biore nose strips

so there’s this terrible spotify ad (i don’t have premium because unemployed. boo) from biore, about their ridiculous nose strips, and i want to throw something across the room every damn time i hear it. FIRST OFF, those “blackheads” on your nose usually aren’t even blackheads, they’re sebaceous filaments. if your skin is properly washed and exfoliated, then they’re not dirt, they’re supposed to be there. they’re just going to come back and biore KNOWS THAT, so they have that awful ad telling you that they look “dirty” and disgusting (their words!!! idk about the word disgusting but i know they used dirty and the entire ad is very very self esteem-killing) so you’ll keep on buying the damn nose strips for a fake condition that isn’t going to go away. you can diminish their appearance using AHA exfoliants, but they will be back within 24-48 hours if you try to remove them.

in other words: fuck you and your predatory scam, biore. throw out ur biore strips guys.

Alright. For all my boos that have skin that tends to breakout as badly as mine and are on a budget, here’s some tips and tricks I’ve learned:

1. Anything with 10% benzoyl peroxide is your new best friends. It dries out zits and makes them disappear. You can buy it over the counter and even a cheap off brand acne medicine with that will work. However, only use it once or twice a day and moisturize a lot cause it’ll leave your skin dry.
2. Clean and Clear deep action exfoliating scrub is your new best friend. It’ll make your skin feel amazing.
3. Don’t worry about using toner. It’s to balance the PH in your skin, but because of skin care advancements your face washes will do that already.
4. Rose hip oil helps reduce redness and acne scars. It also moisturizes your face without making your skin oily. You can order it for like $6 on Amazon.
5. Take the money you’re saving by not buying toner and use it for Biore nose strips for blackheads or get a nice clay face mask treatment. Get the kind in the bottle that’ll last you awhile instead of the one use kind. I recommend anything with charcoal, mint, or the Lush coffee facemask.
6. For makeup, I like Maybeline products. I feel like they aren’t super oily and don’t make my skin breakout. ELF has some super bomb highlighters too if you like to glow like me.
7. Anything from ELF is gonna work great, wear great, and not make the bank break. Seriously. That $5 foundation is my life. And they’ve got some good setting spray.
8. Exfoliate your lips. You can use any kind of lip scrub for that, but I like the ELF kind.
9. Chapstick (any brand. I like the Nivea kind a lot, personally) is your new best friend for you lips.
10. Eat yogurt. It’s good for you and has antioxidants to help fight the bacteria that can make skin breakout.

Now go. Prosper with clear skin my lovelies.

Random beauty tip

So you know those Biore nose strips that you lift every time you go to Walmart? and they work like shit? Yeah I just found a way to make your nose so much softer and prettier. And all you need is Elmer’s glue and a q-tip. I was watching youtube and ended up at the weird beauty tip side of it and came across some videos of people using glue to remove blackheads on the nose so I tried it today and my nose is so damn soft!

All you do is put some glue on the q-tip and spread it evenly across your nose/problem area in a thin layer. Let it dry (took me 10-15 minutes) and peel it off! (peel the side off like you do for the Biore strips and the rest will peel right off!) Make sure that whatever glue you use is non-toxic though. Anyone know a random beauty tip you wanna share? :)


All of this was like over the course of 3 days and i took most of the packaging bc i forgot i was gonna post pictures. And these are canadian prices and some i had to guess bc i forgot what the original prices were soz

Urban Outfitters

booties 30$

sunglasses x2 40$ (one pair not shown)


Mini brush set 10$

Olay face brightening cream 10$

Clear Nailpolish 8$ (not shown)


Fibre 1 bars 3$

Essie Top Coat 7$

Essie Fast Drying 7$

Nail Polish Remover 6$

Victoria’s Secret

lace thongs x3 31.50$

sports bras x3 49.50$

black sweater 30.50$

Chapters (it’s a bookstore)

Yes Please by Amy Poehler 20$ (not shown)

Egghead by Bo Burnham 17$

It by Alexa Chung 23$ (not shown)

Winners (kind of like marshalls or ross)

Black lace bra 18$

set of travel brushes 16$

converse socks 7$

knee high socks 9$


Interstellar palette 55$

semi sweet chocolate palette x2 118$ (one not shown)

makeup forever hd foundation x2 98$ (one not shown)

Nars concealer x2 70$ (one not shown)

YSL lipsticks x4 156$ (two not shown)

Urban Decay setting mist 36$

Urban Decay Shadow primer 24$

Nars pore primer 34$

black beauty blender 26$

BB hair powder 31$

Anastasia Brow pencil 30$

nars matte lip pencils x2 62$

kat von d liquid liner pen 18$

too faced melted lipstick 25$

lancome lipgloss 18$


Coco madam x2 180$

Face wipes 6$

Eye brightner thing 22$

Lipgloss stuff that makes ur lips big 22$

Maybelline Foundation 13$

Theyre Real Mascara 23$

l'oreal eye liners x2 20$

l'oreal liquid liner 11$

Earbuds 14$

cuticle clippers 11$

oil wipes 4$

Biore Nose Strips 8$

Biore heat masks 8$

Dior Mascara 30$

Porefessional 27$

Eye Contour kit 23$

Maybelline Eyeliner 7$

Maybelline Shadow Stick 8$

Essie Nailpolish 13$ (not shown)

Matte Nailpolish Coat 13$ (not shown)

Total Saved: 1,606.50$

If it says not shown that’s because i lifted that stuff for my best friend and she has it haha.