bioshock infinite spoilers

You know what floors me, honestly?

Rosalind’s voxophones to Robert are dated 1983. According to Bioshock Infinite’s timeline, the main storyline takes place in 1912, and the Lutece twins were ‘murdered’ in 1909.

1893 to 1909. That means Rosalind and Robert were together for at least sixteen years. That also puts into perspective how young they were when they invented the Lutece particle; assuming they look to be in their late 30s (forever, thanks to Fink), and they were together sixteen years prior to that, they must have been in their early 20s when they invented that machine. At that age (give or take a year or two, 22 or so) Rosalind had already figured out how to transfuse her alternate self into her own universe.

1909 to 1912. After spending sixteen years together, they spent another 3 years scattered across space and time (if time is even relevant to them anymore).

No wonder they’re so close. Not only for genetic reasons, but to have spent almost half your life with someone like that? Their relationship is so tight-knit and amazing.

TLDR; I love the Lutece twins and everything about their intellect and their relationship.


A/N Post contains spoilers for Bioshock Infinite and Burial at Sea endings. You’ve warned.

Imagine Tony spoilers end of your favorite game because you ignoring him.

- Hey, y/n, you coming to my party right?

- Um? Oh, no I still have…some stuff to do.

- It’s for the third time in a row.  You have to come, no excuses.

- I truly can’t. It’s very important and very time consuming process.

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Fic Recs: Bioshock Infinite Gen fic

for atuin

I haven’t played the Burial at Sea DLC, so none of these fics reference it.  I will put an Astrix next to any that don’t contain spoilers.

The Songbird ones wreck me the most.  :/

Anna’s Safe Haven by Lewdist

Status: Complete  Rating: G Warnings: N/A

Summary:  Booker proves there’s more to protecting someone then using a gun.

Heroes and Liars by LoonyLupin

Status: Complete  Rating: T Warnings: Character death, gore

Summary:  Elizabeth doesn’t know if she’s a monster or a hero. Booker tries to help her understand she’s neither.

* The Horse Thief by supercarXS

Status: Complete  Rating: G Warnings: Animal abuse, violence

Summary: Booker DeWitt’s done just about everything… Why not add horse theft to the list?

The Other Door by vaguely_concerned

Status: Complete  Rating: T Warnings: N/A

Summary:  When Anna was a baby, he’d fetch her from her crib on nights like that and sleep with her lying on his chest, warm and breathing and safely nestled under his palm.

Sea of Doors by AvrielleRogue

Status: Complete  Rating: G Warnings: N/A

Summary: Booker chooses to enter a different lighthouse and gets a glimpse of a timeline he’d been searching for.

* Tales from a Kinder World series by Xzeihoranth

Status: WIP series  Rating: G-T Warnings: Blood, violence

Summary: Booker DeWitt’s fateful journey through Columbia begins more pleasantly than you might expect, but don’t expect it to stay that way for long. For as with so many of his counterparts, it must end in tragedy…

There is Time by Lyaksandra

Status: Complete  Rating: G Warnings: N/A

Summary:  Booker DeWitt realizes that what he owes his daughter may be much more than what he is about to accomplish. If all the suffering Comstock can cause has already been left in his wake, then there may actually be time to mend his relationship with Anna.


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