bionicle mask of light

Tidbits gained from rewatching Mask of Light (including all the DVD features)

-Ko-Matoran love listening to stories and become much more hospitable to guests who tell them.

-A scene of a Rahkshi crushing a Matoran’s Kohlii ball was cut because it seemed “too cruel”

-Lewa loves all Rahi but Ash Bears are his favourite (Graalok’s head was also modelled after the design of Lewa’s mask).

-Takua’s mask coming loose all the time was meant to be symbolic in terms of him not fitting into his current role in life, he wasn’t “comfortable in his mask”.

-A scene of Takua losing his mask during the Kohlii game was cut because the directors thought it was “revealing too much” (oh nooo he nekkid won’t somebody think of the children).

-Not so much a special feature as something I just never noticed before- Pewku has a lil puppy tail that wags when she’s happy.

-Speaking of stuff I somehow missed as a kid- Turaga Nokama’s character designer needs a smack upside the head for that nonsense on the chestplate.

-The rocks and scenery were deliberately designed to look somewhat overly geometric and mechanical, hinting at the true nature of the island.

-The Rahi were designed with idea that the island was in a “transition state” and actually transforming organic lifeforms into mechanical ones. Interesting…

lordpresidentmuffins  asked:

I'm sorry but what the hell is bionicle music?

ok first of all

The Bionicle Music

The rest of the power pack CD

The entire mask of light soundtrack which is on itunes

The other bionicle movies’ music which is scattered around youtube

That time the all american rejects were actually part of a lot of 2006′s media

Crashed by chris daughtry was used in a mahri commercial

Bionicle heroes had a pretty good soundtrack


Gravity hurts

we don’t speak about the piraka rap

OH MAN that mahri guitar (im gonna have to record my own version so we have it in high quality)

WAIT. How could I have forgotten the amazing music justin luchter made for MNOG? wow

Other games had good music too, so did the 07 version of

plus my cool spanish friend and i want to make a cool soundtrack for the bionicle series i want to make

and there was an actual bionicle CD supposed to come out around 2002 but it never happened. here’s the old website made for it.

so there you go