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Hello! I fell in love with your art style as soon as I have set my sights on it, for some reason it's very pleasing for my eyes. It's such an inspiration for me :) I don't know if you take requests but if it's not too much, is it possible for you to draw the Lutece twins from the game Bioshock, if you haven't heard of it yet you should check it out! If you are interested :D I think it would be lovely to see them in your style! Thank you and I hope you are having a good day!

hey i love the lettuce twins


“What can I do for you?”
“There is a girl who needs be found. Maybe you’ve seen her”

chefpyrosjunk replied to your post “all it takes is one quantum chemistry course to learn to resent the…”


pop culture only ever uses quantum science for one of two things

1. as a way to make a character sound smart by having them talk about it, often giving incorrect information as a result - see Big Bang Theory and Sheldon explaining that Schrodinger’s Cat is an “explanation of Copenhagen theorem” and claiming that the cat truly is both dead and alive until the box is opened and the superpositions collapse when the true point of Schrodinger’s Cat was to criticize the Copenhagen theorem and showcase the inherent absurdity of assuming macroscale objects can exist in multiple states simultaneously

2. as a way to explain weird bullshit. oftentimes writers just throw ‘quantum mechanics’ at the wall if they have no other way to justify some weird multiverse-shit or weird magic-shit or weird future-shit - see Bioshock Infinite and Elizabeth materializing shit out of thin air “because quantum science”

all of this makes quantum science seem incomprehensible to the layman (it’s not) or unexplainably magical (it’s not), and it’s just frustrating to see an extremely interesting and fundamentally surreal branch of science being treated like it’s some hocus-pocus shit that “even Albert Einstein couldn’t comprehend!” (he died before they were able to fully comprehend quantum entanglement. he totally could have comprehended it if he didn’t beef it before they figured it all out)

I just found this, and I have to laugh because of how incredibly accurate it is (well, except the fact that it uses the original Elizabeth model).

You may be the one doing the shooting, but she’s the one running around finding med kits and salts to keep your ass alive.  She’s the one making decisions on where to go, coming up with strategies, and opening the tears just so your broad-chested self can get past a locked gate.  Never is all of this more apparent than when playing the game in 1999 mode (especially if you’re trying to do so without buying anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine).

So thank you, Elizabeth, for putting up with Booker’s shit.