bioshock infinite shit

No Longer
Lady A. Comstock
No Longer
January the 5th, 1895

Lutece says the bastard is a creation not of her womb, but of some unholy science. I do not know which is true. The child is no more divine than I. What says that for my husband’s prophecy? He begs my silence, but I can only offer him forgiveness. But with repentance need come truth. I can suffer his lies no longer.


“What can I do for you?”
“There is a girl who needs be found. Maybe you’ve seen her”

badlydrawnstraizo-deactivated20  asked:

Elizabeth Comstock. Burial At Sea and BioShock Infinite's Part 2 outfit?? ((Stone Ocean is literally BioShock Infinite anyways lol))

it’s not like elizabeth and i have anything in common….apart from the whole ‘being locked up’ and the ‘absent father’ and the ‘father comes to release me from locked tower’……..

thinking on fallout new vegas again and i really enjoy the fact that the narrative doesn’t try to go all “two sides of the same coin” bioshock infinite kind of shit on your ass when you beat the absolute piss out of the legion

oh man oh MAN i’m imagining a bsi dlc in which you play as daisy in the timeline where booker is a revolutionary, and part of the story (not all of it, but part) can be about meeting booker and having him join the revolution, while the rest is about daisy kicking ass and managing the revolution and giving inspiring speeches oh man i wish this were real SO BAD