dr Eggman?

Type: Null in the Pokemon series.

I’m guessing that Infinite is possibly a chimera or something. That is, a mix of different species and given his power by the Phantom Ruby prototype.

I was surprised though that the doctor is accomplished in regars to biological science. I thought he was predominantly a master of robotics and was comparitively lacking when it comes to biological sciences.