bioshock propaganda

things I also love about bioshock that I missed from my last post:

  • that one splicer in arcadia who calls u beautiful ♥
  • the security bots. honestly they’re so fucking stupid and
    crash into the walls 40 times, they’re like my idiot children
    with machine guns strapped to them I love
  • langford not giving a fuck about rapture drama she just
    wants her plants back
  • when u walk into fontaine’s apartment and he’s got 
    ‘danny boy’ playing on the phonograph way to rub salt
    in the wound frank u piece of shit
  • the circus of values clown haunting ur nightmares until
    the day u die
  • walking into the fighting mcdonagh’s tavern and going
    off ur tiny 4 yr old tits on abandoned undersea booze
  • and this: