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We all make choices. But in the end, our choices make us.

Andrew Ryan: (born Андрей Раяновский) is the founder of Rapture and the owner of Ryan Industries. He is the Chairman of the Rapture City Council, owner and operator of Hephaestus, and one of the most important men in the city. He only appears in person in the Rapture Central Control, but he sends radio communications throughout Jack’s travels.

Track: Dancers on a String

Unofficial Track: The Bloody King

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“Who watches over sleeping angels? I do, I do…”

Little Sister: Young girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from corpses around Rapture. Little Sisters are almost always accompanied by a Big Daddy. Attacking them will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy protectors.

Once Big Daddies came into full production, the Little Sisters were also put through a course of Pavlovian psychological exercises,designed to force them into rejecting all positive feelings towards any mother-type figure, and instead place all of their affection upon a generic Big Daddy archetype. As a result, the little girls see every Big Daddy protecting them as the same person, and consider the mere mention of the word ‘Mommy’ to be taboo.

Track: How She Sees The World

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Ladies, don’t let a few wrinkles or crow’s feet get between you and the man in your dreams. Whatever the flaw, Dr. Steinman has a solution. Come see him at Aesthetic Ideals in the Medical Pavilion…

Medical Pavilion: As ADAM became widely available among the citizens of Rapture, its self-healing abilities changed the use of all of the Pavilion’s healing facilities. Due to the instability of ADAM and excessive use amongst many of Rapture’s citizens, unforeseen physical deformations began to occur. In response, many hospital facilities quickly became replaced by cosmetic surgery facilities such as Dandy Dental and Dr. Steinman’s Aesthetic Ideals. 

Track: Dr. Steinman 

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Lord help the lost ship that wanders into these waters unaware – for suddenly, compasses spin awry and radios fill with static. Then the Phantom Lighthouse looms suddenly in the mist.

The Lighthouse: The building itself is a navigational tower standing on a small rocky island located at approximately 63° N, 32° W in the middle of
the Atlantic Ocean. The Lighthouse actually conceals the only access to
the underwater city of Rapture without a submarine, harboring a single bathysphere linked to the Welcome Center Metro Station, and so
represents the only landmark to the city’s position.

Track: Beyond the Sea

See Also: ATLAS,  Andrew Ryan, Subject Delta, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Big SistersMedical Pavilion