Swan Song

Facial hair. Full, thick and square. Nothing sculpted. If you have to sculpt it, that probably means you can’t grow it.

Ron Swanson-inspired cosmetic item for the Heavy! Concept by retrocitrus, model by donhonk, and texture and promotional content by void-oid, with irl help from retro~!!

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 > ICON <  1 (THIS one actually isnt 500x500 but u Get The Point)

> SKETCH < waist-up: 1 / 2 // fullbody: 1 / 2 (sorry if the sketch category looks wonky…these are p old LOL..)

> FULL-COLOR < waist-up : 1 / 2 // fullbody : 1 / 2

> PALETTE < waist-up : 1 / 2 // fullbody : 1 / 2

(ALSO!!!** these arent listed, but i do waist-up simple line commissions so: 


***bgs are usually a gradient or a simple color and are at no extra charge

***all canvases start off as 2480x2507 at 300dpi and are later cropped to suit needs. if you would like specific sizes please let me know in advance!!!

***with palette commissions you can choose a palette or you can give me a color and i’ll work from there. both are fine!!



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It baffles me that there are people who truly believe Pérez is unfairly being targeted. This is the same man who amended the club’s bylaws so that it becomes practically impossible to nominate decent candidates to challenge his presidency. 

Case in point:
- Candidate requirements have doubled from a minimum 10 years as a socio to 20 years.
- Candidates must secure 15% of the annual budget without 3rd party assistance (which explains why he revels in being named Forbes’ richest club year after year).

No one will deny that he’s an astute businessman, but that’s precisely the problem. Our club’s success shouldn’t be measured by the number of shirts we sell or the renovations to a stadium that doesn’t require it. There is such a thing as long term vision, and he and his board don’t seem to have one outside of being the most marketable club in the world. 

It’s pathetic that in his 12 years as president, we have won just 5 major titles. To dismiss a manager that not only the players, but the fans AND media praise, is just a slap in the face. I’m not excusing any of our past coaches for missteps along the way, but at some point people must realize that maybe it’s not only management we should be looking at with a critical eye. 

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What happened to Beth,
I will carry that with me forever.