bioshock wallpapers


|1513 White Fly|
|Edits made by me :)|


[Minimalistic Video Games IPhone Wallpaper]
[Edits made by me :)]


Ellie - The Last of Us 2 

Amanda - Alien: Isolation

Sam - Until Dawn

Jodie - Beyond: Two Souls

Kara - Detroit: Become Human

Ellen - Alien: Isolation

Elizabeth - BioShock Infinite


Another blogger reminded me last night I had these waiting in my drafts to post. I made a few myself (Picture 1, 6 & 10). Adjustments will need to be made to fit your lockscreen for some. I don’t usually have any issues. Check out @bathyspheric for their posts on some more great lockscreens!

If you want to see more just go to this link: