Hi, kids, do you like violence space cops? Do you like roleplaying?

Then you may want to join the ESPR Force!

If you’re looking to take a break from Oh So Serious stories and want something silly and carefree, but without venturing into the realm of complete and total “randumb,” maybe you should give us a shot!

It’s the future, we’re in space, there is space crime, and you’re writing the roles of anime space cops and criminals. This centers around the ESPR Force, AKA the Emergency Space Police Response Force, an intergalactic police force with psychic space cops in every squad working to predict crimes and battle them with ridiculous psionic superpowers. Of course, they’re not without opposition and red tape — everything from rowdy space pirates to governmental overreach from the mysterious BIOps (Bureau of Intergalactic Operations) seeks to trip them up at every turn. Danger can come in any form, and the more trivial it is, the more ridiculous it’ll probably become. Embittered evil mimes trashing a museum of sad clown art, culminating in a superpowered battle against a WWII-era tank? Yeah, that’s already happened.

We have about five people right now. We’re not a fast-paced group (school, work, etc), but we generally get a good round or two of posting in per day. Our goal is to make some new friends, make each other laugh, and carry on a fun and funny tale that will hopefully strike a balance between comedy and heart, with ongoing storylines that flesh out the pasts and futures of our bizarre little cast. If I had to cite any main influences for the “feel” of our universe, it would probably be something between Space Patrol Luluco and One Punch Man.

Each thread on the forums is like an episode in an ongoing TV series. The style is very “monster of the week” like that, with new threats and situations popping up every new thread, and the cast of characters steadily growing (hopefully!).

If you want to get straight to the summary and learn more about what this RP’s deal is, check us out! There’s information, current characters, and a link to our discord if you have any questions!

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Lights in the Transmute24 building, early september 2016

On these photos parts of a projects by Mark Kramer, Gijs Verhoofstad, BiOP, z\w\a\r\t\24 and Swarthschrift.

Swarthschrift installation:

Flooded room ;  mud ; a cross of branches, hanging from the ceiling ; black paint ; seven pages of a book with poems by Hélène Swarth (1859-1941).

The black paint is poored in the lake that is the flooded room - the black film that is formed on the water looks like a thin layer of black ice.