You’re queer, in your 20s, and broke in 2035. You’ve had a few surgeries: some necessary, some cosmetic. If you’re on the cutting edge, you’ve gotten the implants for the Televoca body-hosted smartphone – the biophone. 
Your life sounds something like this.

Biophone is a mix tape for a story collection by the same name. I’ll be releasing the collection in print-on-demand and eBook format by the end of this summer. Check back later for a link to the Amazon page.

  1. The Reason Why–Ladytron
  2. The Beach–New Order
  3. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon–16volt
  4. We Are Electric–T.O.Y.
  5. The Geeks Were Right–The Faint
  6. Kernkraft 400 (Miss Kittin & The Hacker Remix)–Zombie Nation
  7. Sucker DJ–Kotai
  8. Welcome To The Machine–Pink Floyd
  9. Digital Love–Daft Punk
  10. Raw Sugar–Metric
  11. The 15th–Fischerspooner
  12. Cease2xist–Ladytron

similarly: here are some extremely fast/rough book cover mockups

I was thinking I’d use that crosshairs type overlay for all the covers, but I’m not sure about it now. [shrug]

thoughts? preferences? suggestions?

I am trying to describe Biophone characters in under one sentence

  • pale, easily sunburnt cis pro-domme who sometimes shaves her legs and sometimes does not
  • Jewish trans boy truck driver with an Eastern/Central European mum and an absent father
  • dmab Korean woman who kinda wants to be a Disney princess
  • agender Latinx person, possessing a pencil mustache and hoop earrings, who works at a hip cafe that serves, like, quinoa
  • very dark, very skinny DJ who buys most of his clothes at used clothing stores
  • femmey genderqueer Amazon fulfillment employee who only shows up in one short, as the narrator, and for whom I cannot choose between green hair and no hair
specialagentartemis replied to your post:I’m trying to figure out whether I need to change…

I don’t mind “blues” as a verb, but “A bruise blues” just sounds awkward. Even “A bruise purples his forehead” sounds better, I think. Or maybe “A bruise spreads across his forehead,” depending on how big you want his bruise. Or is that too active?

“Purples” gets my vote. It’s not that big of a bruise, haha