biore nose strips

Random beauty tip

So you know those Biore nose strips that you lift every time you go to Walmart? and they work like shit? Yeah I just found a way to make your nose so much softer and prettier. And all you need is Elmer’s glue and a q-tip. I was watching youtube and ended up at the weird beauty tip side of it and came across some videos of people using glue to remove blackheads on the nose so I tried it today and my nose is so damn soft!

All you do is put some glue on the q-tip and spread it evenly across your nose/problem area in a thin layer. Let it dry (took me 10-15 minutes) and peel it off! (peel the side off like you do for the Biore strips and the rest will peel right off!) Make sure that whatever glue you use is non-toxic though. Anyone know a random beauty tip you wanna share? :)