When people make edits for playlist cover, I made an entire comic strip hahah.

Look at me picking a ship almost a year after the series end.

But I’ve been wanting to draw/write something about Jack meeting Elizabeth in a dream though. Whether Liz is a ghost who can’t crossover and wander endlessly through the sea of doors or Jack just connects to her spiritually at her worse psyche via dream, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, it’s something like that.

// Aprés un Rêve - Gabriel Fauré // Once Upon A Dream - Lana Del Rey // Kiseki no Hito - Ryoka Yuzuki, Nana Mizuki // Radical Dreamers~Lé Tressor Interdit - Noriko Mitose // EXEC_SPHILIA/. - Noriko Mitose // I Hear You Everywhere - Rie Tanaka // No Frontiers - The Corrs // Beyond the Sea - Celtic Woman // La Vie En Rose - Melody Gardot //

If this is also your otp, I love you.


If hearing this song spouting from a radio in Burial at Sea episode 2 didn’t make you cry, you have no heart

I’m flashing back to 2013 for this week’s #tbt and my first photoshoot as Booke4 Dewitt with the amazing Andrei Guiamoy Photography. This shot - and this cosplay - won me the Irrational Games Cosplay Competition, where I was selected out of all the cosplayers who entered from across the US and Europe by the staff who made Bioshock Infinite last year. It was a massive honour and still fills me with joy to this day. Look out for a little more Booker from me later this year.