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Another blogger reminded me last night I had these waiting in my drafts to post. I made a few myself (Picture 1, 6 & 10). Adjustments will need to be made to fit your lockscreen for some. I don’t usually have any issues. Check out @bathyspheric for their posts on some more great lockscreens!

If you want to see more just go to this link:

American Horror Story: Rapture

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Denis O’Hare as Andrew Ryan

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Zachary Quinto as Frank Fontaine

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Finn Wittrock as Atlas

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Jessica Lange as Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum

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Evan Peters as Jack

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Joseph Fiennes as Dr. Steinman

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Sarah Paulson as Julie Langford

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Neil Patrick Harris as Sander Cohen

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Also Starring:

Michael Chiklis – Peach Wilkins
Lily Rabe – Diane McClintock
Chloë Sevigny – Jasmine Jolene
Daniel Dae Kim - Dr. Yi Suchong


Jamie Brewer as the voice of the Little Sisters

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John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Bubbles

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October - 2016

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post  TEN  characters  you’d  like  to  roleplay  as,   have  roleplayed  as,   &  might  bring  back,   then  tag  ten  people  to  do  the  same.


victor creed  ( marvel )
roadhog ( overwatch )   hiatus 
credence  ( fbawtft )   hiatus??

ramsay bolton  ( asoiaf ) 
rafe adler  ( uncharted 4 ) 
garrett hawke  ( dragon age II ) 
kenny  ( telltale’s twdg ) 
nathan prescott  ( life is strange ) 
randall tier  ( hannibal ) 
eddie gluskin  ( outlast : whistleblower )

mason verger ( hannibal ) 
ray velcoro ( true detective ) 
cassidy  ( preacher ) 
georgette ( last exit to brooklyn ) 
michael de santa   ( gta v )   do u see what i’m doing here, nannie? 
walter white ( breaking bad ) 
j.s  steinman  ( bioshock )
oliver thredson  ( ahs : asylum ) 

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TAGGING:  @fadetogrey​ @ironclad @runrisk @astralord @hurtlives @valorslain​  &  whoever wants to do it <3